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  1. Yeah, but that doesn't hold up at all. What, to work in waste extraction or as a lab tech or to catalog gaseous anomalies you have to attend the one established school for officers for the entire Federation Starfleet? It makes zero sense, if for no other reason than logistics. Besides, there are still people who are willing to work but neither want the responsibilities of a commission nor to spend the time to get it. They would like to see the galaxy and serve for a few years, then maybe move along. It makes much more sense to have a corps of highly-trained technicians that can be trained and sent to work, and have them managed by the graduates of the one apparent primary commissioning source.

  2. Whether or not it makes sense, that was his original vision. I assume he was basing it off of NASA, who had sent their first man into space 5 years earlier and their standard was to send commissioned military officers.

  3. Yeah, that's totally why, but there's a lot of Roddenberry's Vision that was ridiculous/insane/pointless and got left by the wayside. The man's been dead these past 31 years, he created the thing and eternal gratitude to him for that. But his overall image of the franchise post-TOS was on display in TMP and seasons one and two of TNG- turned up to 11 in the TMP novel that he authored. It shouldn't get in the way of sensible worldbuilding.

  4. Hogan being the first WWE Champion with that name is a wild fact that surprises me every time I read it.

  5. Same here. It's also often phrased that he was the last WWF Champion.

  6. Cantonment is way better than Pensacola. Way less ghetto, less crime, more open space for sale to live on vs in the city, plus the smell everyone mentions is very few and far between. Unless you get the perfect strong wind that day, you have to be almost next to the paper mill to smell it. Highly recommend Cantonment over Pensacola if you're considering this area. 🤘🏻

  7. I remember VIPER, a weird knockoff of Knight Rider with Dodge Vipers, and Relic Hunter with Tia Carrere.

  8. Relic Hunter, Tomb Raider's non-union Mexican equivalent.

  9. He didn't build an os. He bought one (on the cheap) from someone that didn't know IBM wanted an os.

  10. Anyone who doesn't know, this refers to Gary Kildall, developer of CP/M, and founder and owner of Digital Research Inc..

  11. B-b-but those two guys who are backed by conservative PACs and lenders, they'll somehow be harmed by helping millions of working Americans. WONT SOMEBODY THINK OF THE LENDERS???!?!?

  12. There's basically two reasons to resuse a name.

  13. The ENT relaunch novels stated that Archer didn't want a new Enterprise right away. The early Federation Starfleet was made up of ships contributed by member worlds; in at least one novel, the Andorian cruiser USS Vol'Rala was featured as a Starfleet vessel, whose name translates to Enterprise.

  14. I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that customers aren't entitled assholes like they can be in the here-and-now.

  15. Ricky Starks is an up and coming wrestler versus Miro and FTR who were much more established names in a major company

  16. Because maybe, just maybe...the narrative of "Khan pushes WWE guys over homegrown talent" isn't 100% applicable, and he chooses who to book based on at least some factors not immediately visible to outsiders.

  17. Problem isnt that miro isnt getting a big spot in AEW, he isnt getting an spot at all. In that regard isnt weird that he is complaining, or that he doesnt take the mentality of "keep grinding", specially when a lot of times TK uses tv timw to bring flavor of the month wrestlers or guys like Jarrett

  18. He's getting treated like any other AEW talent can expect. A large roster, limited TV time, these are going to limit exposure on their own. I don't think this is a bad thing- wrestling is very hard on your body, for a long time the idea of an off-season has been brought up every so often, and this is a de facto off season. Take the time. Keep sharp, stay in shape, and get paid with a much-reduced risk of injury and no travel. Its not the worst scenario.

  19. Oh no. He is totally going to die penniless at this rate.

  20. Like, what does he think he's proving by being such a piece of shit, besides simply confirmation of what we all believe? How is such behavior good for the company or brand? Fuck, what human garbage.

  21. IIRC they need to be sponsored by an officer, like Nog was sponsored by Sisko.

  22. Yikes, good you got of there! This all sounds like a lot of starchitect offices. People graduate and go and work 50-60 hours a week for a pittance just so they can say "I worked for XYZ!" All the while suffering under the weight of unchecked ego and an out-of-touch "artist" founder.

  23. Bummer, they're improving so much in the ring and physically, so much progress. Abadon puts my ass in a seat.

  24. Because it's not about reproduction. If it were, they'd recognize the in-universe fact that it's the men who are less fertile.

  25. That's the crazy part. I think they tested it on house shows. I just don't understand how you don't do this match at Wrestlemania. Could they not get along? Could business not be done? It seems Ric was a team player when it came to losing.

  26. The WWF crowds didn't get the significance, so they didn't react to Flair the way you'd think. Many straight didn't give a shit about any other companies, or even know they existed- which had been just how the WWF wanted it. To those fans, Flair was just some rando with a big belt. The matches didn't go over well and they got cold feet about it being the Mania match. Besides, Hogan was leaving, IDK if he was going to put Flair over.

  27. They even mistook luchadore Juan Cena for his more-famous cousin. Talk about oblivious!

  28. True. Mr America even passed the lie detector test to prove it.

  29. Ngl, I really liked Tim Storm. Not a 5 star guy by any means but he was a decent, old school type of wrestler, easy to like type of baby face.

  30. He really fit in very well as the old-school guy who gave everything he could to bring some prestige and respect back to the title in a time when the wrestling world didn't really care. They had the DVD set chronicling this and in the early Powerrr episodes it would be referenced rather often. This gave him credibility right away when the show started airing- he was the hardworking everyman who never became a major star elsewhere but gave the NWA and its World title his all, effort that kept the lights on until things started looking up.

  31. I like to think that Harriman was an Admiral’s son or nephew. Totally inadequate for the job, nepotism at its finest. Maybe he was just the Captain during construction.

  32. In the novel, he was. He was trying to get out of the shadow of his father and was starting to feel he had...until the events of Generations. Then he had something else entirely to be notorious for.

  33. Not until TNG, anyway. In TOS, Roddenberry said that everyone, even the cook, on the Enterprise was trained as an astronaut and I don't think NASA has any enlisted men either.

  34. NASA is infinitesimally small compared to Starfleet, and their missions are wholly different in scope. That's one of those Roddenberry ideas he threw around that just doesn't bear up to a more detailed view of the universe.

  35. How do you know she was a Christian, did you ask or just eves drop on her conversation??

  36. Camp Lejeune had cancer causing ground water... On the other hand Fort Polk gave at least one Iraq war vet worse PTSD than being mortared.

  37. I feel like actually causing bodily harm is beyond just being shitty- Lejeune is its own dimension of terrible. These were just meant to be places that actively make life more difficult.

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