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  1. It might be weeks, months, years before it effects you. Also, it may never effect you.

  2. Isnt the tire toast after using fix a flat? Wouldn't plug kit be better because you could still use it after?

  3. I suppose the situation would dictate using a plus kit over fix a flat. If I have time and the safety area to use a plug kit I’ll chose that over fix a flat. But if I’m on the highway I want to use the most expeditious method to remedy the problem and move on to safety.

  4. Yes they can go up or down one size. Source: have had this done.

  5. Idk I think being a fighter jet pilot would be pretty sweet but since I can’t do that I’ll continue working my 10 days a month

  6. I’ve been saying this for years. Fighter pilots are definitely cooler than firefighters. But those are the only guys we are second to

  7. Tank crew seemed like a cool job till those Ukraine videos started coming back

  8. I want to speak to the head of your training division. They have some serious explaining to do.

  9. I have my PRL on me for hooking into gunners mounts instead of using those fucked up harnesses that we have.

  10. Right? Mine woulda lost their shit. Hell, they wouldn’t even let us use the comfy harnesses with the Velcro

  11. Oh dang, maybe I had it good. We had the Velcro, waist wrap, seat belt buckle do-higgy

  12. Make sure you read the rules before posting, they can be a little extensive

  13. We’re forced to pool our own money together to get mattresses. City denied our request to replace the old ones.

  14. Yes however, the “standards” just aren’t that high, I come from a military background and honestly the physical test is a joke. The written test is also a joke. But when I am applying sometimes I am not getting anything back. I don’t have an academy completed but I blow the physical test out of the water. I mean a mile and a half? really?

  15. Maybe you should stop taking the application process as a joke. Take a nice big slice of humble pie and maybe they’ll give you a call back. As a priory military guy myself, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. If the standards and testing is such a joke to you, go find a more challenging career

  16. For a major ground campaign to happen you first need a friendly nation bordering the country you want to invade where you can mass your army and prepare. England for the invasion of Europe, Kuwait x2 for the invasion of Iraq, Belarus for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, you get the idea.

  17. Your mag is facing the wrong way. Unless you got one of them backwards facing palms

  18. The Republicans are definitely right on gun rights but I have too many LGBT friends to vote for the Republicans in good faith

  19. well my first call was on our 56 Mack B series

  20. Hell that could be any rural department. One of our back up engines is a canopy cab, 1984.

  21. Don't forget to pull the key off the PASS device to activate it before going in.

  22. Been looking into doing this myself What rails/shroud would you recommend?

  23. The rails are from an old, cheap chines helmet but any rails would do. There’s a video on YouTube on how I did it if you’re interested.

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