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  1. I'm Bipolar. (No I'm not. JK, I definitely am. Today. Tomorrow is still undecided)

  2. Can anyone please share a Walgreens code if they're not going to use it? Thanks! Can trade jack in the box/shell/other codes

  3. My daughter recently had a Philly cheesesteak crepe for breakfast. She absolutely loved it!

  4. I’m already kinda at a loss as to why it requires an oral surgeon? Was she still seeing a pediatric dentist? Though I’d still expect them to be able to extract a couple baby teeth. It is not uncommon for a few baby teeth to need help, but making it into this huge event is really weird unless I’m missing something. I’d just take her to a good regular dentist and have them do it with local, or at least explain to you why it requires an oral surgeon and sedation.

  5. I'm kind of in the same mindset as you. Our family dentist said he doesn't do these extractions, and referred her to the surgeon. I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask why it's such a big deal. We've been seeing this particular dentist for about 2-3 years, and he's done my husband's crowns but referred him to an endontic specialist for his root canals. I'm guessing the only reason he may not do it is because he's technically not a pediatric dentist and they're baby teeth? I don't think my older child's extraction was classified as surgery, but I did have to take her to a pediatric dentist for it. (Different primary dentist at the time... he referred her because he said he could pull the tooth but she would also need a spacer until the adult tooth came in and he couldn't do that.) The only reason we have this dentist is because our last one retired. :( He was a phenomenal provider. I don't think my 11yo needs a spacer because the adult teeth are already pressing through and that's why she's having some pain when eating.

  6. Thanks for the quick replies. You persuaded me to stick with the worms honestly.

  7. DO NOT refrigerate your superworms! It will kill them! They are a different beetle (but from the same family) than mealworms, which you CAN refrigerate to keep dormant. Also, Superworms and mealworms are both high in fat, so not ideal for a primary diet. Mostly as treats. True Superworms will not pupate into beetles in a group, they have to be separated out individually in order to progress to pupation stage. They can survive as worms in a group for up to 2 years if properly cared for. If you got superworms that did pupate into beetles in a group, you either were sold extremely old Superworms or they sold you 'Giant/Super MEALworms that were marketed incorrectly. Superworms have less of the part of the exoskeleton called chitin, so they are basically softer worms and easier for reptiles to digest. Mealworms have a lot of chitin, they have harder shells, take longer to digest and pose a higher risk of impaction.

  8. Thanks you. Looks like I’ll end up ordering the roaches then. As long as they can’t climb up plastic walls like you said.

  9. You're very welcome. I just wanted to help you give the little critter a great diet so he lives a happy, healthy, long life with you. :)

  10. You can ask the front desk at the gym to announce that the illegally parked truck with license plate...... will be towed if not moved within the next 20 minutes. A few of those announcements interrupting his workout, maybe he will get the idea. Maybe. Since the parking lot is technically private property, it's unfortunately up to the business to stop it (unless he's blocking a handicap space, that's enforceable by police). Get multiple members to complain. The gym won't like one guy ruining the experience for multiple members. They cater to the majority. They want LOTS of people in there. This guy is getting in the way of that.

  11. They want lots of people in there. Most gyms would much rather you pay and never show up.

  12. As a gym employee for 10+ years, and at multiple different companies, I'm going to have to disagree with you there. We want the gym busy so people are more likely to enjoy their time here, make workout friends, and stick with their regimen. Especially women who are self-conscious, they typically are far more comfortable if they feel like they can get lost in the crowd, or can commiserate with others who may be struggling just as much as they are. But our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy yourself, because If your workout is fun, you're less likely to quit (and eventually stop paying that monthly membership).

  13. Thank you for the discord invite. I'm not as familiar with discord so my daughter joined, because she will be helping me with caring for it too. She's much more familiar with Discord and can keep me in the loop, so to speak. (I will join too, just haven't done it yet).

  14. Yup absolutely it varies from state to state. thats why I put the explanation (IEP Team) in parentheses next to it.

  15. We call it an ARD meeting. (Stands for Accepted, Remaining, or Dismissed from SPED programs). We usually have one annual, another one if ESY is needed, (Extended school year/Summer school support programs) and an every 3 years assessment/testing one. Also a transition ARD when moving campuses (elementary to intermediate to high school). If an IEP changes in any way, they have to schedule an ARD meeting to discuss and get approval first.

  16. Season passes to Schlitterbahn water park for my family. Including tax, it costs around $850 for six 2-park passes. Good for 3 full months and 2 additional weekends only months. Expensive, but my kids love it and I love making happy memories with them, so... yeah. Bills can wait until payday. Extra money would go towards recouping these last two miserable years we missed out on good family fun.

  17. I got the exact same text with the exact same images last week. Twice. First time I just said not interested, and deleted the messages. So second time (20 minutes later) I recognized the first image right away. Texted back that the phone was primarily used by my nine year old (not true). Nude photos still came through. Advised I would report to the police for sending pornographic photos to a minor, as they were warned BEFORE the naked photo was sent that time. Heard nothing else sense then.

  18. Ah well… My toilet is literally one step away from my bath, so depends on the bathroom layout I guess

  19. I can sit on my toilet an still have my feet in the bath if I'm turned sideways. Small bathrooms suck.

  20. Most useless... egg separater. If you crack the egg into your hand the whites will naturally run right through your finger leaving the perfect unbroken yolk behind. My fingers get sticky, yeah, but I have NEVER found a separater that works better, faster, and more efficiently than my fingers.

  21. Trying to talk myself out of a small food processor because it feels too indulgent. But there are so many things I don’t want to bring my big 14 cup one out for.

  22. You can get a 3 cup one at Walmart for like $20 and man-o-man mine gets used 3x week easy. It's great for EVERYTHING and fits in top rack of dishwasher without hogging too much real estate. Treat yourself, you deserve the convenience. You're worth the $20! (Cheaper than a fast food meal for 2 people!)

  23. They refuse to eat leftovers. But I don't tell them that because I benefit most from my cooking!! Ha!!

  24. This is me, so I relate to your SO. Especially if I cooked the meal. I cannot eat the same meal twice in a week (very few exceptions, like soup/chili or lasagna). By the time I'm done staring at it while cooking, then eating it that first night, my brain/belly needs a break from that meal. My hubby doesn't mind tho... he gets ALL the leftovers so he loves it! If I didn't cook it (restaurant leftovers or dinner at a family member's home) I am more willing but still don't care for them.

  25. His overusage of cannabis is such a turn off. I'm in no way attracted to a nearly 50 year old man stumbling around, grazing the kitchen for snacks, and constantly trying to persuade me to watch stupid, STUPID TV, especially when there's actually chores to do. I feel like I'm married to a freaking teenager most nights. It's not appealing to me as a woman in any way, shape, or form. But if I told him this is the reason why I hate him using and why our physical relationship is so stagnant, he would be devastated. Sad part is though, he's a great husband otherwise. Love him dearly. Just hate the ganja.

  26. I'm sorry you had that happen to you. I hope you find peace.

  27. We lost a close family friend to a home invasion when I was a freshman in high school. I WISH someone had shot that asshole before he got to my family. He was a habitual offender, out of his fourth prison stay for less than 24 hours when he broke in as they slept and stabbed them to death. State of Texas finally took care of him this past year though (after almost 30 years on death row).

  28. One I only found out about recently is I Will Always Love You, most famously sung by Whitney Houston, was originally written and sung by Dolly Parton. I love Dolly, but Whitney brought it to another level!!

  29. I heard a story once that Dolly sang it on a late night talk show during the peak popularity of The Bodyguard, and Houston sent her a 'cease and desist' letter. Not sure how true that is... but supposedly Dolly was gracious about it and simply responded with something along the lines of 'Honey your people paid ME for permission for YOU to sing that song that I wrote.' She also said it's also not a song about romantic love at all. It's about severing her professional relationship with a former manager. Heard it differently from there on. I do love Dolly, but I agree Houston took it to a whole other level, that woman had an incredible voice.

  30. My kids all thought Bad Wolves were the original singers of Zombie. They all hate the Cranberries version, lol.

  31. That there is called 'Beardie Sexy Leg'... if you go to there's an entire picture thread of just these poses. My Snowflake is 2 years old, a chonker, and we still giggle at her sexy legs. Beardies are weardies. Just another reason to love 'em.

  32. Another vote here for apple cider vinegar. Or even white vinegar if you can't get ACV. If your hotel has a restaurant (or room service) they can probably hook you up with some for little/no charge. Spray bottle is a great idea for application, since it doesn't require touching the inflamed skin. Vinegar is an astringent, so it will actually help expedite the healing process as well. The aloe acts as anti-inflammatory, so that helps as well. Hopefully you can be at least comfortable before your vacation ends and it won't be completely ruined.

  33. I buy my greens in bunches. They are cheaper that way too, for me. I'll usually get a bunch of collards and then alternate out another different green each time (Mustard, turnip, dandelion are my usual go-to's). The bagged ones always seem to go bad WAY faster to me. Same day of purchase I cut them chiffonade style (strips) and double wash them in ICE COLD water. Spin several times in a salad spinner to get ALL the moisture off. Line a Tupperware with a paper towel and pop them on top. Fridge in the crisper drawer. They last me 2 weeks easy. After 2 weeks I have to start pulling out yellowed leaves, but the remainder will last me another week or so. (Pulled yellows get tossed into my feeder insect bin.)

  34. Where did you see drunk driving? He said wife was working (as a server) he was there on his night off (Tuesday) and her night off is Wednesday. I would expect she was sober if she was working? Maybe I missed something?

  35. If you know her address, call the police department non-emergency number in her city and ask them for a wellness check. They will send officers to her home to check on her to ensure her safety. Please please do this ASAFP. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to save her life if she's actually done something.

  36. Here's the thing, she lives a couple hundreds of kilometers away from me, so I can't specify her address. Also, its not like I can activate the police "just because" my cousin texted me and didn't reply for 4 hours. Thanks for your reply, prayers and wishes, though. I'll edit the post bc she's okay now, answered me and stuff. Still bad, but here. Thank God.

  37. Glad she's OK. Get her address just in case for the future. Send her a little 'thinkingof you' card if need an excuse. You absolutely CAN activate the police for a well-check if you're concerned for her safety (if you live in the US, not sure for other countries).

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