1. You are making great progress. Going a couple on months is awesome. Being able to recognize the slide is huge. Take a deep breath and get back on the horse you got this. I am still working through my first month of spending compromise.

  2. These are so cute! Great job on the infomercial!

  3. Hey thanks!! I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually watch that haha. That really means a lot. Thank you!

  4. Any time. : ) I just picked up a copy of the pdf. I think the bunny will be perfect for Easter baskets.

  5. I had a spider mite infestation of and on for over a year. Killed multiple plants. I did a big cleaning, trashed the plants that were really really sad and started spraying the crap out of all my plants with a water/dish soap/rubbing alcohol mix almost every day. So far I haven’t had any flare ups but I do occasionally still spray all of the plants. Good luck. It is so disheartening when you work your but off trying to keep your plants beautiful and thriving and a tiny creature destroys your hard work.

  6. Thanks for all your input! Everyone gave me a lot of great ideas and inspiration.

  7. I completely forgot about Bill!!! We are big fans of Story Bots. I bet my kids will love Bill as well.

  8. This is my first year homeschooling. My son is in first grade. I had concerns with him not being challenged in kindergarten. My homeschooling was a very last minute decision. (I had him enrolled in public school.) Our schedule is really chaotic. I try to get things done first thing in the morning because I have a hard time circling back. I probably push my son too hard. We completed a lot of first grade work and have moved on to second grade stuff. There are days when my son completes everything quickly and without fuss. Other days it’s a struggle to get through one assignment. On days like that I scrap the day’s lesson plan and shift gears into reading for while and calling it a day.

  9. I personally empty than merge. Not sure if the math adds up though.

  10. Add side blocks that match up to that angle? If it is symmetrical then that is the way.

  11. 🤣 why go looking for bad news? What you don’t know doesn’t hurt, right? (Just read the headline)

  12. This was the best Ash/group for me outside the original. I wish they would do a spin-off Pokémon series that let Ash age. You know, for all the fans that have been with Pokémon since the beginning.

  13. I have to use distilled water for my betta. It helps cut down the hardness. With a small tank like that it doesn’t cost much for water changes. Also try a female? My female is a badass and I haven’t had any issues with her(koi like pattern). My male I have had off and on issues with. (Hopefully he likes his new 20g tank).

  14. Knitting was easier for me to learn. It depends on what you want to make. I have also read that knitting doesn’t use as much yarn. Stopping mid project is easier on crochet than it is knitting.

  15. Agreed! I was so glad when they introduced the option to skip nicknames. One less screen to mess up clicking through.

  16. I don’t think you have to, if you can get it into a bigger pot with a support pole/stake soon it should be good

  17. Awesome. I just don’t want the main plant to choke out potentially viable plants. I also don’t want to risk separating them if I don’t have to.

  18. At the beginning I try to keep to 1 card a day or past/present/future reads. I got the wild unknown deck for my best friend because it matches her. It did not speak to me the way it does to her. My first deck is was the everyday tarot. When doing a reading, look at the cards and hold on to your first impression. Then look up the meaning. I usually stick to the everyday explanation in the little book and more expanded explanation on her website. At the beginning. Now I use the ultimate guide to tarot.

  19. Story of my life. Working on a pixel quilt and it is a nightmare

  20. There have been plenty of times when my cuts are wonky. You can adjust your seams a little bit. One square might have a a 1/4” seam while the one you are attaching it too might have one closer to 1/2” seam to get the finished size right.

  21. There is more! This is the only thing outside of the holiday event that I am working on. (Mostly because I just want to be done and it is taking up too much space on my board.)

  22. I have a female betta and a snail in my 5gal. Gary the snail loves his pineapple. Both are happy. I used quick start for this tank and she was in the tank a few days after I used the quick start.

  23. Thanks for all the replies. I try to watch my mindset before doing any readings. Yea, sometimes my cards tell me things I don’t want to hear but then I look at it as them calling me on my shit or allowing me to look at the situation differently.

  24. I have this same deck. I agree that the book is weird. With this deck it is really easy for me to look at a card and see how it relates to my life. Once I have that feeling I look at another book or my quick sheet if I need/want more.

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