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  • By - irrg

  1. No worries, Josh did as well.

  2. I'm sure he forgot other years as well!

  3. A devoutly Catholic girl considering becoming a nun!

  4. Jill might be protecting the kids' privacy. She showed the new clothes she bought at the Rhea Lana sale, but kept the boys' faces out of the photos.

  5. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best.

  6. I know young girls names Mabel, Elaine, and Wilma.

  7. Elaine isn't bad because she could go by Lainey/Laney. Wilma makes me think of the Flintstones.

  8. I kind of agree here in that it's a bit more luck than skill with this recruiting class. I think Georgia is still a huge draw if you want an SEC school and she's riding that wave, not necessarily creating the wave. But I really like the addition of Molly Korth here. Glad Heenan is gone, that always seemed to be such a weird fit. She's always been a Karen, even when she was 16.

  9. How did Heenan act like a Karen?

  10. Congratulations on your new home! The mantel looks terrific!

  11. Can’t believe they actually said “18 and ancient”. Interesting that in the intro they showed 6 of the Mag 7 (only missing Amy). A year out they had a pretty good idea of what that team would look like

  12. And in the 2020 Olympics, the youngest gymnasts were 18! Everyone else was 20 or over. And look at Chusovitina! She's 47 and still competing.

  13. Okay but also like Terry’s Bhardwaj comment was so appalling I thought Al Trautwig was back in the room

  14. I've noticed that she hasn't been wearing her rings lately.

  15. My family and friends would say it's how much I talk about gymnastics lmao. Plus if they're ever watching with me, my commentary is naming skills and pointing out pirouette angle deductions. I'm probably worst on pommel horse as I try to point out every. Single. Skill. Mostly for my own benefit but unfortunately others have to listen to me.

  16. I'm the same when watching gymnastics with my family. I can tell them some of the skill names, why a gymnast received a deduction, etc. My mom used to watch with me and she loved Dominique Dawes.

  17. I don't care about MAG at all. I think the skills and strength needed for them are really impressive and I respect the work the gymnasts put in, I just don't care about it or care to watch it, it bores me.

  18. I'll watch some MAG events, like vault, floor, high bar. The rest is just boring to me. I do admire the gymnasts and how hard they work.

  19. She seems to be at home (?). Do people get discharged from the hospital 24h after having a gallbradder surgery in the US?

  20. My mom did when she had hers out.

  21. Didn't she marry Cleveland? I think that makes it way more plausible. She got her position with Polaris because of nepotism, not qualification, but her experience and connections she got there got her the position with Helios.

  22. Tracy was married to Sam Cleveland.

  23. There wasn't any other gymnast who could do this? Ask Shannon Miller, she's done commentary plenty of times and does a great job.

  24. Awesome! Each time you go to Target, reward yourself with a small treat. My local Target has a Starbucks and I went with my daughter last week, which involved driving over a bridge that I had avoided driving over alone for 6 years, and treated us both to a lemonade. Very proud of you!

  25. Two of my favorite characters. 😔😔 I missed Molly because she was barely on this season, and I've become a big fan of Shantel, so this ending hurts.

  26. Saving Wubbo in the solar storm led to her being able to save dozens of more people at JSC.

  27. And it cost her her sight. She definitely wasn't selfish.

  28. Holding out hope she may have actually survived. She may have just gone unconscious and Dani never did pronounce her dead, only that she was there.

  29. I follow Shantel (and some other FAM cast members) on IG. Shantel posted a photo of herself in tears after the episode 10 table read. I think it's obvious that Karen dies.

  30. My husband was getting a new phone a few years back, and I went with him, and brought our baby daughter along. Picture this scenario: a baby dressed in pink, a pink hair band, and a pink car seat. (Yes, I went pink crazy.) A couple in the store asks if my baby is a boy or a girl. Um...

  31. Garcia would find him with her computer lab in 5 minutes, after Morgan calls her "baby girl." Then Reid blurts out some random statistic, Rossi makes a clever comeback, and Hotch announces "wheels up in 30."

  32. What infuriates me is that Jim Bob and Michelle never sought actual counseling for Pest or the girls. Look where it's landed Pest now.

  33. I don’t think counseling would have done any good. He’s pure evil, you can tell by his smug smile in his mug shot, and there is no fixing that kind of evilness.

  34. The girls should've gotten some counseling at least. I'm glad that Jill is going to therapy.

  35. It's good to know that the Biden remark was myth, kind of in the vein of "let them eat cake."

  36. Gilmore Girls has women owning a business (Patty, Lorelai, Sookie), dancing (might stir up some unrighteous desires), Luke (might make any female Duggar stir up some unrighteous desires), LGBTQ people (Michel in the revival), and women seeking higher education (Rory, Paris, Lorelai.) Oh, and Lane's evil rock music. No way are the Dugs watching Gilmore Girls. Don't want them to sully my favorite show by watching it!

  37. Karen knew, without a doubt. Not only could she connect the dots during that conversation at the bar with Ellen and Pam where she mentioned her girlfriend in s2, but also, in s1, when Ellen and Deke almost missed landing on the moon, Pam got into the back of NASA's control room to watch it live, and there was a close-up of Karen looking at Pam, noticing she was at the verge of tears out of worry and later relief during those stressful moments, if I recall correctly.

  38. You're right, it was Karen who brought Pam.

  39. Exactly. I tried on about 15 or so dresses first!

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