1. 6GT factory ammo is available now. Better barrel life than 6 CM.

  2. To be part of a community of shooters and maintain access to a range for everyone

  3. Where can I find specific info on action screw torque. The only official info I have found is a 9 year old comment on savage forums by a "savage moderator"

  4. There seems to be many unofficial sources sharing similar torque specs so those values look correct. You could send Savage a message or call them to confirm.

  5. Remove Savage and Christensen Arms Move Bergara and Seekins from the Hunting only category.

  6. Whichever I’ve trained with most, + largest capacity of hollow points

  7. You can maintain hearing longer. Long range sessions are less punishing on your head.

  8. Wow. I find that impressive but I don't know a whole lot about loading lol. But I'm about to get into it.

  9. Not a great SD but also not a huge amount of data. Single digit SD much preferable

  10. I'm assuming SD means some sort of difference in the speed of the projectile?

  11. 1/8 twist 69gr or 77gr SMK bullets works real well in my 223 Tikka Varmint.

  12. I wouldn't look down on your options, I would just make some different choices.

  13. Same Tikka T1X experience. Same rec on Athlon Cronus. Good value glass.

  14. What rear bag would you recommend for prone shooting.

  15. Gamechanger is a favorite but Wiebad (sp?) bought on Amazon works as well.

  16. Can I ask where you got the Magazine? I have a T3X lite in 7mm Rem Mag and it came with a 3 round mag, and the Tikka extended mag only holds 4

  17. Change stock or chassis to a CTR inlet version and buy some CTR magazines. Your T3X can run these magazines with minimum adjustments.

  18. Start with better ammo. My tac likes Hornady Match 143 ELDX.

  19. Hi neighbor. Was shooting next to you guys yesterday. Fun times.

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