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  1. And of course, they are lighter too. In some situations they even more capable than the big brother LC.

  2. Thank you tons! Im sure its plenty capable. I plan on taking out all the seats an living in it full time for a period. My current car is too small so im looking for something bigger and more capable. The 80, 100, 105, 200s are hard to come by here in Europe and are way more expensive. If the Prado has 90% the same space and can go mostly anywhere (not planning to do any rock crawling) I would be ecstatic to give one of them a shot!

  3. You will love it. I love my 90 series to bits. The 120 series fixed some of the big issues with the 90 (lower ball joints), but just make sure to research common issues with the model you buy and address them (these cars are getting old!). I'm envious of your plans! These cars will take you anywhere, and most importantly, bring you back. Reliable, capable and very affordable for what they are. Good luck, safe travels.

  4. They’re both fun and cool cars. I just think they’re not comparable, two different animals. In an ideal world, I’d keep both.

  5. I don’t think I can get further from “similar” than these two cars Hahahah. I would love to keep both but I can only afford one. Ones a truck and the other is a computer on wheels

  6. If I had to pick, I’d stick to the landy. 10 years from now the Tesla will be obsolete, dead, or both. The defender will still run like a champ. Slower of course, but like a champ.

  7. How long do you “keep” that sweat drenched stuff in there?! Drive home throw it in the wash/air out shoes.. why keep it there and put it back on your body… or am I missing something?

  8. You're right. But for road trips it's nice to keep it dry during a 1-2 week trip. If my gym clothes could be good for 2-3 runs i could bring less clothes. Dunno

  9. You can get silica gel packets that are like 500 grams for pretty cheap.

  10. The silica gel packets is a good call!

  11. Do you know which water tank you're using? I'd love something that fits well in the lower trunk.

  12. I just picked up a basic jug from some local store. I actually recently downsized to a 15L because I never use that much water and I have a lot more space

  13. Cool. I was looking for something that would fit in the smaller mid trunk space. Long term, I'll probably fabricate a container for that space so I'll just follow your lead for now. Thanks! 👍

  14. The 15L jug i have fits PERFECTLY in the mid trunk space below my DIY platform

  15. Nothing but good vibes to everyone here, especially those who said they sleep in their car everyday. Hope things get better for you all. Keep your heads up, life is good, manifest success and good luck to you all!!!

  16. Hahah right back at you! I actively chose to live in it because of the freedom and challenge. Good vibes ONLY!

  17. As a young man I absolutely loved the van life. In addition to being a little transgressive (in the Bay Area, haven of harmless transgressive behavior) it was greatly freeing. I loved that my back yard was basically any awesome vista nearby. I loved that I never had to drive home from a party. I loved the discipline imposed by the tiny storage space. The adventure of occasional cop interactions was a plus too (though older me would not see it that way). Whether car camping or car living, I'd definitely recommend a stint -- at least for adventurous folks who like problem solving and relish non-traditional situations.

  18. That's EXACTLY what I've experienced so far. I'm 23 and I'm hungry for adventure so its the perfect lifestyle for me

  19. Great problem detecting. Happy you found the issue before it caused any further damage or harm!

  20. Did the new battery solve your problem? I'm asking because my 4 month old CBXR is heating up my BMS when the balance cable is connected

  21. Yes. After I installed the CBXR I never looked back. I get all the range it promised and then some. Water never got into my battery pack and the BMS must be intact.

  22. I was gonna go buy a pair of vans but I’ve always bought Nike air max all my life. Is there any certain type of vans that I should be looking for as a starter?

  23. I go for the cheapest option and the ones that look and feel good. That's about it hahah

  24. That's almost exactly what I ride in... What's wrong with em?

  25. I feel uncomfortable in any shoes with a thicker sole. I exclusively ride Vans or Converse

  26. I recently removed the back seats of my Model Y. Since removing them, the steering wheel stopped moving. I couldn’t change its position via the screen and it didn’t change according to the profile presets.

  27. Having the fridge in the subtrunk isn’t the best idea. Make sure it has enough airflow and don’t cover it up with a mattress.

  28. That looks kinda like my setup. I still didn't want to put it down there tho.

  29. I thought about this. Not being able to take another person in the car was the dealbreaker for me...

  30. But you can? They can still sit in the back seats

  31. Oh exactly like the photo you mean? You get way more space by removing the back seats and leaving the front seats in. You can still put stuff under the seat and on top when you’re only one person in the car. It does look neat without the front seat tho

  32. If I were in a wooded area, I'd ponder a rocket stove.

  33. Thats definitely a cool solution! It takes up a bit of space tho and you can’t set it up anywhere

  34. My electric kettle works like a charm in my model 3, wonder if they make an electric oven for the 12v outlets

  35. I think 12v might be a bit tight for an oven hahaha

  36. I would but I’m on the other side of the globe. Currently driving around the alps looking for good spots

  37. Not fined, jailed. It's a criminal offence (the worst kind) and if they caught you you'll have to face a process. But if you're by foot then there is no problem

  38. Okay hahah I’ll look for another spot. Thank you for saving me some jail time!

  39. There is risk of avalanches and rocks falling allover the place. So if you go there you could endanger the lives of other people. Stay safe!

  40. I’m not up for running into Italian police. Thank you for the help!

  41. I traced the windows on some thin cardboard paper. I just closed the door with the paper being squeezed between the window and the rubber edge on the car. Then I cut to size afterwards with the astrofoil. It’s pretty easy to work with but it took some tries to get the shape perfect.

  42. Can you send or post pictures of what it looks like

  43. Yes! Sorry it took so long. I’ve been busy.

  44. Passenger seat position profiles

  45. Have the option to enable sentry mode while in camp mode. If you’re sleeping in the car, it’s nice to still have that layer of security

  46. Absolutely! Mostly for the travels but also to save money on an apartment. I still need to get settled in but the build is coming together nicely. I’ll be ready before Christmas

  47. Nice. In my Rav4 I took the seats out and built a plywood platform with swing up doors to access a ton of storage where the seats lived. Depending on how much room you needed, you could maybe get rid of the platform in the back.

  48. Yes! I built the back platform while the seats where in. There’s a deep well below the rear platform. It does have a swing up door for easy access. I can’t really lower the platform as it would block out the space below completely. It’s only raised about 10 cm

  49. Can you weigh the seats? The backs feel insanely heavy when you try to fold them back up. Just curious how much weight this saves. It would also be interesting to test the range without the seats or the wood pannels in the car.

  50. Of course! In total they weigh about 45kg or 100lbs. I don’t think it’ll have a significant effect on range or acceleration.

  51. How much length do you have for a bed.? I heard that Tesla are on the short side. My Gen 2 Volt has about 6' and 4" if I sleep in the middle.

  52. I can move the front seats forward and easily have room for a standard full size bed (2 meter/6”5 in length)

  53. this makes for a brilliant Pilot Series..or maybe average. would love to see this filmed!

  54. I’m happy you say that :)) I’ve dreamt about it

  55. Im not sure my post worked, so here's the video for ya:

  56. Wow please do this! I've been living out of the MY for about 5 months now and taking out the back seats would be an absolute game changer

  57. k0an says:

    Great video! Are the sounds (bird’s wings flapping) added in post?

  58. Thank you! And yes. The drone doesn’t capture any sound because of the spinning propellers

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