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  1. Might have the wrong size slide. Depending on the gun you have!

  2. Lol okay you must not have seen a P365 slide on a p365 xl frame 🤷

  3. TLR-7 Sub for Sig P365 fits without the adapter rail shown in your post.

  4. Yeah I was planing on upgrading to the TLR 1 HL after purchasing but wanted to hold on to my TLR 7 SUB just to change up my setup for different applications!

  5. You're planning to put a TLR-1 HL on a P365XL? What's the application for that?

  6. Honestly besides the other firearms I have I just love to customize them! I like the way it look just my opinion. I wouldn’t carry it that way I know the light would stick out further than I’d like for carry!

  7. Local gun shops that’s where I found mine. I asked the same question about a week ago!

  8. Just got the gun and went to look some bigger mags and was starting to reconsider lol

  9. Why the reconsideration I love my 15 RD mags still able to conceal appendix and I weigh 136 LBS lol

  10. I just ordered mine for 365XL with the-7 can’t wait heard good thing about them

  11. Every mag does this. If it bothers you, first put it in the gun and see if it still rattles. The pressure from the slide might be enough to stop it from rattling. If that doesn't work try unloading and loading it.

  12. I did before I come on here and asked never had this happen before and I’ve owned several firearms! But thanks!

  13. Interesting. I've had tons of firearms and all the double stack mags/ stack and a half mags have rattled at some point

  14. Yeah I’ve had the Canik TP9DA, S&W Sheild 2.0, Taurus G2C, Glock 45 and now 365 and never had this issue!

  15. Honestly, all of the online places are sold out. Best bet is to check your local gun shops.

  16. I was able to find a local here that had four in stock I got two. One of them had rattling when fully loaded but I was able to fix that!

  17. Using my belly band for now waiting on werks holster to come in should be here soon!

  18. i have the exact same setup it rocks, us p365xl w holosun and tlr people are like the squidwards house neighborhood and i love it

  19. How did you zero the optic with the front sight irons?

  20. Haven’t done so yet will be doing it in the coming days!

  21. Just got the Holosun 407K and it’s nice was going to get Romeo zero but happy with my choice especially since you get higher grade material.

  22. You can't remember 11 months ago, or you can't find the 1Y button? It's right there on your screen.

  23. Lmaooo you took this way out of context but thanks for the info brother

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