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  1. state militias. I don't see any point in having a gigantic army other than to defend our borders from intruders. But it doesn't seem like our army defends the southern border. So our army is pointless...

  2. you have a good point. How we decide when to declare war is a problem. How immigration will work is another problem. It doesn't make sense to just let border states control immigration, so I guess there would have to be some sort of cooperation between states, but at a much lower scale than what the federal government is. What I imagine is more like nato or the EU.

  3. Make it our policy to tranquilize mass shooters and then torture them to death as a deterrence. If necessary, stage a few mass shootings in which the shooter was caught and then tortured to death as an example ... just kidding

  4. Or maybe they think politics (unless it's a conspiracy) should be talked about in political subs.

  5. to add a conspiracy to the mix: suppose there are people who conspire to to profess ideas that are not true. Their best tool against people who call out their BS is to say that their enemies are too extreme and should be dismissed out of hand, where as they should be trusted since they are the reasonable centrists.

  6. As a person who doesn't have a twitter account or follow social media, I am a little confused. I barely ever hear people talk about politics in the real world, let alone get emotional about it.

  7. Yes, the insurance company I worked for identified an entire clinic that exclusively did fraud to insurance companies - no real patients. But the police didn't care. This was in Florida.

  8. having a substance forced into your blood is a lot more invasive than not being allowed to force at pleasure a poison into the blood of babies

  9. Yes baby it’s really hard to focus, what else is hard right now

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