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  1. Are you mad that the customer was following the instructions that’s on the sign or am I missing something?

  2. If it was the other way around Eugene, Keith and Zach would be getting shit for not holding Ned accountable but because they did hold him accountable for his actions since this shit in any workplace is unacceptable the boys handled it the way they needed it to be handled.

  3. My mom played played Peter Pan in school (forgot which year) and a young boy played Wendy.

  4. On topic with Bounties. I was doing the second Brother Dorkins mission where Arthur has to go and track down a street kid from stealing a crucifix, as he’s returning he notices Mrs. Downes who proceeds to give Arthur a bounty with Disturbing the Peace.

  5. Most NPC’s will comment on your horse while riding the Red Chestnut Horse.

  6. Is it any different riding the white Arabian, MFT or Turkoman?

  7. I’ve personally haven’t ridden those breeds in game yet. I always stick with the Black Shire.

  8. I’m pretty sure any orchestra seat in that theater has a great view. When I won the MJ lotto I was put in an aisle seat in Orchestra L—I think it was 4 rows from the stage. Technically partial view because of the curtains but I really didn’t miss anything.

  9. If you come after the show, absolutely! They won't let you just waltz in, they'll probably ask what you're doing.Say you think you dropped your phone and wallet inside the theatre, then either go a couple rows in and pick a Playbill off the ground (it's gross how many people just toss theirs right there and then), or, if all the ushers have left already, there's a big pile of them at the back.

  10. Don’t grab from the big pile. The ushers need those stacks for shows for the day, I saw a post somewhere of a Broadway show completely ran out of playbills because people would waltz in and take from the stack by the doors of the house.

  11. Oh I didn't know that was a serious problem. If that's really the case definitely don't do that.

  12. Yeah I’ve seen posts here or there of people reporting such things, if it’s on the ground then fair game.

  13. A version of A Christmas Carol I saw at Port Jefferson’s Theatre Three was spooky in a aspect that the only element you would consider spooky was the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

  14. When I was in middle school and would have to go to the nurse while ill, I would see students come in complaining about a headache and the first thing the nurse will ask is ‘did you drink enough water’ and the student will nine times out of ten say no.

  15. Hadestown with the giant lamps almost grazing Orpheus’ head and during ‘Doubt Comes In’ even though everyone knows what Orpheus stupidly does it’s stressful watching this dude try to keep his eyes forward.

  16. He did put a picture of him with the whole gang on the wall in his store, that could give problems if Rhodes had a observant sheriff.

  17. I think you mean discontinuing? Not discounting.

  18. I meant ‘discontinuing’ not ‘discounting’. Goddamn autocorrect.

  19. Is there a way to check the play time if you have it directly thru Rockstar Games?

  20. Yesterday video was filmed the week Tanner was getting married. They still have Tanner Dope or Nope videos up until his last Dope or Nope.

  21. Wait For Me (Reprise) going straight into Doubt Comes In. Not one audience member clapped and the silence felt chilling.

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