1. Remind yourself everyday how strong you are and you can do this, if you relapse don't kick yourself for it, just try again the next day, keep trying take it one day at a time, remind yourself everyday of the benefits of stopping, and the negatives of not stopping, you will get there

  2. I'm like that to, I used to drink alcohol when I was going threw my extreme lows, and it would make it 100 x worse and sleep all day, now I pick myself up, make sure I get out of bed, put on a audio book or music, clean with music, get away from the people or things that are making me feel that way, I sage the house daily as well to get the negative energy out of my house and away from me

  3. Make her a love spell so she falls for someone else and forgets about you 😁

  4. Protect yourself rather than hex another. Also don't be afraid of modern solutions. A dashcam would be nice. So might a set of security cameras around your home (or at least a ring doorbell)

  5. I have secruity cameras, I just havnt set them up yet, I might sort that out tomorrow

  6. Yes it can, but when you realize nothing can hurt you, and keep your energy high, and get rid of fear, you will have really good experiences

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  8. Oh that's great! You must get even better deals then.

  9. Nice one. I’m working on AP from lucid dreams myself. Haven’t got there yet but hearing stories like this helps.

  10. When you are lucid dreaming just say you want to astral travel and you will switch dimension 🙂

  11. Thanks. I used to be on top of lucid dreaming when I was a teenager but am only just getting back into it.

  12. I want to see many of my past lifes I've already seen myself as a monk in a previous life, biggest reason I astral travel though, is spirtual growth and personal growth, I really don't belong in this world I feel free when I'm astral travelling, it's so much fun flying makes me feel so free, I feel so stuck in my body, the akashic records is a huge reason I astral travel aswell, meeting my spirit guides was huge for me, I didn't know I even had spirit guides, until they showed themselfs to me, now I talk to them all the time, they have been protecting me my entire life, just knowing I can contact them, and they will always be there for me for guidance makes me feel content, all my life I've never fitted in with people or had many people to talk to, so having that guidance is huge for me

  13. The qualifier “physically” is what worries me. What about psychologically/spiritually hurting me?

  14. Because I’m asking questions and wanting to learn how to be safe while doing it?

  15. If you're not in a good state of mind, I wouldn't astral travel, I don't astral travel when I'm feeling fearful or my energy is down, work on your fears and raising your vibrations, and work on your energy, be in a good state of mind when you attempt to astral travel

  16. There is so much you can do, you can pretty much go anywhere in the world, I flew up to outer space once, try going to a beach or somewhere really nice well you are getting the hang of it

  17. This is what I do to get to a destination, I say I want to go to a certain place, I say the place I want to go to over and over, and if I don't end up at that place, I keep saying where I want to go until I end up there, for me when I'm teleporting, there is a period of time where it's just black, and during that time I'm saying where I want to go

  18. Sage your house, and if you see it again, say " you don't belong here" yell at it until it leaves, I had the same thing happen with a demond, for so long it was attacking me, I got rid of it by yelling at it to fu#k off and telling it it dosnt belong here

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