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  1. A lot of people believe the common stereotypes about bi people (e.g. secretly gay, poly, unfaithful, not masculine enough). Unfortunately, many women perpetuate these stereotypes and reinforce them which result in bi men closeting themselves.

  2. Yes agreed 💯 I'm married to a bi man. I'm also a bi woman. I prefer bi men.

  3. Hmm but why full guilty @ being who you are? Maybe the toxic world we live in perhaps? My bi husband gets dirty like from just wearing nail polish and I'm in a pretty liberal city.

  4. I found other bi sexual women are a bit more understanding. From my personal experience.

  5. Being bisexual doesn’t give anyone a free pass to go fuck another body and cheat on your spouse. Just gives you more options to fuck up with.

  6. That's what we're did and it's is working so far 😆

  7. Lol I just do what works for us. We are a team. I follow his rules to.

  8. I recently have found myself to be hetero romantic but sexually attracted to woman. I still label myself bi as I'm not completely straight and might have just not been on the market to romantically connect with women

  9. I think it really depends on the ABA. My son is 3 and I was diligent in finding a place where we didn't "fix" stemming. Mostly managing emotion in a healthy way and speech. I find allot of parents just leave their kid with the therapist and allot of places are just a cash grab. I'm lucky where my mother is fully hands on. We watch everything. And join in. We don't leave him alone ever. And if he ever is able to to tell me no I don't want to do this. I will honor his wishes.

  10. Forget about your wife. You need to focus on you. My mental health deteriorated rapidly with no support. I'm still struggling myself but I know how painful it can be.

  11. Ugh, I feel this too the core. The pandemic only made it worse as my child is extremely high risk. So I have been locked up and not meeting people for 3 years and getting close to anyone has been out of the question.

  12. There hardest part is starting. keeping up with it is hard but if you take the time to enjoy it that's all that matters

  13. Best of luck to you and your journey! And post and update if you can.

  14. if you are interested I’ll def try to post an update :) thanks for reminding me

  15. Yes the problem is allot of people use drugs to forget/numb from what ever makes them sad and anxious. For me shrooms was a tool to give clarity and I knew going on it will not solve all my problems. It's hard to explain. But I do recommend trying it. It is not something you can do all the time though.

  16. Just took my first trip on shrooms. About 5g of white penis envy out of pure curiosity. I was supprised how clear headed I was and I didn't have the urge to call text anyone except tell my brother he would love it. I did vomit once though but other that, nothing crazy.

  17. I tried a high dose recently. Loved the charity but was emotionally exhausted. Personally I won't do more than once a month

  18. If you go in alone. start small safe space. No clutter and a clear mind. If it gets too much just ride it out. I had one just in case but I could have done without one to.

  19. You have to figure that out for yourself. Micro didn't work for me initially. I took some heavy macros that I equate to healing the trauma. I use micro now. I feel like trauma can kind of hold you back. Everyone's different though. Listen to your gut. It's what has worked for me but doesn't mean it's the best route for you. There's hope for sure and just be patient dialing in your dose.❤️

  20. Yeah it can more than I realize. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  21. Welcome to the community. It's very individual in the best dose and schedule, so some trial and error may be needed. Be sure to read the AutoMod info. It has a huge amount of info. Best magic to you.

  22. I'm told you have to be in a good mind set before use. I was afraid of that and took a low dose, meditated and felt great.

  23. That has certainly worked out well! I wish I’d done it sooner, I don’t know what I was so worried about

  24. There is still allot of stigma. But happy it worked for you as well.

  25. Absolutely, that's just mean, you can tell the child in the video was hurt by this, especially after seeing how excited she was.

  26. Bi hug* get the therapy it can be helpful ya might have to shop around but don't get discouraged.

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