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  1. Same, as long as they follow the books page by page. JKR gave us enough material already, they don’t have to invent anything nor we want that.

  2. That’s a terrible way to make an adaptation. Things must be changed to account for the way stories work differently in different mediums. Just for starters, An entire dimension of the story is Harry’s internal dialogue and opinions, which would have to be replaced with something in order to keep the effect.

  3. can someone explain if the coordinator is more like HR or a Union rep… as in, are they there to genuinely look out for what is best for the actor, or are they their purely to ensure no liability issues for the production team? / cover ass.

  4. Union rep, possibly a literal one, since they are there to make sure that all the extra rules nude scenes have actually get followed. Those rules would have been established by the Screen Actor’s Guild probably.

  5. I’ll reiterate literally what everyone else has said, which also should be common sense: you can’t show nudity in a kids show because it’s wildly inappropriate and appalling to do so. The FCC has rules on this. It’s just weird dude

  6. Yeah, look back at the context. I stand by my choice of wording

  7. I dunno, it’s an American thing I guess, to find nonsexual nudity so inappropriate, especially compared to the amount of violence in the show. That gets you more adult ratings much easier than nudity here.

  8. How do they know they are entangled? Do they change the time on one and the other changes it’s time the same amount. How do you even change the time on a atomic clock?

  9. No clock is perfect, even atomic clocks have (extremely tiny) imperfections in timekeeping

  10. If there 10 genetic altered spiders if Peter got bit by a different spider would he have gotten different powers.

  11. The fact that the spiders that bit them were different is part of why different Spider-People around the multiverse have different powers

  12. Yeah. Still kinda weird they did so even if the show is super old. Also, as someone pointed out, hypocritical of them given they apparently had a whole campaign where they told people not to spoil things.

  13. Not really, since they specifically just asked for no spoilers for a month I think, long enough for everyone who was really excited for Endgame to have a chance to see it.

  14. I feel the spectators looking at the lake for an hour would fit the setting. jk rowling liked to show how barmy wizards and their society are. See: Quidditch's rules, "what is the purpose of a rubber duck?", drinking pumpkin juice, their life being decided (not really) by a talking mind-reading hat, etc

  15. I mean, the stadium culture is by far the most fun part of going to sports anyway. This is all of that without having to pretend to care about baseball or whatever for hours. They probably had snacks and sing-alongs and fights with the other schools and maybe some quidditch guys did one of those little air shows like when the air force does flyovers. I bet it was awesome.

  16. The fact that one mouse is wearing clothes implies that the other is just a nudist XD

  17. A Muggleborn who, on learning of the magical world and all of the suffering within the Muggle world that the magical community could prevent, vows to find a way to destroy all magic.

  18. I would not say there is no moral high ground there. The moral response would be to try and make magic accessible to everyone, destroying it is just sour grapes. Equality is reached by pulling everyone up, not tearing people down.

  19. Kinda boring tbh. Not that they're an ok couple, but the creators answering this stuff instead of letting the fans discover it for themselves.

  20. Creators lie about stuff they don’t want to spoil all the time. I’m not taking it too seriously.

  21. "Stop wishing you had more, and be happy with what you have." Says a guy who has his own empire.

  22. This is literally an ad hominem fallacy, the nature of Aurelius’s life says nothing about the quality of his ideas

  23. Imagine a dude failing his bar exam and gets home to see this…

  24. Not even sure what this means. Lawyers can’t twerk? Why?

  25. why does this gender-neutral definition of rape require penetration? doesn't this exclude a woman raping a woman?

  26. It’s the CDC definition, so I would guess it’s because penetration has different implications for disease transmission than non-penetrative assaults. Different organizations will have different definitions based on their needs.

  27. I think you’re thinking of the Shivering Isles?

  28. A 20th century celebrity piano player who was famous for how extremely flamboyant he was. He dressed like this:

  29. Is there a reason you don’t believe Hinduism can be the oldest?

  30. Yes, I gathered that the first time it was mentioned. Why are eggs a binding agent?

  31. Eggs are basically just balls of protein and some fat in the yolk. When heated, the proteins seize and harden. Mixing these proteins into other products will make them solidify at high temperatures as well. Without eggs, the high butter and sugar content of most cookies would have them melt into a liquid at high temps.

  32. Nobody at the Olympics is living pg13 lol

  33. If you think about the circumstances it's really inevitable. People who have been strictly training and dieting for 4 straight years can finally cut loose after their event. Riding the biggest highs and lows of your life, sex, drinking etc would be plentiful.

  34. All of them young and at peak fitness too. Must be a hell of a time. Especially now that traditions are turning around now and people are suggesting that sex before athletic events makes you perform better instead of the old superstition that it would make you worse.

  35. He said "what happened down there was a complete secret. Naturally, the whole school knows."

  36. It’s implying that gossip spread the story all over the place even though it’s technically supposed to be a secret

  37. He kind of doesn't. The song he sings is a modified version of a Hobbit walking song called "Upon the Hearth". It's usually a jaunty number, but he goes full dirge with it.

  38. I think it’s specifically one that Bilbo wrote :D

  39. Light pollution preventing seeing the sky is unfortunate but it isn't important for anything other than a cool view. Street lighting at night has been strongly shown to decrease crime. It's a matter of safety.

  40. Untrue, it’s highly disruptive to nocturnal animals.

  41. That’s no excuse not to minimize harm where possible.

  42. If she ever got around to learning magic potions from her mom she could drop some really fun things

  43. Honestly, prophecies aren't really that great. I'm not fond of them because of a trope I see a little TOO much in modern media now. Most, not all, of the media now that has prophecies involved circle around CHILDREN saving the world or something. Children, literal children. And, to add to that, the villain is a full grown adult that's been around for who knows how long with lots of power and a huge army force.

  44. Alexander the Great was a teenager when he started his conquests. There’s a reason the trope exists, in historical eras it was usually quite young people who were engaging in warfare and “adventure”. Late teens doesn’t seem unrealistic to me, but I do get bothered when it’s actual kids.

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