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  1. The more I see day after day I’m thinking of quitting my job, selling my house and getting the hell out of this place. I’m so sick and tired of living in an Orwellian nightmare where double speak rules and the majority of the idiots in this state agree. I pay a shit load of taxes in this state and have to watch first Cuomo now Hochul demonize hard working citizens who pay their fucking salary. All those voters who vote them in office don’t pay damn penny. I’m sick of this crap. New York has been losing people to states like Florida year after year. It will continue.

  2. I feel you, I just got back from NH I will be leaving this gulag in a year or so I am done with the abuse and feeling constantly terrorized here. The hostility is off the charts.

  3. This psychopath has me talking to realtors in NH and I've lived in NY my entire life. I am at my breaking point with her bullshit its only going to get worse there is no way anyone who wants to have a normal life can tolerate this slave state.

  4. Congrats to you! I am a white woman and had the same "conversion" as you when this entire shit show kicked off two years ago. Tbh I was never really THAT political but I always voted blue, ways dem. I was ignorant and naive and really honestly never thought about politics. Well you can bet I started thinking about politics when my life turned into a living hell where I live here in New York City and I saw people in other places living a pretty decent life because they had much better leadership. One thing led to another and I fell down a bunch of rabbit holes and realized how awful the people I had been voting for truly were.

  5. If there is a de jure assembly where you live join it, you will learn what your rights are and how to advocate for yourself. For me personally this is the only way right now. Everything is corrupt therefore you have to work outside of that system. It's not easy and it takes a lot of work educating yourself but it's definitely worth it and very empowering.

  6. This person believes what they're told. They prob dont question anything. I actually got into it today with someone who did not believe that Pfizer was trying to suppress data for 75 years. They accused me of lying and said I made it up and that this was untrue. It was very easy to find proof of this and I sent it to them and I haven't heard back since LOL there are many people like this who are absolutely clueless right now.

  7. How are they justifying the benefits out weighing the risks when children have nearly zero risk of dying from this? What an evil group of money hungry psychopaths. If you go on which is a government website you can see that this is a clinical trial they're not even fully approved so parents are basically enrolling their kids in a trial of an experimental shot. They are really not being transparent with people here it's criminal.

  8. Seems like too many extra steps if I had a baby I'd just put it in a vacuum sealed bag, and then into a trash bag and leave it at home in the freezer for safe keeping

  9. Thank you so much for this, I am laying in bed cackling out loud right now at this image

  10. I think the problem is going to be some completely weird unpredictable shortages of certain things but you will probably still see a lot of things on the shelves at absolutely insane unaffordable prices. Like you're going to see chicken at something crazy like 15 to $16 a pound. It's going to be in the fall. It will be prices that you are not going to want to pay for these things so I would suggest if you have room in your freezer and you like certain things that you can freeze stock up on those things now so you can essentially lock in the price for a while. I would also stock up on things like dry goods, Rice, pasta, if you like oatmeal get some , powdered or evaporated milk, peanut butter, maybe some canned things like beans and tuna, tomatoes Etc I have a few bags of flour and some dried yeast because I do enjoy bread baking and I'm already seeing the price of wheat skyrocketing. I can make many loaves of bread out of that flour and not have to worry for quite a while.

  11. People really need to get to the point where they're not afraid to be called names like bigot or racist or whatever phobic. 98% of the time when people use these words against you it's because you have struck a nerve and you're speaking out and you're telling truth and it's hard for them to hear. Looking in the mirror for them is very difficult, I speak out and I really don't care if someone tells me I'm a bigot or whatever. I know I'm speaking the truth. If people could stop being cowards and speak out for what they know is right things would never have gotten this far but most people don't want to upset the apple cart, they're more concerned with keeping the status quo and that's a big part of this problem.

  12. NYr here I have not worn a mask on the train in two years they can make whatever stupid rules they want it has no impact on me at all. Broadway is like an expensive high school play with bloated egos and cheesy music I hope they learn their lesson. Broadway audiences are subservient rule followers. If you havent seen Patti Lupones batshit insane psychotic screaming outburst at an audience member over a mask look it up... That is Broadway.

  13. Wow I just watched that. No idea who she is but she’s a complete psycho with deep-seated issues. She’s also not wearing a mask during her rant about wearing a mask.

  14. She is Broadway in a nutshell! That entire industry is batshit insane, neurotic to the point of mental illness.

  15. Lol you’re completely free to question science, and everyone around you is free to question your intelligence

  16. Thank you for proving my point 👌

  17. Your point that… what? That you’re not allowed to question science? You literally are haha, you’re doing it right now, nobody’s stopping you. You can plug your ears and shield your eyes as much as you want, and everyone else is free to laugh at you for doing so.

  18. Listen, I don't know what is going on in your life but you seem to be on a mad tear here looking for a "debate" with anyone who bites. I cannot be that 27 post back and forth person for you. Best of luck.

  19. I am in nyc and I had mixed feeling about people who did this. If they had refused and stood up for themselves it would have created a bigger issue for TPTB, they likely wouldn't have fired an even larger amount of people so by faking it they essentially complied and gave the signal that this was OK and they were fine with it.

  20. The nation state is crumbling and most people don't realize it yet. We are headed to a full blown technocracy where there won't be a human who is controlling things and held accountable anymore. Our dictator is an algorithm.

  21. This is a great video, it is depressing as hell yet it makes you wonder about possibilities for some people realizing what's going on. I think it will take at least a generation from the situation we're in now for the fence-sitters to come around

  22. I became a 'conspiracy theorist'(using your terminology) in 1987 & have been researching & staying informed ever since. only reason I say this is because OP mentioned they've been involved in this type of thing for 16yrs....I've been in it for over 30 years. as far as I can see, we are no further down the road toward the world OP described than we were 30 years ago. the difference now is that more people are online & sharing their paranoia & getting each other amped up. but as far as govt stepping in & clamping down? at least in America, I don't see anymore actually happening than ever before. people out here scare each other more & bad actors(govt & otherwise) are definitely playing on those fears & pushing buttons(for profit & other beneficial-to-them motives), but otherwise? I don't see it. I've heard that they were coming for our guns just about every year since 1987. sometim3s it gets louder & more shrill....but it never has even come close to happening. I've heard people claiming all kinds of crackdowns & control were coming....but they've never arrived. it seems like a lot of 'conspiracy theorists', at least on this sub, lean strongly right wing & I have noticed tht with right leaning conspiracy theorists, they seem to think the world's about to end whenever Dems have power....when in reality, Dems have proven over & over, when they have power very little actually changes. when Obama was elected, every right leaning conspiracy theorist I knew thought they'd come for guns within his 1st year & crackdowns would start immediately after reality, Obama did very little & pissed off the left because he did so little. the whole 'conspiracy theorist' belief described by OP is useful for govt, so they help push the paranoia & fear. it keeps normal people divided & leaves some of th3 strongest citizens focused on something tht isn't happening while ignoring & not getting involved in day to day boring decisions that keep the rich getting richer & the rest of us with nothing. I wish I saw it different, but I see same old game playing & very little else.

  23. This was an interesting comment, I am a baby conspiracy theorist I recently woke up and have been paying attention for the last few years but my exh was always awake and he always used to talk about these things and of course at the time I was a dimwit and thought he was crazy and ignored it all. Well he and I are still very close and he said to me just the other day why weren't you thinking like this when we were married we could have had such great conversations LOL

  24. I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through. Better days are coming. I know that sounds corny and like a cliche but I believe they are. We are in the eye of the storm right now we have more challenges and difficulties coming but we will make it through to the other side. I live in a shit place as well and I have been through hell so I get you. So sorry for all your losses, hang on friend this is not going to last forever even if it feels like it.

  25. Not sure what your situation is exactly but I've been feeling the same, like the lowest I've felt in decades. The one thing that has me feeling some sort of hope is planning for the future, having goals. Even if they can't happen for you now and you feel stuck if you have something to work toward and you can take small steps, smaller accomplishments towards getting out of your situation it will help you mentally and you will feel more of a sense of control. Is there any way at all you can do this?

  26. Not a day passes where my intuition is not confirmed.

  27. Any way to watch without paying a full year subscription to the daily wire?

  28. I searched for it on bitchute and found on uploaded there, it was excellent I will join daily wire now for more content like this.

  29. They’re testing the waters with what they can use to appeal to their base. Inflation is completely out of control and everyone is getting raped at the gas pump. Despite being the most popular politician in American history with 81 million very real and legitimate voters, his approval ranking is in the shitter and will probably remain there, making him a liability to most democrats on the campaign trail. Since there is essentially zero chance inflation is getting tangibly better between now and the mid terms, they are currently flinging various handfuls of shit at the wall to see which one sticks. The gun control thing is but one handful. I, personally, don’t see this going anywhere. They’ll find a new shiny object to fixate on here soon once it becomes clear this isn’t winning them any real support.

  30. This analysis makes a lot of sense. They seem so desperate I just want these people exorcized from our country. Every time they do something awful and I think they can't top themselves they manage to do it again. It's never ending I cannot imagine 2 1/2 more years of this insanity.

  31. What’s the awful thing? Massacring children? Or trying desperately to think of tangible ways that more children won’t be massacred?

  32. The stricter control is the more out of control it gets. It's obviously not working so let's do the exact same thing instead of looking at other avenues and the root of the problem.

  33. This has no shot of passing the senate

  34. I thought so but I am admittedly uninformed and learning and wanted to see what you guys though, thank you!

  35. Hey guys I am a lady in nyc awaiting my pistol permit will be moving eventually to NH just saw this and I am wondering what your take is on this?

  36. Lol! Wow these people are out of their ever lovin minds

  37. Unvaxed, unmasked and untested and working in Healthcare in NYC. I am a walking testament to nerves of steel and true lady balls.

  38. Shelf stable stuff like peanut butter, tuna, powdered milk, flour and yeast to make bread, dried beans and rice, instant potatoes., oats.. Canned tomatoes and soups, nuts, dried fruit.

  39. How are there so many gullible people out there

  40. Blame the education system. People are taught to memorize and repeat, not think critically.

  41. Absolutely, this is why whenever anyone says they are Highly Educated I immediately think well I guess that means you have more to unlearn.

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