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  1. I DM'd you a file with 11823 valid recovery phrases in it. If yours is among them, consider your puzzle solved and move your coins. If it isn't, something's wrong with the way you set it up or explained it.

  2. 12k is far far off from 24! my friend. It is nowhere near enough. It's just a matter of writing the program now, which it shouldn't be.

  3. This is not safe. Please don't E-Mail yourself the scrambled seed phrase.

  4. Don't develop your own home rolled solution. You will screw something up.

  5. That's why I'm asking where my potential pitfalls are. In the end this just turns out to be a

  6. He said it was speculation though, so what’s the problem?

  7. Obviously it is going to be about food and fashion.

  8. Kovarex mentioned it was too long in it's current state but honestly I'd like to have a slower grind. Even on my expensive recipes expensive research run I can't expand the factory fast enough comfortably to not run out of research to do (pre yellow, purple)

  9. If they can make it short, gameplay-quality-wise, they can drag out those variables for other difficulties

  10. I have the HMG stuff sack, but I exclusively use it for travel. Going to the beach, leaving most stuff at home? Need a quick bag? Bam, a sandproof, relatively-waterproof container for towels and misc items. 30L is totally decent for one day outings, with my primary bag at the hotel or car.

  11. All that being said, I use my 3400 HMG for longer daily hikes with friends. No reason not to? It's extremely light, side and front pockets, etc. I practice carrying most of my camp gear in it anyways.

  12. I get cold very easily. It's for camping mid winter in southern colorado at high elevation. I've worn down jackets with about 10 oz of down in them before and it makes the trips much more enjoyable. That with some western mountaineering down booties and some down pants, it's the most weight efficient way to stay warm in camp.

  13. If you get cold easily, wouldn't it be better to work on metabolism rather than down fill quant? If you're producing less warmth, it won't "fill out" the "battery" of any fill you're using

  14. What glorious sound is this? Music is bumping and thumping in a big way!

  15. Uh, wasn't this the inception of the current Ethereum to begin with? Hence why Eth & Eth Classic forked?

  16. Their site looks waaaay better. Order types? Prog swap explanation? Strategy planner? Awesome!

  17. Something with farming, Farmtorio~ Automation of food and grown resources. Has a lot of potential for good loops, deep patterns, etc. Normal dirt farming, aquaponics, aeroponics, permaculture, "solarpunk" forms of energy. I think it'd fit with the "expansion" mindset, but then again I may just have to learn how to make a factorio mod and make it myself :P

  18. Wow! This is... seemingly more detailed than Dane Wiggingtons research

  19. Funny that livestock emissions are one of the many, many industries that create way more emissions than mining. But mining is evil and free meat is good!

  20. CO2 has been shown to regreen deserts. The sun and volcanic eruptions have many fold more of an effect on the glasses in the atmosphere

  21. whoops! posted the wrong link, and got tezos & harmony one mixed up there. sorry 'bout that

  22. You'd need unlimited storage space to support unlimited transaction amounts

  23. Mina blockchain workin' on it. Charles has commented on it before

  24. get that oil yoooo! belt red ammo if you have to, it's the part that usually requires getting a basic train setup.

  25. Ah Destiny. I saw parts of that stream for the drama. He hardly ever talked about the game and more about the drama that unfolded with certain Twitch personas. That said, he is an experienced player who built a really nice base, in a rather complex mod... so if you found what you see intriguing, you'd probably like the game.

  26. Isn't it better to wait out a few weeks to see how things change instead of making an adjustment immediately? The merge was a once in a lifetime event. So we'd probably never see a hashrate migration like that ever again, unless the price of ERG skyrockets for some reason. I don't think mining will be profitable again until the next bull run.

  27. Nothing test-wise currently exists that consumers can buy. Best we can do right now is "reliable suppliers" which have recently cut supply due to unknown reasons. Be skeptical!

  28. Eh, I'm happy SE is getting more views? Don't think he's K2+SE, sad :P

  29. Very good book btw. Puts info forth without siding one way or another. Points out anomalies, highlights facts & oddities... great primer imo.

  30. K uh, sources? Looks like some new ager post you found on Instagram stories.

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