1. On paper seems like you are fine…but are you able to have fun money? Can you go out on a date together? How about a nice restaurant? What about a vacation? 3 month emergency fund is great, but what if you lose your job. Can you find another one in 3 months?

  2. Yes you are probably losing some rev by doing that. Like everyone else said you could be trading for higher level arts and be getting a boost to your economy and hydrogen…which means you could run more rs to get more arts to trade for higher level arts. It does take some time and you need to find a good partner for doing this.

  3. Idk, I’m paragon 104, mostly solo unless someone randomly invites me to something, and I’m still making steady CR gains and leveling up regularly. The only thing that stands out that I’m missing is obviously my normal gems are under leveled because they just don’t drop unless you’re in a four man group. But I can live with that. As long as it feels like my progress is continuing I’ll continue to play.

  4. It’s prob me sending you random requests to join. I apologize but thank you kindly.

  5. I joined a clan (randomly) and when I need a dungeon I just spam the clan until 3 people respond.

  6. You probably aren’t missing out to much on the shipments from those planets. It why so many? Are you not going to be able to play for a while and just want to be able to login and collect the research?

  7. Thanks, I'm going to trade them for higher level arts, also I like the idea of just constantly researching them when I'm not going to play, kinda like hibernating.

  8. I also try to stock up on arts before a vacation. Less worry about getting them and can jump in to a rs quickly for croid and bounce out.

  9. It’s sad to hear that you have issues with M1. I have had a few questions (not issues) and they were all responded to in the timeframe that was stated in the reply email. I went through the app and selected help (not sure what it’s called), selected my area I needed help in and typed my question. I received a response right away saying someone will reply in 3 days and had a response the next day and my questions were answered. Did that a few times and seemed to have similar experiences each time.

  10. I used to love my Roomba i7+. However I have come across a lot issues recently. I had to move the Roomba to a new location and it seems to have fixed most of it. But it has happened a few times. It does a pretty good job at vacuuming but we still run the normal vacuum once a month. It’s a solid vacuum when it works. However with Amazon accruing iRobot I might be hesitant to buy anything from them at this point (unless you like the Amazon environment).

  11. A different take to this answer would be can you clear multiple planets on RS6 solo? Can you hold two RS7 arts on one transport? If you can you should be fine on RS7.

  12. I have, but since everyone is at a higher level than me, I've never done a private red star

  13. Take a look at Nine’s Own Goal. We have a good core group of commanders that help each other out. We are probably 50-50 of higher level players and lower level players. Stop by and say hi.

  14. There are a lot of established good corps out there right now. I’d suggest joining one of them for a few months to see what they do well and what you don’t like. You can always start a corp and abandon it later if you don’t want it.

  15. Other then what has already been said…a defeat to me is when I lose a ship (one of my squishies). Or if I for some reason can’t get my croid or do t get any artifacts. Everything else is a win in my books. Other then that the progress bar that the others have been talking about is the correct answer.

  16. Yeah I agree. A rule that has served me well is that if you can clear at least two planets solo in a rs you can advance to the next star providing you can carry two sets of the next level.

  17. Okay gotcha, I do like the idea of vengeance but your right it doesn't pair well with Barrage so I'll probably drop Veng once I start using Barrage (which won't be for a little bit yet anyway)

  18. For the time being it’s the meta. I sometime dip my toes into no meta builds and vengeance was one of them. With a bs6 it’s much better because you can add tele or fortify. But lots of changes are coming in the future too. Although that future is in the distant future still so I wouldn’t be trying to plan for them as things will change by the time they are released.

  19. No you can’t sadly. But if you need help clearing it let me know.

  20. I created the exact shortcut you are talking about but as mentioned could not pull data from numbers. I use data jar to write the expenses to a dictionary before adding to numbers. You can do a pivotable in numbers with this data to do anything you need!

  21. Hmm…not familiar with data jar. I’ll have to look into it. I was trying to make it 100% native to iOS.

  22. That’s what I was thinking of doing. But I don’t see any actions under numbers to do that with. Any suggestions?

  23. It’s similar to battleship Apollo. Encourages you to log in each day. It changes. Isn’t anything crazy but adds up over time.

  24. i’m probably missing a critical piece, but why not just have the automation run on monday wednesday and friday?

  25. Not sure I knew that but that would be three automations instead of one…already have a banillion (it’s a real number of the banana folk) others to keep track of.

  26. You can select more than one day of the week per automation by default, so you’d only need one.

  27. Yeah. Just realized that. Was much easier than I thought. Works nicely…well we will see Friday.

  28. Eve aqua does appear as an accessory in the home app . Do you mean when you try to do an automation?

  29. Yeah that’s what I meant. I finally figured out the scene. Works nicely. Now if only the thing would stay attached to the spigot. Stinks they used plastic threads instead of metal.

  30. For future reference you can download this app to preview what the HK interface might look like.

  31. What is the current state of the company that you are worried about?

  32. Spotty support, limited availability of equities, cost basis problems, very young company, things of this nature.

  33. In fairness - this post should be titled "Homekit automations: not what I thought it would be!".

  34. Creating a scene in the eve app lets me do what I want in the home app. The title could have been better worded. But now I have realized the threading is all plastic and it has all been stripped. So I’ll be returning it and seeing if the second works better. Was hoping that the build quality would be a little better. But oh well. Hope the second one works better than the first.

  35. I wouldn't do that - use the built-in scheduler in the Eve app rather than making scheduling automations in HomeKit.

  36. I haven’t had any problems with the home app. Mainly just using it for lights right now. But they all turn on and off when supposed too. I’ll keep that in mind and remember this post when I see my first flossed garden.

  37. This was addressed on apple insider HomeKit insider last week. I can’t remember what it was called but a smaller company had some neat things that were being used. The episode was one with a guest. I think it was the episode May 9th called Sonos voice assistant, Leviton decora….

  38. One way I’d suggest other than the above is to look at the commenters on here and through other posts and see if someone seems good and ask them about their corp. as other have said your mileage will vary. Right now my corp (Nine’s Own Goal) is big on Red Star runs and helping new people grow (by answering questions running rs,…). We don’t run very many white stars right now. Hoping that changes with new recruits but it’s fun regardless.

  39. I pretty much love all of the Apple TV+ originals. There too many to mention all of them but Coda, For all mankind, Ted Lasso, Severence, Wecrashed, Foundation, Dickinson, See, Tiny World, The morning show, The after party, Mythic Quest, Trying…those are some of my favorites. And they keep on coming out with more and more content and it’s all really good.

  40. Hmm. I must be slow. I’m only on RS9 and it’s been about 2 years+ for me.

  41. Just bought this and put it together with my dewalt wet dry vac 12 gal tank. I bought the 6 gal tank dust separator. However the hose on the dust separator is much smaller and doesn’t fit on my tools. Any suggestions?

  42. RH will always be the company that turned off the buy button when GME was taking off last January. That type of market manipulation is unacceptable and I doubt it's isolated to the stock market. They can't be trusted with anything as far as I'm concerned.

  43. With that statement you probably shouldn’t be trusting any of the other brokerages that did the same thing. Robinhood wasn’t the only one that halted trading. Without getting into it the SEC requires a certain amount of cash on hand during trading. When trading increases cash reserves need to increase and when trade slows most brokerages want to invest that money to earn more. Robinhood along with the majority of the other major brokerages didn’t foresee the flood of people jumping into GME and didn’t have enough cash reserves to maintain the increasing amount of trades happening with GME or other meme stocks. And because they couldn’t maintain the cash reserves required by the SEC they had to halt trading to come up with the money. So if you really want to be upset about it you should be upset with the SEC and not the brokerages as they were just following the SEC rules.

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