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  1. M00n says:

    Start with Elon Musk. Almost everything he posts is a conspiracy theory or lie.

  2. M00n says:

    Musk, since buying Twitter:

  3. M00n says:

    “If former President Trump disrupted the certification of the electoral vote count, as plaintiffs allege here, such actions would not constitute executive action in defense of the Constitution," Sullivan wrote. "For these reasons, the court concludes that former President Trump is not immune from monetary damages in this suit."

  4. M00n says:

    Walmart dominates the U.S. grocery market. I didn't know that... I guess I should have, but Kroger stores are many:

  5. Trump had Nazi white supremacists Steve Bannon, Seb Gorka, and Stephen Miller in the White House but the media thinks little punk Nick Fuentes is the first Nazi around Trump

  6. They have both been in a lot of hot water for years... even more than I listed below.

  7. Here is a kick ass video of him attacking Justice Thomas.

  8. Mueller was bound by the Office of Legal Counsel memo that prohibited indicting a sitting president. With Trump out of office, there is no policy like that to prevent Smith from indicting Trump. His consideration will be whether, based upon the admissible evidence, he believes DOJ would likely be able to obtain and sustain a conviction.

  9. By Josh Hawley, a Republican, represents Missouri in the U.S. Senate.

  10. A poll of his right wing followers and bots...

  11. Murdoch is going to be pissed when he can't control his monster or the MAGAcult.

  12. What is interesting though is that the Q cult isn't beholden to Trump as much as they are to the conspiracy theories.

  13. Editors in The New York Post’s newsroom now regularly hand down anti-Trump story assignments and the editor in chief gets involved to make sure the tone is right, sources told me

  14. Don't get me started again! Okay, yes the affordable care act is better than nothing. But what this means is peoples jobs are not paying for their healthcare, so they are paying out of pocket upwards of $700 a month for moderate coverage... by no means great coverage. (Or people are self employed etc.)

  15. This isn’t true. The American Rescue Plan Biden signed in 2021 changed the Affordable Care Act so that anyone is eligible for premium subsidies if the cost of their premiums is more than 8.5% of their income.

  16. Okay, I make more than 40K... that is not rich!

  17. Also vote in a reply to Elon asking if we should indict Trump!

  18. Garland has used up 2 years for almost nothing. He was on track to do almost nothing in the next 2 years.

  19. The DOJ HAS been investigating Trump this entire time. Unfortunately, these things take years. They now have to pass it off to a special master because:

  20. It’s weird. So many people believe that if an investigation isn’t getting frequent updates in the news, that means the investigators are “wasting time” or not actually investigating.

  21. I agree. Also, things are going according to plan as far as I can tell by following legal analysts. These things take years and it is hard to argue with people who think it should take months. I mean, that would be nice! But that is not reality.

  22. We need to get them home.

  23. I can't speak to Paul Whelan so much, but Brittney Griner is a two time Olympic medalist for us. She is now serving hard time working from early in the morning to midnight under harsh conditions. She deserves to be rescued.

  24. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cox decided Friday that state law permits counties to offer voting Nov. 26, finding in favor of Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s campaign.

  25. I don't understand this new influx of 'hot takes' that seem to be vitriolic in MANY different threads.

  26. I always read that Pelosi had opened the door. I didn't know there was another version out there.

  27. One thing people seem to have no appreciation of: How long a prosecution of Trump would last.

  28. Garland has a lot of control over who gets appointed as special counsel. He can pick someone with integrity and respect on both sides of the aisle. And someone who can act quickly. He understands how Mueller faltered.

  29. One thing people seem to have no appreciation of: How long a prosecution of Trump would last.

  30. This is promising. I DO believe Garland when he said, "The Justice Department plans to prosecute anyone who was “criminally responsible for interfering with the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another...”

  31. One other thing it does: Makes it a lot harder for Jimmy Jordan to get visibility onto things.

  32. And they are going to continue to bleed swing voters.

  33. It's a good article but the headline was too subtle I guess because we are trained to downvote any 'disarray' article... but this says we are in ARRAY.

  34. Hope so. Hakeem is the shit, seems like he's universally respected and that'll go a long way towards unifying the caucus

  35. Yep. Here is a great video of him ripping Justice Thomas.

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