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  1. Every comment is the same simp comment of "lady, what lady? I just saw the one in the red dress 🥴🥴"

  2. need to adjust my eyes, i literally was like… but thats just a normal desert lol awesome either way

  3. for Rise they have a better than shop mod that just lets you search for material and add the quantity using a pop up window. iceborn is a bit weird where you add a list and depending on the list the shop would have a certain amount of material at original cost, modded with 1z helps alot lol.

  4. God Eaters for Nintendo switch is ok but definitely get it on sale when its like 10 bucks and not the full 60

  5. ugh! you lucky bastard lmao i only had enough for one and was like do i really wanna spend 10 dollars more… part of me regrets just buying the hunting horn lmao

  6. i always feel like im filthy when i dont sweep for a couple days or wash dishes but damn…. glad to know im average

  7. I liked this dudes videos but hes one of those content creators that has 2 million videos and they're all the same

  8. At least hes not the mindless trends that literally 75% of tiktok is. Slap a face on there and boom content. no need for using your own voice or your own ideas. pfffff just copy nd paste :)

  9. i just…i just feel like your an even bigger idiot for feeling sorry or acting surprised when people on that cliff suddenly drop.

  10. That “ahh” and head bob was so latino 😂

  11. gives me “te dije cabron ya ves!” vibes… but thats just me reliving my childhood lmaooo

  12. Only reason for me to make separate saves is to have a male and female character

  13. Even after they gave us character vouchers it felt like cheating especially when i started on freedom unite lol

  14. weird and random fact you should now about birds. stroking their back or “petting” their back and under their wings turns em on.

  15. For gameplay suffering? Susanoo ... solo (that one story mission in burst where it's just you and Ren against that ...)

  16. nahhhh the last variant of dyaus even woth a team had me on the floor ready to stab a man

  17. but waste your precious 5 minutes instead of saying you know why like a lil reddit bitch. i used about 1 minute typing this. and i feel great :)

  18. I would accept it if they were the paid dlc weapons and we got like 2 freebies that we could craft 2 out of the 14 weapons and then if we wanted to hunt more buy another set for like 5 bucks

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