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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. Amazing work! I love how clean the textures look.

  2. Thanks! I used references from New Masters Academy.

  3. More renders can be found here:

  4. Holy hell those arm muscles look amazingly detailed. Any specific reference you used or did you just use a normal ecorche?

  5. Thanks! I think that it's not 100% accurate. I based mainly on my previous experience with anatomy studies, some photographies of body builders and the concept art

  6. It's just a portfolio artwork. I'm glad you like it

  7. You can edit multiple objects without joining them together, just select the objects you want and go to Edit Mode.

  8. I meant for moving on to later steps like rigging.

  9. I think that it's not a problem to rig a model made of separated objects or make UV unwrapping. Propably you will be able to do it even without applying modifiers. It's good to work with modifiers as long as you can, but sometimes it is impossible or results of rigging / UV unwrapping aren't satisfying. It's all about what you want to achive.

  10. It looks like these two circles are separated objects. Go to Object Mode select them and press ctrl + j, then you will be able to create a face from selection in Edit Mode.

  11. You can turn on visibility of your objects in Outliner, just select an "eye" icon and a "screen" icon in the upper right corner.

  12. Look at the photo and / or read my comment, then comment :)

  13. Sorry my fault :) Now I see what is wrong. You are in local view, press numpad / to switch it off.

  14. LoopTools addon will be helpful, you can enable it in User Preferences. Then select vertices, press RMB nad in LoopTools choose Gstretch.

  15. You can use Alt + B to define a clipping border to limit the 3D View, just select the mouth part. To delete this clipping, press Alt + B again. You can also hide objects by pressing H or Toggle Local View by pressing numpad /

  16. You can add new loop with ctrl + R and then connect vertices with "J" shortcut.

  17. You have 3 additional vertices, amount of faces and tris is correct. Theese 3 vertices aren't so visible because they don't make any polygon. If you want to delete them just select all objects on the scene, go to Edit Mode, select all faces, then switch to Vertex select, click ctrl + i and then you can delete them.

  18. First make sure that Background in Shading tab is set to "World", then you can choose the colour in World Properties tab. If "Use Nodes" in World Properties is selected the background colour is visible only in Rendered viewport shading. If it is deselected the background colour is visible in Wireframe Solid and Rendered viewport shading.

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