1. True to life though. Some people turn into miserable bastards when they get a couple of stripes. Ego and insecurity are poisonous sometimes.

  2. I think Erin's job would drive me nuts, especially when my siblings treat me like a rubber stamp for warrants.

  3. True to life though. My father has respiratory problems and he smokes like a damn chimney.

  4. How about that? My mother did the same thing too.

  5. Yeah, Ving Rhames is the new James Earl Jones or Lou Rawls. Nothing is fake about his voice.

  6. When Ving started doing the ads, I thought the voice was James Earl Jones until I looked it up.

  7. I imagine those people starting a riot at a buffet when they run out of crab legs.

  8. First Samantha Bee and now Trevor Noah. Comedy Central finally figured out they both suck.

  9. When your entire routine is dependent on Trump jokes, that can only carry you for so many years.

  10. The only movie I know of that deals with aliens and water is Signs which was a dumb twist cause why would aliens come colonize a planet that is 90% water if even getting wet burns and kills them?

  11. I still feel second hand embarrassment for Bill McKinney and Ned Beatty in Deliverance.

  12. I know one, but atm I'm too afraid to mention it.

  13. In all honesty, I respect Rick because he has always been genuine in the way he presents himself.

  14. I also liked how Keating wasn't typecast as an absolute radical. He wanted the boys to succeed and think for themselves, but he also didn't want them to gamble with their futures.

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