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  1. Nice for him but it's not technically Marvel

  2. I marvel at this man's sexiness.

  3. Okay, this sounds like a stupid question, but the ‘r’ slur is to do with reduced intelligence, right? I don’t use it in my everyday life, but that being offensive is a more recent development from what I can tell, so I just want to be clear.

  4. It has been considered a slur/offensive term for quite a while now.

  5. Mods can we have a Saul Goodman flare pretty please

  6. So this was a comedy now? That seems a bit of an excuse to cover for the really bad interviews the writers have given about the show

  7. They said it was a comedy when they announced the show back in 2020

  8. It's about another Amadeus project

  9. Not really. It started production in early June, so 5 months.

  10. Hey all it’s me. In addition, let me just say (and I mean this in complete sincerity) this film is incredible. Obviously, super sad but a really moving story that’s just as rich and thoughtful (if not more) as the first. I’m going to put the mid-credits scene below but I actually encourage you not to read. For me personally, it really was emotional and not your normal MCU set up sting. More like an epilogue:

  11. Thanks again for the very detailed write up and supporting the sub!

  12. Makes sense. If each episode takes place in a different universe the artists can have fun expressing themselves in “multiple” ways in the “multiverse”.

  13. We don’t allow links to 4chan due to the toxicity of their comment section. If you would like to submit please post as text with the title “Potential Wakanda Forever Plot Leak” and it will be allowed.

  14. You don't need to disrespect someone to make the other look better. Both can be good in their own way at the same time...

  15. He's talking about awards perspective, and only one song can win the Oscar.

  16. I posted first, why mine wasn’t approved? 😡

  17. Your title was way bigger, plus this post had a comment with all the needed info as well.

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