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  1. Isn't doing a second mobilization only going to further deplete their ammunitions quicker?

  2. I wonder how this will play out. Sensitive situation. Some how, my bet would be an apology from Russia and that’s that.

  3. I don't see Ukraine joining NATO. There's no benefit for NATO. NATO is not a charity; what do they get out of it? A country that Russia will always want under their heels. NATO does not exist to fight wars, it exists to be the biggest, baddest dog in the park that no other dog fucks with. It exists to de-escalate by deterrence. Making Ukraine a member would not de-escalate anything, it would only make the conflict more unstable. And NATO doesn't like unstable.

  4. Definitely true. There are cultures who live in the arctic or cold regions that have like multiple words for the different shades of white.

  5. I'm trying to move money from the exchange to the app, and I'm not able to. Anyone know why?

  6. Russia counts all the civilians they kill as soldiers

  7. This is not rocket science nor do you need an advanced degree in macroeconomic. What Russia demonstrated to all of the people (emphasis rich) that Russia cannot be counted on as a reliable energy source. Sure, countries like India and China will benefit from buying (edit: discounted) energy from Russia but that also mean the rest of the production from other sources (OPEC) will be freed up and thus driving the prices down. Yeah! And as time go by, Europe and the US continue to build up reliable and renewable sources.

  8. China is also pushing hard to switch to EVs and going green.

  9. Would be amazing to see China go green.

  10. I teach Chinese students English online. From what they tell me, the Chinese government gives them incentives to switch to electric vehicles and has a plan to fully switch

  11. Get that green energy UP and cut back on meat! Make the transition NOW, instead of getting stuck next time.

  12. Most people don't realize eating meat is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

  13. We shouldn't underestimate the amount of human meat Putin will throw in front of them to slow them down. By next Christmas at the earliest unless there is a full withdrawal or Putin is dead.

  14. Yeah I think a coup is much more likely than Ukrainians ending the war early

  15. There's no good evidence of unicorns either, am I supposed to list everything that there's no good evidence of? I was replying to someone who was talkkng about hell

  16. Look, I know this is a personal question, so I apologize in advance, but... are you on the spectrum? Because you're clearly misunderstanding the entire point of using a metaphor. Hence my assumption: people on the autism spectrum will often have problems with filling in contextual gaps in a conversation.

  17. No I'm not on the spectrum. I personally have friends who are on the spectrum and I have even taken tests out of curiosity which shows I'm just average. I don't know how you're able to assume I didn't understand the metaphor for simply educating people. One could assume you lack social intelligence.

  18. I russian solider. I want surrender but it is always busy. What do I do?

  19. If enough mobilized armed Russians try to attack Moscow, will Putin nuke his own country?

  20. Usually it takes lots of training before soldiers can actually fire on other humans with intent to kill. They're thinking "Those poor SOBs in that trench over there are people just like me." And even in the heat of battle, a lot of basic-trained soldiers don't fire on the enemy.

  21. We at least know that those 20% are fighting through their own free will

  22. I don't know how much "pushing" was involved - it seems they just retreated due to the threat of the recent Ukrainian success to their east.

  23. Right imagine being a Russian and knowing what happened in the East. If they're still dumb enough not to surrender, then the next best thing is to get away as far they can

  24. How are they losing on all fronts? I'm starting to believe the rumour that 50% of initial invading force is already killed/wounded

  25. You also need to factor in moral. Imagine 7 months of fighting a war you don't care about.

  26. Musk has the power to influence thousands of not millions of people, so it's worth discussing when he says dumb things.

  27. The full liberation of Luhansk? Let's keep it real for a second.

  28. Wouldn't Russians be weak and low on moral by the time Ukraine is ready to retake land lost in 2014? Ukrainians were also not trained by NATO back then.

  29. The Russians there must be starving by now after the bridges was destroyed some time ago. Weakened soldiers like that don't have much strength to fight. Very good for Ukraine.

  30. These mobilized troops are mostly liabilities and will further drain Russia's resources. They're better off working to help their already failing economy. These soon to be dead men could be having kids, so this will also further lower Russia's birth rates.

  31. At this rate Kherson will be back in Ukrainian hands by dinner time tomorrow

  32. Turns out "...part of Russia forever." just means 'for a day or so more'.

  33. I can't wait how Putin will react or what he'll say when he loses one of these cities he claimed will be part of Russia forever

  34. Being a Russian commander is like being asked to fix a broken glass.

  35. There will still be economic support every few weeks, because it's a matter of moving things around, giving Ukraine the weapons, and replenishing our own stock.

  36. It's not realistic to expect they will pay back. This lease is more of an excuse to give equilment for free

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