1. She automatically became my favorite once I heard the banger that is “A Kirin Tale” That episode is on my rewatch list now.

  2. I got into MLP because I heard there was a Doctor Who pony, and me being a huge DW fan had to find what episode it was. Found S5E9, watched it, got hooked immediately. Ended up taking a break from the show midway through Season 7, but now I’m back to it.

  3. I was a former member of my high school’s marching band, graduated a few months ago.

  4. I ate the entire thing and I got the wrong one thing and then it came with a bad day too

  5. When you feel sad, just remember Tatsuro Yamashita exists

  6. If you want a real trip check out “The Rainbow Goblins” by Masayoshi Takanaka

  7. I’m guessing the voice is one of those AI generated programs, interesting use of that.

  8. The only other one I know about is the Kiyotaka Sugiyama Kamasami Kong DJ Special

  9. Oh you should see rainbow dash’s one on Spotify

  10. My 3 favorites are Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie!

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