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I'm in this with you.

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  1. Why not if there is money to be made? I've done it atleast 20x on AMC.

  2. You guys are ridiculous... I bought and sold this stock twice already for good profits. Just because somebody posts, doesn't mean they are bagholding. I didn't even solicit people to buy RDBX. I was literally just opening it up for discussion.

  3. I bought 500 more today because I think it has another run in it

  4. I bought 500 more shares today at that steal of a price.

  5. You might be looking at EVFM100 calls as your data is wrong. There is 41,274 2.5c for this Friday alone

  6. Tons of call options at $2.5 for this Friday’s expiration….we should get a strong push soon.

  7. As much as I hate to acknowledge it, the outstanding calls has dropped by a ton since last Friday. Bunch of paperhand traders getting scared.

  8. Everyone says to average down, but only if you actually think the down you are buying is the actual down it will reach. Averaging down does jack shit if the stock continues to tumble. What they did today should be illegal. Straight pump to get a better price then retail got dumped on. The joke of it is, if you would have owned it at open and through close, the stock was almost the exact price.

  9. Odd. I saw the short interest rate on WEBULL dropped from 200% to 115%. No way they covered that much today.

  10. I'm not personally in it, but you need some run to bring in the volume. Without it will be a slow covering death.

  11. I am holding both AGRX and EVFM. Also have a bunch of EVFM calls. Sure volume was down today, but it was everywhere.

  12. I would think they would cover their short positions of the warrants first, that way if RDBX runs, they atleast have shares they can buy with the warrants.

  13. I have 450 $1c for next Friday and like 5000 in shares. Let's run this up!

  14. Didn’t you just post about how you’re putting your money in AGRX instead of EVFM?

  15. I did a few days ago and sold when AGRX hit 80 cents. Rolled that into calls. I already had the EVFM shares. I also still have some AGRX shares. I follow the volume. I don't diamond hand shit. I make money.

  16. I'm not in BOXD because there are other plays I feel are better for myself, but good luck to you! Hope it rockets!

  17. I bought a small piece early last week. Like 4000 shares. If it can breach $1, we will get some FOMO action

  18. I knew with half the volume of yesterday and the constant barcoding that they were covering some shorts. Doesn't matter. They will short more next week to try and being the massive amount of calls worthless.

  19. It's gotta pop with the options chain for next week. Just how high is the question. My guess is $5-$8. But realistically maybe $3

  20. This is small cap. Retail may own most of those bullish options. Careful now.

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