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  1. Agreed! If I work full time scratching my a** I deserve a living wage!! #Bernie2016

  2. I loved this hobby but I'm basically done now. It's not fun anymore with the losers who forget what we're talking about here. I don't want to be associated anymore with the tools.

  3. My wife and I had a similar moment last week but when she asked me what I was thinking, I had been thinking about Google reviews I'd read about a trailer park. We live in a house and never lived in a trailer park. Super random

  4. This happened after I rinsed the pan, set it on the burner to dry and then I started to oil the pan and this happened.

  5. "Is a current gen console that still has games being released each week still worth it?"

  6. $13/hr is a liveable wage for hard working high school kids who are trying to enter the workforce. You're right though, it's not a liveable wage for idiots who need to freaking grow up and improve themselves to be qualified for better paying jobs. It seems like you're starting to get it!

  7. Can confirm. After receiving my PlayStationPornable I was radicalized, became a Klansmen, made pipe bombs for fun, and went into gay porn.

  8. If it made you into a klansmen Fox wouldn’t be complaining

  9. I bought myself a Switch Lite last month for travel, and I absolutely LOVE it. However, if I could do it again I'd just get a regular Switch. There's nothing wrong at all with the Lite, but I think any benefit you get is negligible if it's adult owned. It's not like the regular switch isn't also extremely portable.

  10. Agreed. I bought my switch last month after not owning a Nintendo console since the N64. I waited way too long.

  11. I'm being inclusive of the LGBTQ community. I put other because I didn't feel like creating 5 plus other categories.

  12. That's interesting. My cousin left their baby to sleep in their stroller and the way it slept cut off it's airway and it died.

  13. I hate FedEx but were you hoping they'd bring it into the kitchen and cook for you?

  14. you're saying all the free DLC, Batman, Monster Truck and Looney Tunes expansions plus other countless DLC was a lost cause during the first year? Jesus this sub really is full of fucking idiots

  15. I have the same opinion as you as far as the recent complaining posts on here. I miss the days where games were complete at release and additional content as a follow up full game in the series. I hate the expectation that the game should be built up with DLC after the fact.

  16. It's just higher quality where the surfaces are made very smooth the quality of the iron is probably better and it's just more refined than a standard lodge. The make ones much more expensive than that

  17. 2 wins was all you wanted from him to think everyone was wrong about his entire career in the NFL? Some of us understand that 2 wins doesn't make a season, so I for one won't apologize to the clown until this team proves it's a winner. And even then, how much of that credit goes to Doug? Baalke was here last year as well, remember. The change was Doug.

  18. At what point would you be willing to accept Shad and Baalke?

  19. More than a 2-1 record. How about making the playoffs two out of three years.

  20. Lol yep. As if folks haven’t learned their lesson from last year. All doom and gloom. Tough loss, for sure. But it’s week frakking 3. Relax. There’s plenty of football left.

  21. Depends on who is using it. If it's UPS, it means "we're thinking it might be this day but it could be a day early or late depending on many circumstances."

  22. Yawn. Why don't you order UPS then? Make sure to use them for anything heavy or large. Especially those couches in a box you lazy twats always order.

  23. You don't order from the shipping company, dumbass. It's never been more clear that you work for FedEx. You order from a company who then has control over who they ship through. The thing about FedEx is, they literally just have to get a package from Point A to Point B and they find ways to F it up. After speaking to you, it's no wonder why.

  24. Wow, thank you! That pan bottom doesn't look like it'd work on anything but gas?

  25. Why do we do this to ourselves? One decent win over a bad team with tons of injuries and these comments start. I understand fans aren't supposed to be realistic but come on.

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