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  1. Yeah, fetishising a race (without being 100% into the person beyond being their race) is obviously wrong. You have the absoloutly right to be pissed off. And no, all east Asians don't look the same if you actually know enough people, it's when you dehumanised a race (cunty), or aren't familiar with them (innocent but get better) where they will all "look the same". I know an ex (Cantonese, it's a coincidence, first and only Asian partner so far) of mine kept telling me that "white people all look the same except you" (I'm very mixed Mediterranean who are only technically in the club). Talk to him about it if you want, or bin him

  2. Umm, farm boy here, if not done correctly it can cause infection, you don't want that. Stick with cbt if you like that. I mean, you won't get maggots like sheep do, but, knowing what can go wrong (besides nicking a vein without a haemostat ready) I wouldn't. Even rubber banding. Get a professional to do it if your determined, but I would just wait for your vaginoplasty

  3. I disagree, stop being emotional and take my snark.

  4. Mostly trial and error. I get my kink from, well, being a teenager once 😆 me and my ex wife would go to the wildlife park back home and go to the most remote cabin and barricade the door, or find old farm buildings lol

  5. Still weird for over 18s to sleep with a 16 year old, (UK)

  6. Vaguely sounds like your a masochist slave who's into cnc then? Sound about right to you?

  7. Have you checked fet? No idea what upper floor is

  8. A porn series set in a specific place by kink.com. not sure whether it's play parties that have been filmed or just porn, never done the research really

  9. I was hoping to ask a bit more about the play partners you mentioned.

  10. Kink play partners happen just the same as vanilla partners happen really, no different to hook ups, freinds with benefits or romantic partners, except if you're conversations and hangouts take that turn you make sure you hash out each others kinks, limits needs etc. If you fancy someone just let them know and be prepared and OK for rejection.

  11. Receiving consensual pain is cathartic and makes me feel giggly and floaty and kinda like that good feeling of pushing through the wall when doing weights. It feels like achievement, and the high is so good. For me, it's the feeling, not the submission

  12. This is why I hate the 🌈 flaming 🌈 feminine gay stereotype, your a fem guy but straight and your mum can't get that through her head, I'm a hairy scary bi man, and if I decide to go to a gay bar, I get side eye from queen's thinking I'm straight wondering what I'm doing there, never heared of bears? Why can't people just accept we are who we are, I am guilty of it in a past life myself, assuming. Keep her out of it. You'll find a lucky girl my bro, good luck.

  13. Sounds like anxiety, addiction, alienation and suicide of a burnt out writer to me

  14. Are American Post vans blue? That's probably why you misremembered this one. My bet is if that is the case then many America will remember the same, and therefore a genuine Mandela effect, but also we have the reason for it. Our post vans in the UK are red, hence the red van.

  15. Then I am wrong, unless where you live the vans are blue, then I'm half wrong 😅

  16. Usually nagging arises from not feeling heard; as a married female, a couple years back our marriage went through a really rough patch. No sex, no communication, no real emotional investment from him. I found myself “nagging” and snarky and making small, cutting comments. It wasn’t a conscious thing per se, but a reaction to not feeling heard or seen.

  17. Do you really see working a lot as checking out? I tried to work all the time and do all the chores for my ex because she said she was "stressed and we never had enough money", but what she meant was "I need you around more for hugs and emotional support". I'm still not sure if she was so bad at communicating that she said the complete opposit of what she meant or if she was just gaslighting me, but that's the reason I worked all the time, because I cared, not because I didn't. But its good to hear other perspectives, and if more people see this as a bad thing, then in my future relationships I need to watch how much time I spend on chores and work, honestly didn't realise, guess I learned off my parents

  18. that’s 1,000% what it means for women. “You’ve checked out” does NOT mean work more. It means emotionally & mentally connect more; bond, share feelings & thoughts. Laugh. Relax & enjoy time together. Make her feel mattered in more ways than “I pay your bills & bring home money.” Modern day women can make money on their own. That’s not what they want from you. I commented this to someone else in this same thread, so maybe this is a really common misunderstanding among men…

  19. It really does seem like it, yes. If only we were just told by someone growing up

  20. Yeah if you enjoyed, this is fine and normal. An ex of mine had stretch mark shaped bruising over the cheek area, very interesting patterns. I always had to call for the halt otherwise I was going to do some damage. She wanted to carry on

  21. Here in Europe, if the two of you met right now, I would have no problem with this, but even here where we are legal adults earlier, since she knew you as a kid, watched you grow up, this is wrong, it's like as soon as it was legal, she pounced, meaning she was actively attracted to a minor, you have been groomed my freind

  22. Probably not something she can stop, when I let myself bottom as a masochist (only time I can bottom) I can't help but laugh, it's weird, I get super giggly, I love getting the shit kicked out of me. But I'm usually a Top, and the best way to Dom, is to be Confident, to be Dominant. You can't let her laugh get to you, if anything, laugh along, "oh you think that's funny? 😏" gets rope out "you still laughing my dear?" Ties sub up in perfect position for a spanking, give them a few good wollaps, "how about now?" Carry on, if she's still laughing but responding positively "well I'm glad your enjoying, so am I". If the noise itself bothers you, then after this, use a ball gag.

  23. It sounds like a mistake, he seems like a decent enough person, but no, that was a real bad move and I think you are always in the right to end things for any and all reasons. Why is it bad? Because while he did preface it in the scene, and yes he stopped when you didn't give consent, he moved goalposts mid scene. When your in any scene space, you become more suggestible, and more likely to "consent" to things you normally wouldn't. We should always ask these things outside of scene space.

  24. Kinda? Like, I like sweet innocent seeming people and, for lack of a better word, yeah corrupting them, ravaging them etc etc.

  25. Tap to get attention from an out of control hyper child? Yes. Physical punishment? No

  26. What? No, ufologists worth their salt check every possible explanation before jumping on aliens, time travel etc. Turning ufo into ifo should be the norm, like "sorry dude, that was Venus (happened to me lol" not, "no you didn't see anything weird in the sky, your nuts because aliens don't exist"

  27. Honestly, I wonder a lot of my shrine was an anomaly before or if somehow building it created it. 😂

  28. "If you build it, he will come," is what the line is now. Many people feel that this is a good example of the Mandela effect. But what is the Mandela effect? People misremembering or alternatively timelines?

  29. Wow that makes no sense, "he will come?", that's as crazy as dolly's braces, I clearly remember them, and tinkerbel. Honestly, I think it would be less scary if reality is mutable than the human mind being so similar to each other that we fill in the same blanks with the same stuff, and I fall into the socio/psychological camp, not simulation (because if I start to believe I go crazy, its fun but dangerous)

  30. Usually you have a chill no play room at events, once your scene ends, go there

  31. You have time for Lisa, you don't have time for your wife. This statement alone should show you what you need to do.

  32. I don't think many people "look" kinky, like, sure we can sometimes get like a radar ping "yes, I have a feeling they are kinky" but in general, we ARE just people. I brought a sub to a kink market once, her first time openly in the community, and she took me aside and she was like "omg everyone is so nice and normal, and everything is so natural".

  33. The ole D&D slip up shows up on this subreddit so often 🤪 I wonder how disproportionate the % of TTRPGs are here than the “normal” world.

  34. The TTRPG BDSM ven diagram is almost a circle lol 😆

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