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  1. Pokémon games are literally just like EA sport games.

  2. It's up to the player. I personally sell all plans for 10 caps. Weapons and armor on a scale. 1 star - 25 caps, 2 star - 50 caps and 3 star - 100 caps. And I give away more legendaries than I sell. I do put away unique and super rare weapons though. I'm not crazy lol I do agree some players are ridiculous on their prices. Seen some wild prices for some worthless stuff. I usually just skip them and go to the next though. No point in getting mad about it. It's the base trap clown shoes I don't like. I immediately nuke their base. 3 times if they stick around long enough. Only takes about 5 mins per nuke drop.

  3. Nuke jet pack glitch or the old power armor glitch?

  4. And I do get some of these peoples points but what I don’t get is the fact that people started arguments about a topic I never stated. I never said what people should be charging. I asked why people do and what’s the point. Then random people came out and started getting upset about an imaginary topic they made up in their head.

  5. I miss when lab card finds meant something. Even red is a joke at this point

  6. Take it slow. Everyone complains about weight but you will only notice it for a week then it will feel like nothing

  7. I never liked them but not because of anything bad just because it’s not MY style.

  8. He claims to be a “motorcycle enthusiast” yet bashes on anything that isn’t a 1000c super sport bike.

  9. I link the discord and my account gets sent to the shadow realm

  10. oh I don't doubt there are mainstream cheats out there, it's the 28% I'd like a source for.

  11. The source is them. With nearly 8k active keys/subs they just compare it with the active player base. 28 was the last one I heard

  12. It’s free for the second try! I know because I fucking dropped the bike. Told them I was into Harley’s while the rest of the class got nice little bikes I got thrown on a big ass v star with stupid high handle bars. (I love Harley’s just not forward controls, high handle bars Harley’s.) the instructors actually felt bad and helped me a lot as it was my very first time like most people but during the quick turn I scrapped the floorboard pegs and went down. Real light nothing crazy. But second time at least for out here in Cali is free. Passed it no problem and even did it on the same bike. I was pissed and frustrated but I’m glad I didn’t just give up. Would have lost my escape. Best part is that she’s got you to help her practice. I had YouTube and a dream lmao

  13. This right here is number one comment to me. It says exactly what (I feel) most of us are thinking. COD has strayed away from what it was to keep up with modern trends but there is a huge fan base that truly misses the older style MP.

  14. Its a crazy cycle to see 12 year old absolutely shitting on me. Was so upset the other day just raging at how good people were and then it hit me.

  15. Since AW cod for me never say right. Even BO3 was a micro transaction hell and AW started that crap. Every year as a kid I remember preordering cod like it was my dying wish. Staying up all night and playing till the sun rose. Paying 1600 Microsoft points just ti change my name for whatever random clan I joined. Back when hardpoint/headquarters were the OG comp maps.

  16. Kinda reminds me of the forlorn in dark souls 2

  17. Hex builds in ds2 were the best magic builds in the entire series.

  18. Holy shit there’s so many 805 brothers here I love it

  19. After watching blacklist. Robert California was an amazing character in the show.

  20. Does anybody else think a rogue would make a great tank spec? Almost like a NB funnel tank in ESO.

  21. When I used to smoke, Marlboro blacks 100s.

  22. Recently I tried the new Marlboro black menthol 100s they were really good

  23. Those are good too. The nicotine you get from blacks was insane

  24. Tell that man to go on G2G immediately.

  25. Man you can tell from these comments just have shitty these “employees” are. Probably don’t even wipe down the trucks when they are brought back.

  26. “Driver based” “remains invisible”

  27. Galvanized pipe. Oh boy. Goodbye hands.

  28. Look for something that overhauls enemies. Basically anything that makes them harder normally has settings that you can tweak to make them much much easier

  29. Redline really do be fucking with EU people for nearly 12 years now lmao

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