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  1. I don’t know where the Yugioh comparison comes into play at all… for Pokémon… I guess persona 5 is a little bit like Pokémon let’s go specifically and I don’t feel the comparison is really there for earlier persona games.

  2. If you want to stretch it, you could compare the Personas to the ancient Ka battles that Duel Monsters is based off of in universe. The Ka spirits that were summoned in the Shadow games were originally those of monsters, gods, and reincarnations of certain important figures to the plot in some cases. The Personas also take on the form of Gods, demons, monsters, and in one early case we did see a Persona take on the form of a deceased plot relevant character with Nate/Nanjo's Ultimate Persona Alfred. These are definitely stretching a bit since the idea of summoning Gods demons and the dead are not exclusive to Persona and Yu-Gi-Oh, but that is at least one similarity they kind of share.

  3. I'm a bit late but here are some of my favorite series: Pokémon, Persona/SMT,Street Fighter, Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Hitman. I also really enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077. May want to try out the TRPG someday

  4. Damn if only I could find mine, these were the exact ones I started with as a kid. You scored an amazing deal with them, and I hope you enjoy them a lot.

  5. Finally: An excuse to reduce your carbon footprint

  6. I forget how it went exactly, something like "You have a small dick, it's the size of this walnut, except way smaller." Don't know what walnut he's referring to, though.

  7. All points no quills no pillows, looks like two balls and a bong

  8. I remember him stating that Shadow fcked his wife and people were going to goet his super laser piss

  9. Yeah, he pissed on it and cursed out Obama, it was really bizarre

  10. Oh my god that must be terrifying. I have a Trans friend over there and she is extremely terrified with what is going on. Please do your best to stay safe in the event anything even worse happens

  11. I mean ... They're not wrong. I'm not anti trans btw I'm just saying I think the same thing when I see a huge gender reveal party like...."what if the kid decides they don't wanna be a girl?"

  12. As someone who is Trans I agree with this. It's pointless to do a gender reveal for a baby because you really dont know the gender of the baby since that is a social construct. Your child might end up being Trans for example. It's really a reveal of the child's sex but even then it's not always accurate. I mean they thought my brother was a female baby in the womb at first. Plus I'd rather not have more incidents where these parties cause fires or poison the water supply these just always seem to get outta hand.

  13. My friend from school is a budget player and he told me that the Albaz Strike structure deck is a pretty decent pickup. Its also a pretty good introduction to mechanics like what the community dubs "hand traps" with cards like Effect Veiler and Snow Ogre and Ghost Rabbit. Idk if you can still find jt but if you want to try with a deck based on older cards first to warm up, Cyber Strike is a good structure deck based on Zane/Kaiser's Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark decks. From a like pure competitive standpoint its not as good as Albaz strike but for me when I started playing again, starting with older archetypes and working my way up helped so idk if that would work for you too. Albaz is probably the better overall choice tho thh

  14. I mean Trigger staff worked on both, so it fits pretty well either way

  15. Subbed is my personal preference. It is a truer experience when it comes to the story even if you are missing out on some of the dubs amazing performances and witty dialogue. What you gain in exchange is less censorship (some still exists in the anime compared to the manga) which leads to the plot being a bit clearer, amazing music and music timing, and the Japanese voice actors are really good in a different way with some amazing Japanese voice actors, a few of which you may recognize from other series. The biggest hurdles for most people who grew up with the dub with the sub is adjusting to the character names since most characters have different names between the two.

  16. The comments are so bad too. They're saying that Trans women will rape and impreg cis women and I'm like... ugggh I fuckin can't deal with this shit rn. Why do so many think like this

  17. Female protagonist, named Yumi. Since I think in an anime setting the aesthetics are important, if we are using currently existing archetypes, Evil★Twin (including its supports like Live★Twin) would be a pretty interesting archetype to represent since it has a vtuber sort of motif which is marketable and visually interesting so it could work in an anime setting. To me with a female protag it would make sense to have a female led archetype.

  18. But you have to consider what most of the player base grew up with. The average player is in their 20s, which means DM, GX and maybe even 5Ds aired when they were kids.

  19. I mean that younger generation that grew up on Zexal and ArcV are starting to get old enough too. I actually started playing around the time of Zexal with the 2013 V for Victory starter deck when i was 11. Considering Zexal started in 2011, anyone who was in Yu-Gi-Oh's western age demographic of 7 and up when it started would be at least 18 now. Realistically from a marketing standpoint: Soon enough, they could start releasing more Zexal nostalgia cards as more and more kids who grew up with it grow older and have more of a disposable income.

  20. Just added my support and shared it with my friends from college. I hope you get to 10k supporters soon! I know Lego is very picky with how many sets they approve each review period so hopefully your project makes it all the way!

  21. They think by takin away they will get new members but it's clearly not working. First, they take away ad supported viewing a week late for new titles, and then they start putting previously freely available content behind a Premium membership which I have seen with other services doing, it almost never does well, and at this point i wouldn't be surprised if they raise prices for premium. Ever since Crunchyroll merged with Funimation it seems they've been making boneheaded decisions since they pretty much have an effective monopoly on anime distribution in the US with their only real competitor being Hidive since Viz doesn't have a streaming service, but Hidive doesn't really have those heavy hitter titles like Crunchyroll does. They think that users would be forced and willing to pay cuz they don't really have a choice even though anime fans tend to be a lot more likely to pirate compared to other forms of media entertainment. I wouldn't be as mad if there were other legal options to experience Yu-Gi-Oh in Japanese but not even a full DVD release exists leaving people like me who prefer to only pirate if necessary unable to watch the show because of it being locked behind a paywall of a service I refuse to pay money for due to behind-the-scenes issues. Its so scummy to do this but I doubt the general public will care or speak up about this locking of content because ''it's just a show about children's card games'' and I don't think Yu-Gi-Oh was the most watched series on the platform

  22. uj/ They announced the project under the codename Orion about a month ago

  23. I would rather not think about the incredible pain of instantly obtaining a pussy because I looked at a marine biologist funny, no matter how much I appreciated it

  24. That instant pain would be worth it for me for that immediate payoff but you'd be in pain anyway after such a procedure for quite a while from what I've been told. Healing can take months

  25. Healing takes a while but generally is only painful at first. It's more... annoying and time consuming, really. At least from what I've heard, I'm still waiting to find out.

  26. I see. I'll probably find out for myself eventually I must have just gotten confused when I heard the healing takes a long time so I assumed it hurt for a long time

  27. Isn't there some sort of check they do to to make sure it's a legit verification? Not just spend money to say I am who I am? How did Twitter verify before?

  28. There was a whole process where you had to have Id and stuff and it was a whole process and wasn't even garunteed you'd get the verification mark. I doubt if they implement this system they'd care because they'd have monetary incentive to just let anyone who pays the $8 get verified since it pleases investors and makes the numbers go up because these greedy businessmen only care about profit and not the consequences of their actions on the product. Another example would be how YouTube allows scam ads to run because they're making money off of it. They'd have a direct incentive to just verify anyone who pays the monthly sub since it lines those pockets

  29. I dont think there are any other platforms with payment tied in but it is well within reason to assume that they will lighten the conditions needed to get verified because Elon's idea with this is "everyone can be a blue checkmark because that means you have an important voice" even though that goes against what the checkmark actually means. It is too profit focused to the point where it seems to be very easily exploitable by those looking to take advantage of others and spread misinformation, ruin someone's career, or scam people. If there is money involved there is an incentive for these corporations to let anyone buy the checkmark

  30. I'm far more concerned with you following a guy called 'Mr. Anime'. The last person with that name didn't turn out to well...

  31. You'd think after the first Mr. Anime killed his family nobody would want to use that name again but I'm not sure if the community at large remembers that incident

  32. Your mind isnt tricking you tho. When you break it down to the simplest way to explain it, it is expecting a certain physiological and social response that it is not receiving. It's been proven through studies that takin hormones and receiving gender affirming operations (like top surgery or bottom surgery depending on the person's needs) improves the mental health of trans patients significantly since it provides said physiological response needed and expected by their body. And due to how our society perceives gender, when said physiological response is met it tends to lead to said wanted social response following after the physiological changes happen. Your own brain knows your own needs better than some random person trying to push an agenda against your own existence using arguments that are out of touch with the reality of the experience.

  33. As long as people leave minors out of it I don’t care. The age limit should be 21-25 for surgery, hormones and shit 21

  34. You shouldn't deny one the care they need because of age. Hormones should be easier to access since they are an easy solution for many trans people, and cis people can easily get them for things like steroids and precocious puberty, but us trans people have to go through hoops to get T blockers, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones some of us need to have the response our body needs to function properly. Besides your body would have a negative response if it wasn't what it needed so it's not like it would be harmful. Limiting healthcare because of one's age is not cool and leads to mental health issues due to the needed physiological response not being provided. If you think one shouldn't have the treatment they need because of their age there is something wrong with you

  35. If they actually made this and had unique courses based on like different dungeons from P4 it could actually be a pretty good game for something like the switch. Prolly would have more soul than the new mario golf game

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