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  1. So disappointing to see Kansas voters slash down a chance at creating laws that would protect the lives of the unborn.

  2. You do realize how good Lebron and AD are right? You do realize we were easily a playoff team last year if healthy, right?

  3. The lakers were still horrible when lebron and AD played last year. You clearly weren’t watching the games.

  4. Need more details. How are you measuring speeds? Are you measuring on your wireless device or on a wired computer?

  5. I NEED ROUTER! I have to get my first router and I need shipment 📦 please help in progress

  6. Just took a look at your account and realized your account’s an alt for trolling lmfao. Go outside

  7. 14 day old account, only made about 10 comments, majority of which are clearly meant to be toxic. You’re very clearly just a lonely troll lmao

  8. Who cares what color anyone is as long as they help your team win!

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