1. Don't email your therapist on the weekend, fr.

  2. It worked for my severe treatment resistant depression.

  3. Just wanted to say about your fear of daily chronic headaches with TMS- I only got a headache after my first treatment and then never again. It did work for me as well, put my depression in remission.

  4. No but I was so sad cause mine looked at me up and down and said "I'll prescribe this and you'll lose weight too, you clearly need it” ugh felt like trash

  5. That's hella valid and I want that for him too🤩😁👍

  6. Yeah the story made me feel weirded out and gross at that point lol

  7. I think you'll start to feel better the farther you get away from that appointment in time

  8. That's intense wow. Crazy to my that some of my biggest trauma is a working treatment for someone else.

  9. Yeah, and it's funny that you bring up ketamine because my roommate here had an absolutely horrendous reaction to it. Too expensive for me unfortunately.

  10. I had bilateral. Unilateral was not offered. There's just not enough longitudinal studies on ECT outcomes unfortunately. I feel lucky in many ways because I have heard of people losing their entire childhood. A missing year and half a year of a scrambled memories is nothing in comparison. Docs don't warn people this is a possibility.

  11. ECT outcomes are proven to be effective by time. Enough people have done it over the decades that we know it's effective long term. However, it was horrendous that they didn't offer you unilateral. You absolutely should've been given unilateral before bilateral and I think it's insane that they skipped to that.

  12. bro if someone woke me up to tell me some dumb shit i’d piss in their cereal i hate being woken up lol

  13. Pawed through my vomit to see if my meds came back up to know if I needed to retake them. Also doing an enema and my bathroom smelling kinda ugh afterwards.

  14. Reading, colouring, simple hobby like knitting, watching TV

  15. The self sabotaging you do when you have an eating disorder is absolutely brutal. You are not alone

  16. More people have watched weird shit than you think. Nobody talks about it because it's taboo, but you're not the only one and it's not that unusual. You were young, your brain was still developing, and now you've sworn off that crap. That speaks more to your character than what you watched did. You deserve to live.

  17. You're being melodramatic, she's not your girlfriend.

  18. I experienced side effects starting probably the second day I took it. They cropped up really fast. Edit to add more info: side effects included irritability and increased resting heart rate. The heart rate side effect was acceptable (resting BPM went from 65 to 76, so still healthy) but unfortunately the irritability messed with my quality of life. I will note that I am the first person my psychiatrist has ever seen get irritable because of this medication so it's pretty rare.

  19. Several times - don’t remember how many. At least 4 times escorted by police. Always Form’d in Ontario (5150/sectioned whatever you wanna call it) never went voluntarily.

  20. Omg I've been form'd in Ontario and it's so funny how the humans rights lawyer or whoever calls the unit to speak with you. Like there's no way disputing your form would work, why even bother. Also no grippy socks in my experience.

  21. Nah. They just steal all your shoe laces and draw strings from your shorts and sweatpants and sweatshirts 🙄

  22. Isn't it so annoying when they take the drawstrings from your clothes and you just KNOW you're never going to be able to get them back in. Ugh.

  23. Depression can get so bad you can't go to work. It just can. I'm hoping the ECT works for you, and good for you being powerful enough to seek it out as a treatment. And remember -- that whole "I'm a failure" thing, is actually a symptom of depression.

  24. Thank you so much for this. It genuinely makes me feel so much better. I know I'm not the only one who has missed work due to depression but it just feels like I am. I need to remind myself that it's not.

  25. I've had the intrusive thought that I'm a failure for ~18 years, possibly longer I can't remember.

  26. Thank you SO. SO. MUCH. I really cant emphasize enough how your comment is helping me right now. You're right- I'm in crisis and I need to treat myself as if I'm in crisis. And I'm really glad you used the word "health" because in my mind, this was becoming more about my character flaws than my health.

  27. "It's all in your head" it's literally a mental illness bestie

  28. I think this would be a good question to ask your pharmacist honestly. I call my pharmacy and ask them questions like this every now and then.

  29. You're not the only one I've heard of who had a situation like this. I just wanted to say that your episodes being triggered by substance use doesn't mean "you're fine otherwise" because a lot of people can use substances without having a bipolar episode. The fact that you do have episodes means your brain is unique, especially for having episodes in response to alcohol and Marijuana, two substances that a lot of people use all the time with no ill effects.

  30. Hey, this sounds extremely difficult💜 I've never been married, but my last relationship was very committed and I went through something similar to this. I had crazy mood swings, put her through a lot, and wondered if I should just end things.

  31. What you said about having another wave of depression right when you see the silver lining... yeah. It sucks how this shit hits you in episodes because just when you're starting to get comfortable, things go downhill again. My experience is that the periods of happiness get longer over time as you tweak your treatment, so keep going💜

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