Everything is better with a good hug

I needed this today

  1. You've always been bipolar. This will help to know because the more you read the more you realize that.

  2. Yeah. Notified at age 7. It's like they can smell it. Sorry it's like that. No clue how to change it.

  3. Are you just taking this lying down, or big fight style?

  4. The whole "I'm not stupid I'm crazy" story. Oof I can relate to that. Just remeber you're achieving what they can't.

  5. I get this also. Not bugs, but seeing small animals dart across doorways.

  6. To keep living it and enjoy it. Side note the meaning of life is 42.

  7. I think I need to but I'm so hesitant to try anything new over the fear that it'll just make things worse.

  8. Guaranteed different than antidepressants. Apples and oranges my friend. Do not let the SSRIS torture you with bad memories.

  9. I’ve gone through several occasions when I told someone I’m bipolar and they were like, “Me too!!”

  10. Yes, like diagnosed lol. I guess it's just the type of people I attract

  11. Sorry about the frustration. Please pass this along to your doctor. I promise once they get them right it's so mild you won't even care it can't be cured.

  12. When I posted I was put on generic cialis (tadafil 5mg) per day. It builds up in your system and makes things like normal.

  13. How's that little blue one treating you?

  14. Hard to trust a guy who loves killing.

  15. You don’t need to be dismissive about it. Try to take in what I said and have some compassion about it instead.

  16. You asked for people's opinions on reddit,

  17. I don't believe "not at all" will be an option. But you might consider the meds and dosages stay the same while your brain changes as you go along. If they stop working as well as you liked tell your doctor. They can hopefully get you back on track.

  18. I feel like this is a good old fashion atheist hunt.

  19. Very common. Glad your back on the meds. You're gonna like it.

  20. It's been treating me alright so far.

  21. Stabilizer(s) friend. Lithium, tegrotol, and abilify. They all have their quirks lol

  22. Yes like life is the work week, and it used to be the weekend lol. But for me it's the chase I miss not the getting what I want.

  23. Yes. Most of my hypomania is anger and not euphoric feeling.

  24. Huh… after watching it, I wonder if they decided that medication didn’t add to the “inspiring story” aspect. Like it would just be a crutch? Like people wouldn’t understand that even with meds, bipolar is still hell?

  25. Doesn't feel like it was made for me

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