1. Looks like a set of Badger rings. And that might not be a part number, but a serial number to show a matched set.

  2. Why doesn’t anyone ever recommend tps rings anymore?🤔

  3. I don't remember a time when those were recommended in the same conversation as the rings already being discussed in this thread.

  4. RRS with Anvil head or possibly leveling base. Pros and cons to both.

  5. Ditch the 1 inch tube idea, you'll be wanting more adjustment for a 22 real quick.

  6. If you're after precision, buy new brass. You don't want brass fired from some unknown chamber at unknown pressures. You risk your chamber not cooperating even after resizing.

  7. Thanks for the info, that helps a lot. The gun is a Remington 700 with 5r mil spec stainless barrel. I don’t know the specified length, I would have to measure, When I get home I’ll see if it’s obvious where the measurement would start.

  8. Just a quick FYI for reference when measuring barrels. Correct barrel measurement is from bolt face to crown with bolt closed. But for this purpose, you can measure from the front of the recoil lug to the muzzle and add .8" or so. You'll be more than close enough for what you want to know.

  9. I see that one in the .308 flavor is $1390. Is it worth the extra $ in your opinion?

  10. If I'm not mistaken, this will be held at The ALTUS Shooting Center Facility located near Crestview, Florida.

  11. All it says at the bottom is "Altus Shooting Solutions". I had to look up where that was as I am not aware of all the shooting centers in the world. Sorry if my comment saying where in the world this was happening disturbed you.

  12. Not disturbed in the least. Wasn't sure you saw the bottom becasue the text and font was small. You seem to be more agitated than I am with this explanation.

  13. If you ain't hiding some lead weights in the stock, you ain't doing it right!

  14. Whatever gets people into the shooting sports, hard to rag on that.

  15. Precision Underground suppressor covers are awesome. Also Rifles Only.

  16. Thank you for your response! I’m not expecting to kick the rifle off a cliff or run it over with a car. I’m just looking at building a long range Euro rifle (euro parts, glass, and accessories) and a long range American rifle (same but American). Just planning for the future lol

  17. The Sako TRGs are kinda expensive for what they are. I’d get an accuracy international if I was going to drop around 4-5k on a rifle like that.

  18. You can get a base TRG 22 for just over 3k. I won't steer someone away from an AI though.

  19. I've heard of American Rifle Company doing Black Friday sales on the Archimedes and Nucleus if you're into those actions.

  20. Never ran them for more than a few rounds on someone else's gun. So I probably can't offer a recommendation. They felt fine for the few shots I fired.

  21. I'd disagree strongly here. The Savage elite precision is really the only rifle you regularly see that is a production rifle on the ELR comp line.

  22. Half the internet praises IMI OTM. The other half despises it. I don't want to get into handloading and can't find a 5.56 round that's quality and has good availability.

  23. More than half the internet can't shoot well enough to know what good ammo looks like.

  24. A new barrel may settle some in the first couple hundred rounds although it's usually a gradual velocity increase. SD and ES might improve a little but it's usually not extreme. Of course, this applies to premium match grade barrels.

  25. A picatinny is just another dovetail with slots cut in it. If the dovetail has a slot or hole for a recoil lug on the mount or rings, all good. Accuracy International and Sako among others did this for a long time on systems more robust than the typical Rem 700 or clone that you typically see with some puny little screws holding the pic rail in place.

  26. Other than clocking perceived curvature of bore and preferred thread fit to the receiver, there should be no difference in precision potential between the pre-fit vs hand fit. Given identical reamers

  27. Rear bag for sure. TAB Gear or Armageddon for a dedicated rear bag. Armageddon Gear for a gamechanger type "do it all" support bag.

  28. Experience will settle these anxieties, shoot more. You will see over time what is worth worrying about and what isn't. What affects your results on target and what doesn't. You won't have to ask others because you will know.

  29. Hmm a lot of the ai dudes say that they have built customs and wish they had just bought ai’s to begin with. Do you have an ai currently?

  30. Yes. The customs can be more modular and can fit different roles a little easier. But ultimately, if I could only have one bolt action, it would be an AI.

  31. Don't buy a cheap chronograph. Get something like a magneto speed or Labradar. I'd rather have no chronograph than one that is giving me junk data. It will just muddy the water and add noise to your results at the range.

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