1. 5.11 VTAC. Anything VTAC is the correct answer, I just have 5.11's version because I got a great deal on them.

  2. Nope legit ban, everything is grandfathered prior . After September 1,2022 in ny you need a license to buy a semi auto. The license process that is proposed is looking to take anywhere from 6-18 months and is probably worse than our pistol permit laws. There are law suits filed but I would rather be safe than sorry

  3. Just out of curiosity why the fuck someone would take the time to down vote any of this.

  4. Oh did I miss the other post on it in this subreddit?

  5. Interesting, the reddit search function really does suck; I searched a bunch of keywords and nothing came up so I thought it hadn't been posted yet (which I thought was strange).

  6. I think if you show up to the actual facility with it they will give you free training

  7. Was hoping it’s a great “starter” for long range. I was planning on upgrading after I graduate out of it. Thoughts on that plan?

  8. Cross is 100% a hunting rifle, you're shitting a lot of money for a rifle that really isn't great at what you want it to do.

  9. Silicon in the rings is fudd shit that bad people still do sometimes.

  10. not long ago, doubt that NYSRPA would happen. cross your fingers, lol

  11. I had zero doubt that NYSRPA would happen. It was simply a matter of how far SCOTUS would go.

  12. When you become a Padre you are contractually obligated to embarrass the city of San Diego in some way. Most players just do it by sucking ass, but Fernando is being more creative. I’m interested to see what Soto will eventually do

  13. I’m no med student but isn’t there a different between the medicine type steroids and anabolic steroids?

  14. I went down a very unhealthy rabbit hole and tested 15 brands of ammo all sorted by rim thickness.

  15. I tend to agree. There's actually a poll over on rimfirecentral that's pretty darn inconclusive on whether or not the match chamber matters. FWIW, I shoot a standard 455 Varmint with stock barrel, but I'm not attempting to chase extremes by any means. Haven't shot past 300 with it, and only rarely past 200.

  16. Short of everyone actually submitting data, I'd say that poll proves that the match chambers don't make enough (if any) difference for it to matter.

  17. Nothing you listed in those specs make enough of a difference to make a difference.

  18. Mainly concerned with the material of the barrels and longevity

  19. I was thinking about having an initial zero at 75 which will easily take me out to 600 (6.5CM 140gr Hornady) then a second zero at 650 (50clicks up from the 75 zero) that’ll take me to 1000

  20. Anything above 4x is basically unusable. They're heavy as fuck, impossibly small eye box, and are just super fucking annoying to use.

  21. Bergara B14HMR and Tikka CTR are usually where people start.

  22. Bergara sells barreled actions unless I missed something that happened recently.

  23. I like American made. What would you say is the Mk5’s competition?

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