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  1. You've done nothing wrong here.Honestly you were still very kind in that message to her.Yes its sad what she went through and i can relate as someone thats also had a miscarriage before but that doesn't give her the right to be so rude cause that's what she was.You have every right to celebrate/post your pregnancy however you feel,she has the option to block or unfriend you etc.You also have every right to keep the labour and birth private till you feel to share updates.

  2. I don't condone hitting anyone and you were wrong but your husband was being a real ASSHOLE,he literally ignored your boundary and kept pushing,then had the nerve to call you a psycho.You both need to apologise to each other cause you were both wrong

  3. Definitely not unreasonable,thats an 1800's mindset.My husband soon to be ex is exactly the same Bullshit excuses and thats why im divorcing his ass.You need to make him step up

  4. My boyfriend and I just broke up a week ago because of something similar to this. After a year of his bullshit I couldn’t take it anymore. Your boyfriend/husband sounds like a little brat. After a while it gets pretty fcking old. I hope he gets a wake up call that he needs because I know exactly how you feel…

  5. I've reached that breaking point and i can say I've had it with the bullshit.I don't even feel the need to talk to him,he is literally hovering like a damn rash acting all lovey dovey like shit can just be forgotten like before

  6. Yeah it’s so pathetic.. I did myself a favor and left my immature brat of a boyfriend who literally chose video games over me. Best choice I ever made and I wish other woman did the same or had the same opportunity to leave because some have nowhere to go.. it’s very sad.

  7. Thats so true,i also felt stuck as my work only paid 33% of my salary so husband or should i say future ex husband was handling things financially.My maternity leave is done but im now getting paid for vacation leave which i saved up during my pregnancy which is at least a full month's salary again and im back at work full time from next month.So financially im sorted again.I think he knew this and was using it to his advantage.I've never relied on him financially before so this was his power move

  8. I definitely prefer snaps on onesies also.I don't get the shame on co-sleeping,my baby REFUSES her moses cot,last night i got a good 7hour stretch(miracle lol).

  9. Me and my husband are both 35 with a 4month old baby,first for us both.I don't really have any regrets for waiting so long but it does make me sad that my parents wont be around long enough to see her grow and achieve in life,my dad is 80(he has alot of health issues)and my mom is 68.

  10. What do I do when I’ve voiced my concernd and they’re ignored. Or we’ll have a good week and then it’s like he did good so he hets 3 months of you know?

  11. 3 months of?he isn't doing you a favour by being a parent so why should he be rewarded for something he IS responsible for?Good grief my husband was the same,its like they want praise and a trophy for being a damn parent

  12. I feel this to my core,this was me too.It took so much talks and eventually a hard ultimatum,which i found really insulting cause we both created this baby and we both are responsible.I told him straight if im going to do all the parenting alone then i might as well be a single mom,that he wasn't"helping"but actually being a PARENT.That he doesn't get to brag about this baby when he is doing nothing for her,That he isn't doing ME a favour by caring for our baby.When family and friends used to ask how we coping i would simply say"its not we,its how I am coping,cause daddy dearest does NOTHING.Last straw was i was exhausted and asked him to do ONE night and he refused stating he was tired too from working and i shouldn't be so tired cause im on maternity leave and can sleep during the day,a few days after that i handed him divorce papers.He literally broke down and begged.Our baby is 4months old now and i can say he stepped up big time.He knows i won't stand for his shit anymore and i hold him accountable.When its his turn for nightshift with baby or taking over when he comes from work to give me a break,i don't ask anymore,i hand him to her and he needs to deal.We've worked out a schedule that works for us both,im still on maternity leave and due back at work in 6weeks so that schedule will be changed up again.

  13. Yes,my company its work back 6months and if I quit before then i have to pay them 16k

  14. All the time lol,she's also 4months,I dress her in neutral colours most times.

  15. For medical and financial reasons.We want to give our daughter our best and let her have the best in life that we never had.I personally didn't like having so much siblings(im the youngest of 4)and always felt my mom couldn't give us her best and was pulled in 4 different directions.I decided i don't want that for my daughter

  16. It’s because they want you to be as overwhelmed and miserable as they are.

  17. For real!they legit tell you to have more kids but in that same breath complain about their lives

  18. I think my oldest sister legit had this mindset and went through it 6 times lol🤣

  19. NTA,Your family sounds extremely toxic and overly involved here.Why are they even getting a say over this?

  20. Do what's best for you and baby,fed is best.My milk dried up within one week of giving birth and she's been on formula since then,she's 3months old and doing great.

  21. Gaming,i have found a way of doing it lol,by putting her into her carrier.

  22. All the damn time,my baby is 3months,even before i gave birth i was asked when im going for the boy.My response is now.

  23. I voted yes.I always thought I wanted two kids,but I've realised im definitely one and done.It just makes sense mentally,physically and financially.I choose to rather focus on all my love and energy on one child than struggling with multiples.Thankfully husband and i are on the same page.Our baby is 3months old and i just can't see myself going through pregnancy,birth and the newborn phase again.Plus im 35 and that would mean I'd have to fall pregnant again within a year,no thank you!I want to give my daughter the best and i won't be able to do that with another kid

  24. She's entitled to her opinion and you are entitled to NOT follow/listen it,her emotions and wants are NOT your problem.You do you.There is absolutely nothing wrong with formula,my baby is exclusively formula fed and thriving.

  25. According to my husband, my MIL never got along with her in laws, due to cultural and possibly racial reasons. She and FIL are from a culture where the DIL is supposed to enter into her husband’s family as a daughter, which sounds sweet until you realize that DIL isn’t allowed to have an identity of her own and has to take on the identity of her in laws and live with them and let them dictate her life and the raising of her children.

  26. Its really crazy,the fact that they went through Exactly the same crap,but yet have the audacity to do the same thing to us.It boggles my mind

  27. From the sour horse's mouth(MIL)used to actually tell me stories of how her MIL used to treat her,one would think she'd break that cycle but alas it continued onto me,the same shit her MIL did to her,she's been doing to me but 2X worse.

  28. My milk dried up a week after my baby was born.That first week was HELL,she just wasn't getting enough and was constantly on my breasts too and even when i tried pumping the most i got out was literally 20ml per hour from each breast,she lost weight so went onto formula immediately,now 3months later she is a healthy 4.8kg up from the 2.3kg she was.

  29. I was told it’s normal for babies to lose weight at first? They can lose up to a pound! And 20mL per hour also sounds normal? My baby is 2 months and sometimes after multiple hours I’ll pump and get only 60mL. Pumping is not as good as getting the milk as baby so it’s not an accurate measurement to how much baby is eating. (Not saying you did anything wrong, just sharing my experience)

  30. Absolutely yes,it was fine the first 3days,after that i was literally pumping nothing,like little drops.I just couldn't handle her crying,the pain and my mental health.

  31. My husband also washes our clothes together,except our baby's clothes,i see no issue with it.That was a really mean response from her and uncalled for.Pregnancy hormones is crazy but she was just blatantly rude.I suggest you ease up on all the favours you're doing her,let her wash her own laundry.

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