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  1. Could actually be hard drive related. Check your read/ write performance as well.

  2. Most often is program based problem not hardware. Like antivirus not liking certain activity and doing funny stuff with files, or driver issues casing irratic acess/ reading times cauing spikes.

  3. I love the backpacks of I'm doing an adventurer kind of playthrough. They look good with some clothes and Log armors but they don't fit on most the other heavy armors so I tend to avoid them with heavy armor.

  4. Thats because they aren't professionals and dint do research.

  5. i agree hard core. Its no fun going up against a bandit camp only to get get overrun instantly bc the soulslike combat mods dont like big fights

  6. I like how they think they will fool us that it’s handwritten. 😂

  7. If you can tell its not handwritten, your not the target audience

  8. Comics are supposed to be funny, yes that applies to political ones aswell.

  9. That random world cup fan is usually a model. Heck even for stadium events for most professional games they are hired actors. I know a lot of people who work in this business and well it's the norm. Hiring models like this is just PR and marketing and well it's extremely sexist.

  10. How is it sexist? I don't get it... I mean, captialzing on pretty women to sell stuff is bad for women?

  11. Im a woman and I know two women who lost their jobs when F1 stopped using grid girls because a bunch of jealous ugly women said it was sexist. Because of some womens insecurities a group of women who travelled the world and got paid well for it lost their jobs. Yay equality.

  12. The " Using sexy people to sell stuff is sexist" kind of argument always sounds like the stuff that would happen in dystopian androgonoys world that so many novels jave warned us about.

  13. Can you do your copy pasta propaganda again?

  14. Pierre Poillievre is too far of a pendulum swing for me. Problem is people see the DTES with thier ACAB protests, people complaining about how treatment can't be coercive, all levels of disorder being handwaved away as mental health, government funded orgs targeting/trying to cancel businesses and people in areas like Chinatown...

  15. I totally agree that PP has been one of the rising politicians because of his captialzing on polarized politics.

  16. Definitely more of a pollen thing than sulphur. Not sure what is creating pollen right now, but probably a deranged tree or confused shrubbery.

  17. I got some of my plants thinking is spring right now and are sprouting new leaves...

  18. I read whole sentence at once and the dyslexia in me swapped the words Stregnth and Taint.

  19. Ferris Bueller demonstrated to the world that this method doesn't work.

  20. Well based on history this is also the natural evolution of every society I've learned about. You don't need capitalism to accumulate wealth and power.

  21. And every time its the people had enough and reset the accumulation.

  22. I wonder when something like this happens... What does one do? Lock the doors and start praying?

  23. Dont forget curling up in a ball on the mat trying to not piss myself.

  24. Pretty obvious that no Canadian government will do that right now.

  25. I've been reading articles and searching but I still have no idea.

  26. Organizers need gofindme money to survive, its their buissness.

  27. I wonder where all thoes bike frames came from. Weird.

  28. Slowly? Dude came out of the gate on his relaunching mocking the StarCraft community. What an ass.

  29. He wantes to make the same content as his gf at thr time. Baisically shallow rabdom crap that gets alot of attention and money. He also wanted to distance himself from the sc2 community because its potentially lots of bad rep going his way.

  30. I’m on board. But my issue is we lure professionals here and they end up doing menial jobs because their degrees aren’t recognized . Thus making them feel like they’ve been tricked and depriving the state of their potential tax contribution if they’re practicing their trade and earning more.

  31. Im pretty sure that breaks some kind of law of freedom of movement or something, since they will be immagrated and citizens.

  32. I don’t mean imprison them in rural areas. I mean, tfw hiring for retail, café,resto or any minimum wage will only be allowed in rural areas

  33. Humm, haven't thought about that. Is TFWs part of the numbers shown?

  34. Definitely number 2. I know in the US companies can get tax write offs for hiring disabled employees. Very few companies are motivated by kindness and being inclusive. There’s usually a benefit for them.

  35. Public traded companies literally are required to do this.

  36. More like virtue signaling for brand recognition.

  37. I'm pretty sure working at twitter is not a hobby a housewife would be doing...

  38. Squeeze packet in air while whiping fries over packet on way into mouth.

  39. Neptune and Uranus are in a lesbian relationship. But in different countries, including the US (for the original series) the translation was changed to make them cousins...but the translation can't really hide that they're clearly romantic with each other.

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