1. The same reason women don’t like clingy men. We are not supposed to be okay with something because we are men.

  2. Women don't go around slapping false rape cases, just like men don't go around raping women. That seems pretty common sense to me.

  3. If men were easy to get and all toh abhi tak vo Captain mere baccho ka aur mera Daddy hota😣😣

  4. There are always some exceptions tho.... You are the exception here ;)

  5. When I get like this I stop and ask myself what am I feeling then I answer and ask why. When I find out why, I ask myself why again. This is to get to the root cause. All of this is linked to your lack of self worth. Somewhere along the line you don’t feel worthy of allowing yourself to feel certain things, you don’t feel worthy of doing some things. So when I want to work on business stuff and I can’t. I ask myself why am I feeling this. Then I say I’m feeling like this because I’m overwhelmed. Then I ask why am I overwhelmed. Then I answer because it’s seems like what I want to do is so hard or there’s so much to do. Then I ask why do I feel there is so much to do. Then I answer well because I’m thinking of the BIG GOAL instead of the small daily goal. Then I ask why I’m thinking about the big goal when accomplishing the small goal will eventually get me to the big goal. Then so on…and so forth. I hope this helps

  6. Umm I don't know but whenever I start asking questions to myself...my mind gets fogged and it starts to hurt badly.

  7. I should’ve finished my biology degree instead of switching to political science.

  8. don't say like this I'm Political Science student(I do regret tho)

  9. “One food for each mood” more like. For me it’s Pohe, dal khichadi, anda bhurji-pav, masala omelette.

  10. If its only homemade...I hate eating it in Hotels because of limited Peanuts and onion...no shredded coconut tasteless coriander.

  11. Grilled cheese sandwich... Chicken Soup....Fried Chicken and Spicy food mostly Non veg🤤🤤

  12. Razor Blade.. pressing it hard and moving down slowly and hard until my inner white skin(Idk what it is called) show up

  13. It is healed. It's fully white already.

  14. I will send you pic of my scar when it starts internal bleeding

  15. Yes just wait until the demons come to torment you. Unfortunately unlike sleep paralysis they don't go away when the morning comes.

  16. Happened to me everytime when I posted something/commented.This lead me to just scroll but now it is like I don't care I'm gonna do what I want to(only on reddit tho)😅

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