1. If you want to do brick workouts, triathlons, and/or duathlons, using the Edge as an extended display for a watch is awesome.

  2. Did you confirm you had good signal before actually starting the timer? If your start or end points don’t match where you actually started or stopped, you either didn’t wait for signal, and your watch was in GPS dead reckoning mode until it got signal, or it lost signal during the run.

  3. For 800m, I think you should be looking toward the AR-10, unless you’re willing to move way from .223 Rem/5.56 and go with something like the .224 Valkyrie (probably not the best recommendation) or 6.5 Grendel. With both alternatives, you’re probably looking at ammo that’s more difficult to find and more expensive than .308 Win and possibly 6(.5) Creedmoor.

  4. The 6mm ARC is a damn accurate round that has more distance than the Grendel. My local range only goes to 300 yards and the 6mm ARC makes hits at that range too damn easy.

  5. Completely forgot about that round. Good advice for someone looking to stay in the small frame.

  6. Did you calibrate the track? I can’t remember the exact procedure, but I think I had to run a mile on the track and do something else.

  7. Could signal multi path errors or just otherwise bad GPS reception, if it is travel history. Is the van ever parked in a garage or car port around that area?

  8. I’d recommend that you ask an attorney licensed in Texas, that specializes in firearms law, rather than random people on Reddit.

  9. It happens. Someone gets a good blood choke, you don’t realize it right away, and you go out. You’ll probably be the subject of conversation and probably have a few jokes thrown your way, but nothing should really be said to you with actually trying to make you feel bad. Get back in there and use it as a learning experience.

  10. I’ve never worn them, but I can see how they could contribute to getting broken toes. I don’t know which would be worse.

  11. Nice looking setup. I just picked up my HMR Pro in 6.5 CM with the heavy barrel yesterday. I still need to figure out what base and rings I’m going with, but I’m topping it with a Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR-II Pro that I’ve had on my LR-308 clone for the past couple years.

  12. Does US law allow for pressing assault charges? Because that's what I'd do. What a PoS.

  13. Most likely. Just because you sign up for something like a grappling tournament (or classes for that matter) doesn’t mean your opponent gets to do anything to you. If you willingly and egregiously break the rules, you could still face a civil lawsuit.

  14. Go take a PRS focused course within driving distance of your home so you don't have to fly with precious.

  15. I live in the middle of the lower 48. I’m willing to drive any direction within 24 hours. That pretty much only eliminates anything above Maryland on the east coast and northwest Washington state. I’d still he willing to travel further for the right class.

  16. I'd suggest looking up JTAC Training in Oklahoma on Facebook and keep an eye out for their next class, then.

  17. That was a recurring suggestion on a Facebook post I made. They are definitely at the top of the list.

  18. I’ll second Welcome Mat Judo. That’s where I initially trained. Steve Scott is an awesome instructor and one of the driving forces behind Freestyle Judo—an attempt to get Judo back to what it was before the Olympics and IJF neutered it. They are now located in west Olathe or Lenexa, inside a training center called Home Field by the Bass Pro Shop.

  19. I’ve been running the DMR-II Pro for a couple years. If the 3 is as good as the 2, you’re going to love it.

  20. Man… I don’t know how. The glass on the DMR-II Pro is awesome. I did a class with the Applied Ballistics team in November or December of 2020, and the tall target tracking test had my scope tracking within something like 0.5% of true. It was tracking better than a lot more expensive scopes. I got a hell of a deal on it, since Bushnell is local to me and I know some employees there, but it would have been worth ever penny had I paid full price for it. Looks like I’m going to need to look at the DMR3 when my Bergara B14 HMR Pro comes in.

  21. Is this a Gracie Barra gym? If so, that’s (from everything I’ve ever heard) pretty standard for them. If not, I’d find a different place to train (obviously other than Gracie Barra, if you don’t want to be forced to buy a specific gi).

  22. Odyssey or Interstate AGM batteries are probably two brands I’d go to before I’d go to Optima any more.

  23. With PMAGs, I get a random slide locks. I have yet to get slide lock using an OEM. That said, there’s literally nothing I can see as to why I’m randomly going to slide lock with the PMAGs. So… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. Full housing replacement is what you should do, if you are changing bulb types. The factory halogen reflector housings are not designed for higher output lights, like LED or HID bulbs. You will do nothing but blind oncoming drivers. Housings designed for LED and HID bulbs generate a cutoff that keeps the light low and from blinding oncoming drivers.

  25. The timney is the crispest trigger you will find period, the apex is a close 2nd though

  26. I’ve been leaning that way, especially since mine isn’t an EDC pistol.

  27. The timney is hand down the best feeling glock trigger. Crisp light pull and break, very nice reset. Fundamentally different from everything else. Just be aware I've only ever have them work correctly when using an oem trigger housing.

  28. Good to know. I’ll try grabbing one of those too. Thanks for the heads up.

  29. I don’t know how people are scratching the sapphire lenses or any coatings. I’ve owned every model of the Fenix or Tactix sapphire, I’ve beat the absolute crap out of mine throughout hiking, running, off-roading, and shooting competitions, and have yet to get a scratch on the lens. The bezels on the other hand…

  30. As someone who started at 280, worked my way down to 220, got lazy, got back up to about 270 as a brown belt, and is down to 195 (still as a brown belt), this might be the case with newer people. Even when I was at 270, I would still roll with some of our smaller people, and not once have I injured anyone. That said, I feel everyone has the right to choose who they roll with. Even as I got my purple, there were people that I had seen go beyond what they can control, and the would respectfully decline to roll with them. To answer your question. No. Heavier people should not avoid Jiu Jitsu.

  31. Can of bear spray! Or an air horn. Just in case.

  32. They aren’t neoprene, but Bartact makes the best seat covers. Full stop.

  33. If you want long range, why is the 12.5” even a consideration? You should be looking at 18” or (even better) 20”.

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