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  1. No offense OP but you should do some research next time, you are all over the place. First, your pond water is brown, when it should be clear. It looks like your plant are decaying. Second, there is no filter. Only an aerator and fountain, which is still putting a tiny amount of oxygen into the water. You say you know about cycling, but cycling takes 4-6 weeks and you need a filter to do so. Ponds need rather large filters to acount for outdoor organic matter decaying. Also, no common goldfish or koi can live in such a small pond it's whole life. Gourami are tank fish, not pond fish, which is why they died. They need constant tank temps and cannot handle the drops at night.

  2. Luckily killing your rapist is still a viable option for all

  3. With 20 years in prison? Yeah such a viable option. Being forced to have a rape baby in prison

  4. I mean if theyre going to arrest you for having an abortion anyway you may as well take the cunt down with you.

  5. Ive seen you on this sub a lot today saying that, and I fully disagree. Bettas can be happy in 75 gallons even, they will use all the space you give them. Where are you getting your information? They can absolutely thrive in community tanks as well. Also, corys will be WAY happier with 7 instead of 5, they school with hundreds in the wild and are happier the more of them are in a tank.

  6. Again I would encourage you to talk to a breeder about that. The more corys the better I agree, I was just worried about the bioload

  7. I have talked to breeders and they disagree with you. Where are your studies you claim to exist?

  8. Hi! Thank you! After seeing another comment similar to yours, I did do a bit more research and realized that though I have spent awhile researching care and maintenance and all of that; I didn’t specifically pay attention to the TYPE of tank that is better suited for each type. I was focusing more on what’s inside the tank.

  9. Hey thanks for listening and being awesome!! I saw youre in Ohio from your other posts so if you can definitely check and see if you're close to a petco, they have crazy good sales for their leopards and tank kits right now. Also you may be able to find a 20 gallon long tank for cheap on Facebook marketplabe, a 20L is a good size for a young leopard gecko and great for beginners. Good luck!

  10. Seriously thank you!! (And everyone else). I am 100% here to learn and I don’t want to make any poor decisions that will affect the well-being of any animal. I think after seeing these comments, I sort of had tunnel vision when doing my previous “research” as it is a LOT of varying information depending on the source and I kind of glazed over the fundamentals. I appreciate everyone’s help for sure and I’ll be sure to update once we finish the tank and have it appropriately prepared for the right occupant :)

  11. Hey welcome and seriously, thanks for caring. Online research can be so confusing as everyone has different opinions. The reason this tank wont work for a leopard is just because they need more footspace than climbing height, as they are a type of desert gecko. BUT, a crested gecko would thrive in a tank like this with vines and platforms! Also, be sure to fact check any information a pet store clerk gives you, they actually do not have to be trained in animal care and will absolutely tell you wrong info to make a sale. And this is coming from a pet store clerk, lol. You'll definitely make mistakes as all beginners do, so dont beat yourself up if you do. You obviously care which will benefit you a ton

  12. I could look them up for you but you don't seem open to change your mind on this. If you are: Just ask any professional breeder you know or can find.

  13. No its that there isnt any studies that prove that and you know it. As someone who manages over a 100 tanks a week and works with betta breeders, I have never heard that. Sure, some bettas get stressed if there isnt enough plant cover or aggressive fish, but each betta is different and I have multiple THRIVING in 30-75 gallon planted communites. I also saw your comment that bettas shouldnt be in anything more than 10 gallons which is just so blatantly wrong.

  14. Its all good there are 133 gourami species so it can be confusing. You are right though, they are in the same family (Osphronemidae) aka the gourami family, though they are part of a different genus than other gourami species.

  15. Yeeee that’s so cool now I wanna go down a guorami rabbit hole

  16. With the right amount of plant cover many bettas can have happy lives in community tanks, although some may become too stressed.

  17. Was also thinking, your symptoms sound like severe migraines with aura and not cluster headache. Definitely cannot rule out without an exam, but you having bilateral autonomic symptoms (you mention behind eyes and temples) makes me think you need to be treated for migraines instead. I wouldn’t change what the others have recommended though, make sure to get diagnostic clarification and a neurologist could help you with management for chronic headaches.

  18. Thank you! Do you think my chronic joint issues in my hips, spine, and neck could also be contributing? I find that when my joints feel more "sticky" or unflexible that a migraine will come on sooner than later. But, my joint issues are exasperated by stress and physical activity so i just don't know.

  19. That's a good question. I think it would largely depend on what your chronic joint issues would be, and when you feel the joint pain or the headache coming on. There is research suggesting that there is a link between rheumatoid arthritis and headaches (but very unlikely that you have rheumatoid arthritis at your age without a significant family history, nor does the pattern of your joint issues being worse with physical activity match rheumatoid arthritis). On the other hand, if your joint issues are a form of fibromyalgia, there is evidence suggesting that almost 1/3 of diagnosed people tend to have some form of headache.

  20. My mom also had me at 40 years old with rheumatoid and fibromayalgia already diagnosed. My grandmother has bad rheumatoid as well. My mom grew up drinking lead-filled water and has fucked her up for life, to put it blatantly. She is bed bound at minimum 3 days a week and takes 10+ medications to manage it. My doctor mentioned how I could have inherited, but that I am far too young to be seeing symptons already which leads me to believe that most my issues are caused from my accident. My body cracks and pops around 500 times a day from just normal movements like turning, standing, bending down, and walking. Apart from my current issues in this post, I also have very bad fatigue and disordered eating (all my immediate family has to fight to gain weight).

  21. Also, smaller farms that can't afford to operate the latest and greatest equipment tend to run older less efficient machinery, unless the farm is small enough to be tended completely manually.

  22. My main issues in my area is how much wildlife they are killing and water they are polluting. We havent been able to fish from local lakes because of the fertilizer runoff. Nearly every farmer sprays unnecessary weed killer along their creeks and road sides that kills birds, butterflies, and wild fauna, even though there is no harm letting it grow naturally where they dont farm. Not to mention majority of these farms are growing grain for megacorp cattle farms, contributing to methane emmisions and unehtical animal farming practices.

  23. That doesn't mean those 25 are significant in the grand scope of things. Both in terms of total emissions, number of livestock owned and acres of farmland owned.

  24. Compared to megacorps? Definitely not. But locally? They absolutely wreak havoc on the land, animals, and water supply. They supply a lot of our local meat, dairy, and produce. Just because they dont tip the scales globally doesnt mean they have zero impact, positive or negative.

  25. Absolutely not. Unless I tell them 10 times, they don't put the order (inventory, air filters, oil filters, etc) away. They take 15 minutes to pull in vehicles cause they'd rather stand around and talk (paid hourly). I could make a tl dr list, but you get the idea

  26. Why not... fire them, discipline them, hire better people, or, idk, LEAD? This sounds like you made your own bed.

  27. i’ve heard that the sand usually settles under the stratum, i was planning on using white sand on top of stratum but don’t know how clean it’ll look later on

  28. Ive honestly never had that issue in the 6+ tanks I've done it with. But, my tanks are heavily planted jungles and I barely ever change anything, sobthe substrate is never really messed with. I also have a ton of kuhli loaches and corys and i havent seen any mixing

  29. Yeah that's fair. Good on you. Sorry that I was that vegan in a moment of weakness. I don't normally do that.

  30. I'm guessing female guppy, too. Just wasn't sure if I was missing something.

  31. I would say female as well since they dont have bright colors or a longer tail. Though they might gain those as they grow

  32. Wear 2 burglar rings when you get to a dino level and see if that helps. Also luck buffs when you do

  33. bruhhhhh you are literally every tank owners worst nightmare lmao. Use a net and scoop out the excess food

  34. She's not dead. I also don't understand why there would be a minimum of female Bettas when they're typically solo fish.

  35. Its kind of like cichlids, to disperse the agression. With only 2, one is stronger than the other and therefore with most always be a bully. When you have more, there is sort of a pecking order. Having a big tank with TONS of plants (like im talking covered) helps with dispersing the agression and places to hide and breaking the site line when agression does arise.

  36. To be honest she probably died of stress. Betta sororities really need 30-40 gallons and 5+ females to even have the possibility of being successful. I have seen heavily planted 75 gallons sororities collapse after 2 years. The owner just woke up one day to over 10 dead females, 1 of them must have snapped and then domino effect.

  37. I honestly have no idea if it is my corries that do it, but I have seen them dig when I had sand as the substrate and I still see them exhibit the same behavior. Now my tank consists of 2 angels, 3 corries, my big pleco, a smaller pleco, and a platy. I used to have a lot more, but when I moved to my new apartment I think I stressed so many of them to death.

  38. How many gallons is your tank? I absolutely hate to be a Debby-downer, but angels also need 55+ gallons full grown and are a type of cichlid that can be jerks. Also saw you're surrendereding the plecos which is awesome. If you like plecos there are smaller species like clown and bristlenose plecos that would do great in your tank with some driftwood (plecos love driftwood).

  39. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’ve always wanted some floating plants, but I wasn’t sure if my filter would do well with them. I am very new to the hobby so I’m not very familiar with the different types of schooling fish.

  40. 45 gallons is doable with angels if that is ALL you have in the tank. They will get 10-12 inches tall, so they need tons of vertical room as well as horizontal. To put it in perspective, I have a breeding pair of angels in a 55 gallon and they with obliterate any other fish in there within 10 seconds (besides plecos and catfish), even other angels. Angels are a difficult fish to have for that reason.

  41. Im not sure of the exact size but they travel hundreds of miles a year so at least that big, lol

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