1. 15% off all in-stock products site wide, including suppressors. Services are excluded. Ends at 11:59 pm today MST.

  2. It's a bit more complicated than folks are making it out to be in this thread. That is correct they can't sent the part out--- that's federal law. Even though companies played fast and loose with the rules in the past doesn't make it legal.

  3. We don't have a list anymore for any service. Customers can send in at their leisure.

  4. There's not much we can't recore. Should he want to do so, we might be able to figure something out.

  5. We do mount conversions on both of those models all the time. Reach out directly if you'd like more info!

  6. you folks should send tfb a fivebyfive to review. that is a fantastic can

  7. If they show interest in doing so, we'd be happy to send one to them!

  8. Are you able to do one off projects for custom suppressors? I'm local to the Denver area, so relatively close to you as well.

  9. Depends on what the project is, but we'd be happy to discuss it with you. Send us an email at info (at) ECCOMachine (dot) net.

  10. Hopefully this link works. It'll be a PDF download with country codes. May need to copy into your browser.

  11. What do you know about the 5x5? That one interests me.

  12. Here are some newer videos on our Five By Five:

  13. Omega (Bravo) conversion with Moly Resin refinish is $190 + shipping for carbon & stainless steel tube suppressors ($195 for titanium tube suppressors). 

  14. I spoke to someone on Facebook on may 3rd and asked to be added. I’ve heard nothing since. I have the convo in my messages. Gave them all my info

  15. I handle the call back queue. You either spoke with me on FB or my husband, Nick. He does all the machining and answers questions more technical in nature and I handle all the other business ends of things.

  16. Hmmmmm. I should have been on the list for early April? Haven’t heard anything yet? Sparrow re-core.

  17. April and May are included in the next group of recores. Please reach out to me directly.

  18. Omega (Bravo) conversion with Moly Resin refinish is $190 + shipping for carbon & stainless steel tube suppressors ($195 for titanium tube suppressors).

  19. Love the work you guys did threading my yhm kurz to fit my wolfman. I haven't heard much about your suppressor line, what's the skinny on those?

  20. Now that we are mostly caught up on the back log for services and have purchased a third CNC machine, we will be increasing production on our own cans and bringing more models back in stock! We are ensuring to moderate our growth to a sustainable level to ensure we are around for the long haul. Don't want to have such rapid growth that we can't keep up and fizzle out, so to speak.

  21. I've used ECCO machine, they have a really long wait-list, I would email and ask them to put you on it. It's usually 6-8 months out but they do phenomenal work.

  22. We are actually down to a wait of only approximately 8 to 12 weeks now on recores 😊

  23. We don't have a wait anymore! I can get you in on our September batch.

  24. Honestly that shocks me. It’s such a weird can. I’ll definitely be reaching out about that!!

  25. I'm happy to share photos of others we have done as well if you'd like! Just reach out to me directly.

  26. I have a Pilot2 (aluminum baffles) from 2010ish that's never been cleaned. it's surely seized.

  27. We have a few options for those, depending on what direction you want to go.

  28. 🙋‍♀️ We do! We include a pack of Albanese gummy bears and an ECCO Machine sticker with every order, no matter the dollar value. Once your order or service total is $200 or more, we add another cool item to the goody bag. I personally pack them all myself!

  29. I do need one thing that I somehow lost. Nick built an alignment rod for me and I lost it when I moved!!! It was perfect and I'm wondering what that process would be to have another one built?

  30. Reach out to me directly so I can look into what we built for you and see what we can do to replicate.

  31. What's the best way? I still have your cell or I can email or PM you here? I know they'll prob be a decent wait but that's completely fine!

  32. Whatever is easiest for you! They all come to me anyway.

  33. The best part about cheap freeze plug suppressors is that if you ever get a little extra cheddar in your pocket and want to make your can even quieter you can send it off to someone like EccoMachine to get it recored. They can make a whole new baffle stack and your only out the 30 bucks or so it cost to build the freeze plug baffles plus whatever they charge for the recore service (I think it’s like $300).

  34. Thank you for the recommendation! Our recore costs vary based on what is being done, whether optimizing for subsonic or high velocity and dimensions of the particular suppressor 😊

  35. How long was the wait? I emailed them about getting on a wait but never heard back. Need a 22 recore..

  36. I'm so sorry! We had some email issues for a while, and we are learning a lot of our email responses from our company domain get flagged for spam.

  37. Huh. Well then, I might have to make my way over there sometime this week or next. Do you guys have a storefront or do you need a heads up before I come?

  38. We are a mom-and-pop operation and work from a large shop on the back half of our acreage. Please give us a heads up when you want to come in to ensure our availability. If you'd like, message me and I can provide our address and directions to our shop. We are in a semi-rural area and most navigation maps send customers around the block and up our neighbors driveway.

  39. That's about what I figured, I'll shoot you a message later in the week!

  40. Just wanted to give you a heads up, we just made some new videos tonight featuring Five By Five.

  41. We'd be happy to help! We just wrapped up a large batch of conversions and had quite a few Specwars, Gemtechs, Rugged, Griffin and AAC suppressors in this one.

  42. My pleasure. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

  43. We designed our ECCO Machine Salamander for exactly this purpose!

  44. That's actually perfect and entirely less uncertain than any other option! The only issue is now I can't talk myself out of a new gun!

  45. I see no downsides to a new gun 😉

  46. AaC cyclone jailbroken, courtesy if Ecco Machine. Top notch work well worth the wait.

  47. Thank you again for your business!

  48. Please reach out to me directly so I can get to the bottom of this.

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