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  1. Use the US dollar sign, but with 2 vertical lines. A double-barred dollar sign. It already has an S for sats. Two bars borrowed from the bitcoin symbol.

  2. These were not 3rd grade questions but psychological ones. There is a woman called Teal Swan and saw that video where she did this 3 questions thing in order to analyze a person. Link to FB video below

  3. Why i cant Stake Mshare. I Put some Koins in for staking and dont get any rewards.

  4. You get rewarded every epoch (1epoch= 8 hours) and you can claim every 3 epochs

  5. The reduction will be effective on june 1. Who staked before may 1 has all 6 month of full rewards. Who stake between may 1 and june 1 take old rewards until june 1,then the reducions are applied.

  6. Guess i was lucky. Pulled out some of the stake because since my stake last year CRO increased by about 3x. just 2 days before the anouncement :D … put it into mshare and tanked :D but oh well cheap prices now and oasis started printing again. Also daily APR rose by close to .2% within 16 hours

  7. I posted this, but it was removed by the admin, so adding it here, and HIGHLIGHTING the fact that I have no proof, but I am speculating and would like to know what others think too.

  8. Unstaking in from EARN takes minimum 30? Sorry thats incorrect. Unstaking is instant (provided that either you chose flexible or the 1month/3 months locking period is over, actually does it automatically when locked for specific period). Other example: Unstaked my excess of the card (CRO did about a 3x since it got the card) restaked for card and instantly had my CRO available. DeFi takes 28 days to unstake.

  9. Earnings rates are/were unsustainable. When the 💩 really hits the fan they will be cut even more. Still beats .05 at the Bank IMO

  10. Within about 1,5 years i contacted them 4 or 5 times and only one time it took them about 20 minutes (as at the very beginning before they hired more people) So it‘s been amazing just for the majority of the people here. And no i dont have priority.

  11. When you unstake and restake, it will start a new contract for 180 days that it locked up CRO will be unavailable.

  12. Thanks a lot, Yes I got the jade since last year, since then price of cro is more than double. Well staking in DeFi would give me 12% p.a. But actually want to put it in MMF

  13. Putting it in defi for slightly more is an option but keep in mind the unbonding period with no interest of 28 days. You would need to keep your CRO in there for around 10 months to surpass the amount needed if you had just stayed in stake, plus you now have to wait 6 months to unstake again with your card.

  14. I know about the unbonding period and the new 6 months, but my plan is to reach the icy white/ rose gold :D so i dont care about the 6 months as i would want to upgrade instead of downgrade/or even take it all anyways :D Yes MMF or DApps are riskier in general but right now i feel like it might be a good opportunity to scoop up some from the dip and than slowly app a portion of the gains to my current DeFi CRO stack. With the current price i would need to almost double my cro to get the next tier so it will sit in the DeFi for a while anyways :D

  15. Originally the jacket was a different North Face jacket (Denali?) - then the Aston Martin jacket - and now this latest jacket appears to be a new North Face jacket with the fused seams.

  16. Thanks man :) i actually dig both Tbh i‘d rather just have the logo. Makes it more „clean“ and also the word crypto is being stigmatized which bothers me

  17. Why u posting multiple FUD posts within minutes? If you dont like it sell it

  18. The creator of Litecoin left the project. Reason why I don’t invest.

  19. The creator of doge left and sold all his coins long ago. Just fyi

  20. They should/ dont have to do amything. Think its awesome that they even offer it but yes would be cool, if they let you choose some of the same value.

  21. Wouldn’t it be? It would also make people more inclined to invest in the cards for the rebates because it would appeal to a broader target market

  22. No issues abroad, currently living in taiwaim with my EU card and works like a charm

  23. Yes sir, agreed. Hoping everything settles in the world so crypto goes back to being stable again

  24. That’s also about $800 in upgrade fees. I’m impressed

  25. Except if you started right out with a higher tier, just like i did

  26. They clearly missed that orver 75% has been sent to a burn wallet and daily there is being sent more. Can someone link their youtube channel. Someone needs to be educated

  27. Because mmf rewards are 70% and mmo 30% If one grows after than the other one the amounts are being adjusted

  28. With that circle of life thing right? Right now only using filling pools mmf, mmo, mmf-Svn and mmf-mshare and considering shifting that to oasis but just heard about it so need to find more info on that first

  29. There will be a vote to remove supply cap. I'd wait until that

  30. When is the final vote on that? Dont see the point of removing supply cap.

  31. They say they need liquidity to fund new projects and expand mmo ecosystem. They could have created a new coin pegged to mmo like svn is pegged to mmf. I don't really see the point either. Personnaly i sold my mmo bag until i know what exactly are the plans. The date of the vote is not known exactly yet

  32. Thanks for the info But instead of removing it completely they could just increase it to a certain number instead of open cap. Doesnt give to much trust in it :/

  33. MMF has tremendous utility silly op. Is the center of the whole dam Mmf universe

  34. These rates are lower than treasury I bonds which have pretty much zero risk.

  35. But the underlying asset of a bond (in this case FIAT) decreases over time as compared to CRO will most-likely increase

  36. Hey if you feel good about it then go for it. I hope it works out for you. For me I've just seen it just tank over and over again.

  37. Agreed that it tanked. I moved some of my funds but kept 70% of my initial invest as i dont really want to sell at a loss The 30% i moved should be about the rewards i got so far. So technically „no loss“ in terms of amount of tokens (but in terms of USD)

  38. selling at a loss and pulling out of this misery made me 5x .....sometimes its just better to pull out

  39. That‘s what i used to twll my Ex :D Kinda true. Waiting how the xVVS turns out

  40. What? You still get staking rewards for the card. Only difference is that jade/indigo gives you an additional 2%

  41. No staking rewards on the $400 of CRO stake you put in for the Ruby Steel red card.

  42. Whaaaat?! Didnt know that. Always thought that there is also a card stake reward for ruby. Went straight for the indigo, so never had the ruby

  43. Do you have a picture of the card in different lighting? Kinda worried that the rose gold looks too girly :D

  44. For the 5-7 times within the last year since i‘ve been using it, it worked pretty well

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