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  1. Could you elaborate? I have chronic pain, but never thought about a possible link with H2S sibo. My doctors treat my chronic pain as a different issue completely isolated.

  2. All the GI symptoms, burning or electric shock pain in my gut, nutrition deficiency, brain fog, fatigue and generally feeling unwell—like a flu or hangover, bladder pain, I’m tired and probably forgetting others but all the classics are there. Worse on high sulfur foods, better with bismuth and molybdenum.

  3. Okay I see. I have the impression that there is a correlation but honestly I am not certain as it is difficult because things are never black or white and sometimes the correlation does not hold. But yes, for example, right now I'm following a low sulfur diet and my pain has diminished a lot. Now is there causality, I don't know.

  4. Not sure, I haven’t been able to find much about it. Mostly just which foods you can/can’t have.

  5. My cat has sterile cystitis and made a lot of progress after a year of switching to wet food mixed with a urinary health dry food (he also lost a couple extra lbs). Still, even though peeing around apartment, yowling, bad pee test (crystals, blood) went down 75%, he kind of hit a wall. New vet said he has high cortisol which drives the cystitis and some other anxiety problems he has such as food obsession. She put him on a low dose of prozac after we only got so far with diet. It’s been a year and no more accidents or weird pee, plus generally seems happier and calmer. Try everything you can with food, water and stress reduction but just know sometimes these things are caused by a chemical or hormonal issue and it’s ok to use meds to mitigate that.

  6. I have the same problem, even as an adult. My brother is like this too, and he’s not autistic (ADHD though). He got really upset as a kid when we were at a coffee shop and there was a toy box with a stuffed pig puppet. After he was done playing he put the pig down and then worried all the way home because it was in the box upside down, “how will it look out and see? I put his head upside down!” We tried to tell him it was ok, it’s just a toy but he was inconsolable. His empathy was just too strong.

  7. The more restricted someone’s diet is, usually the sicker they are. I think it’s fair to eliminate some items from your diet, but not as restrictive as the FODMAP diet as not everyone is sensitive to the same things. Also you could also have SIBO or another underlying cause and it’s not even diet related!

  8. Thank you for saying so! I’m a SIBO evangelist aftertrying to parse out which thing is SIBO, vs “IBS” (if there is such a thing, and not just multiple subtle conditions medical experts have no concrete explanation for at this time). You can do FODMAP right and at best it helps but it’s a bandaid. At worst you still have no idea what’s wrong. We like management of symptoms that allows us to live our lives but too many people act like symptom management is the end of the conversation. I get sick of it too. Especially because even in the SIBO world (theoretically a curable illness) people still act like it’s the best diet to avoid symptoms, or paleo/carnivore variations. Well guess what, some bacteria ferment the sulfur in animal products and thrive in fat/bile if you have hydrogen sulfide SIBO, also thought to be what a lot of IBS-D actually is.

  9. Never been a better time, gray and silver (even artificial) hues are in! I think that’s great, sorry your mom doesn’t. I have alopecia that comes in yearly episodes so I’m shaving every winter but it started like 2-3 yrs before everyone else did it (not trying to toot my own horn just saying these stereotypically “unfeminine” hair styles that naturally happen to us are easier as it becomes trend some do on purpose). I get tons of compliments but to this day, my mom is still the only person giving me crap. Mothers, eh?

  10. My skin is dry or combo normally with an occasional whitehead (usually related to something I got on me like greasy sunscreen) but I have been getting breakouts around my scalp and chest/back. No history, even as a teen.

  11. I think you worry too much. Most cats are smart and have quick enough reflexes to get out of the way if it fell. It’s unlikely you’d have all the weight on top of them at once unless you deliberately balled up the blanket and dropped it directly on them. My friend’s cat likes weighted blankets and burrows but obv if it’s strong enough to get in it’s strong enough to get out. My cats were around weighted blankets for years and never did anything dumb, usually just ignore it completely.

  12. I guess I'm extra worried about my dude because he's old, has had a stroke so he has balance issues, and weaker muscles from CKD.

  13. Yeah I mean you know him best but if he’s older he’s probably less likely to even try and burrow, esp if he doesn’t already. Weighted blankets (and cats) have done a lot for me, I’d just hate for you to miss out on the sensory aid they provide. My understanding is they’re more dangerous to babies or small children as far as getting stuck or suffocating, but not as much with animals.

  14. I used Gerber before, they were great. I did have to wait for an initial assessment over a month but mine was only body damage after getting backed into so maybe yours would get higher priority.

  15. Eesh. Hopefully can get everything done faster. We'll see.

  16. Oh hey, just texted my friend. Same thing happened to her—people get them stolen here a lot. She took hers to Marlins Automotive

  17. This is good to know, I would like to move to WA in the next 2-3 years and have a few counties marked to explore. Sounds like I can probably cross this one off the list, Skagit & King are the two I'm hoping for

  18. Bellingham was also one I wanted to visit Bellingham & Geneva

  19. Yes, I cut them using a craft knife handle fitted with surgical scalpel blades. The white is actually holes cut in the black paper, backed on white mat board. The illustration is a public domain image drawn in around 1920 by Harry Clarke for an E.A. Poe book. The design is A3 sized.

  20. I was gonna say, this looks like Harry Clarke. I actually have that edition but have only read a handful of stories from it.

  21. I had this with berberine hcl, the extra acid is great for some people but I couldn’t hold any food down. The berberine w/o hcl didn’t do this but also didn’t work either. Another possibility is you have SIBO or ongoing bacterial reaction from food poisoning and berberine is aggravating it or possibly killing it off. That’s a common use for that herb (which is why I tried it). But it should be tolerable, this sounds like it’s not a good thing for you and I would ask her for a different formulation of different herb altogether.

  22. I have all 3, very low methane compared to others though and possibly they are in different places in my intestine. I don’t buy the idea methane always wins or constipation dominates, not true for me. I think it’s probably a lot more complicated and individual.

  23. Why not just call it “dried fruit” instead of “fruit antiques.” What is this, Trader Joe’s?

  24. I had headphones on and my mixer going baking bread and heard a bunch of howling and banging (you couldn’t even hear the horse noises at that point). I looked outside to chaos—just sheets of water everywhere so bad a car got stuck at my intersection which had flooded. 15 min later it wasn’t even raining. Super weird.

  25. I definitely do, and have a combo of ASD and some ADD. I recognize a lot of the behaviors people in my life labeled as thoughtless, impulsive or aggressive when I was a kid (8 and younger) were actually me trying to regulate my sensory environment because I was understimulated. Then I got older and kind of repressed a lot of stuff, and my family moved, so I tried hard not to seem like the weird kid (didn’t work super well but could have been a lot worse). By middle school I used to get so bored in class I felt like I could cry. I have always needed multiple things going on or something totally immersive like a project when I feel like this. I get overwhelmed and sensiry avoidant too but that’s usually because of something else going on like being physically uncomfortable.

  26. Ideally, you should retest before you do anything. What if you hydrogen numbers are below 20ppm? You don’t need anything else. What if methane exploded during treatment, then wouldn’t you want to know? The oregano oil would be useless for it.

  27. Oregano is useless on methane? Thought it was pretty generally good on any SIBO or SIFO. Or are you saying it’s useless on its own against methane—like only good if combined with garlic or something?

  28. Hey, I moved here last year and still feel like I don’t know anyone. Western people don’t seem super cliquey though, B-ham’s been a pretty welcoming place as a whole.

  29. I love the black and white theme but with whimsical patterns. Seems like a good balance. As far as color maybe a colored thread and some decorative stitches to add some subtle brightness.

  30. Just search for it on FB. Then you dm or email. I haven't done it but I found the group.

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