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  1. She is shaped like a light bulb. So give her a light sentence.

  2. There are reasons for that; among them, that the number of children who don't want to be reunited could be fit in a thimble.

  3. What we want and what is good for us is often not the same thing.

  4. NTA. he made a genuine mistake due to poor eyesight which seemed unintentional, and was a genuine accident and now it sounds like you’re putting words in his mouth and unfairly punishing him for it.

  5. He is 17 with a girl who is 19 and got kicked out of her home for unknown reasons. I don't super expect perfect behavior from him in the situation and can't place blame there. Just me.

  6. I recently found out mother cats fake being surprised by the kittens to help them build confidence and that has increased the cute factor here by at least 47.2%

  7. It's probably because of the age gap, so while to you it seems innocent to your dad it comes off as creepy/perverted.

  8. It doesn't sound from her posts like she realizes she is a fetish atm

  9. He looks like he got in a fight with a pair of lawn clippers and lost.

  10. Rip an entire end off, then open it by pinching sides. Dip into little bag directly.

  11. Question: if you had a daughter who told you this what would you tell her?

  12. You’re right, I would want her to leave. I would say that no man who does that to a woman deserves to be forgiven, so why don’t I give myself that same answer? You’ve given me something to think about, thank you

  13. Good luck and remember you have the same worth your daughter would have in all situations

  14. He took on the debt for the rest of us. Just like Jesus really.

  15. I think its a wrap of sorts to help prevent happy tail

  16. I once learned of a cat whose mama human had gotten him microchipped but the new human boyfriend didn’t like the cat.

  17. You fail better than I succeed. I'm sorry you don't care for it, it's quite lovely and the lines are sharp.

  18. Honestly it bothers me bad for such a small reason. Spanish refers to people from Spain, not people from Latin America. They just use the same language in some places there obviously. Spanish people have European characteristics. Its nitpicky but it's something I've noticed consistently with racist types.

  19. "This world doesn't need a hero, it needs a pawfessional"

  20. I choose to disappear I did NOT give anyone permission to find me I HAVE NO DUTY that will be for me to decide if I have a duty or obligation to anyone or anything and I choose not to I'm NOT part of or controlled by society no one is entitled to know where I am I don't owe anything and I demand revenge for everything society or anyone has done I will blame police for doing their job they should have not found me so I can die like I wanted to I DON'T CARE ABOUT FAMILY I want them to be left without answers I don't love them I don't care if they care I don't so I'm not interested they need to accept that they deserve to be left without answers for bringing me into existence without my consent I don't want to be treated at all I don't allow age to dictate what I can and can't do I don't live by the law I never agreed to it I will disappear if I want to and everyone else respect that and stop being obsessed with me IM NOT PART OF SOCIETY what do you not understand about that you are not allowed to have information about me your not allowed to put me online i refuse to be online you cannot do it I don't allow it I WILL complain I will do what I like I don't need to inform you about anything I have no obligation to you and you are not entitled to have anything to do with me I never said I was an adult I refuse contact with society I hope society collapses and if it does I will support whatever is destroying society as revenge for trying to own me and claiming that I'm with you NO IM NOT IM NOT PART OF SOCIETY!!!!!

  21. How are people supposed to know this? How do they also know you aren't having a problem you need help with, since they are part of society and might not understand your feelings?

  22. I wonder if genders were reversed and OP saw the post if she'd get how this is definitionally abuse down to the silent treatment.

  23. I never understood shit like this. If I'm not doing my hair and make up or going somewhere where I need it done, I don't think about it. It's not like women have some limited list of shit they can be into.

  24. "Sarah I've seen your WPM and you can really be petting me more per hour."

  25. I'd just agree that was exactly the reason and ask what additional ones she had so you can add them to your list.

  26. Mom having that cone on with a kitten that young probably means she can't nurse atm and that wire mesh is to keep her from jumping in with baby and trying.

  27. Counter point, sometimes men who call themselves feminists do so to passively do the same shit incels do but frame it in different words.

  28. I know it looks concerning but I am in therapy and I'm really doing better although the occasional relapse is possible but normal! :)

  29. How tough are you: angry cat or angry goose. Those animals are crazy when pissed off.

  30. Man geese don't even need to be mad. They just consistently chose violence when they could make virtually any other decision.

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