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  1. I can’t remember the exact verbiage but it was Nightmare Ghaul to Caiatl in the sever where Caiatl tries to insult him by saying he’s nothing compared to the real Ghual and he immediately claps back with:

  2. I liked the Caiatl line during Containment where Calus asks "What would the might Ghaul think of you?" And she immediately follows up with "Nothing. He's dead." Kinda wish the nightmare of Ghaul didn't have a line right after so it felt hollow, but loved that line

  3. Lmao he talks about himself in the third person?? I never noticed that, that’s actually hilarious

  4. I think its just that one line, because the previous line is Failsafe saying something along the lines of "If you care about ghost, keep arc energy away from the terminal" as a bunch of arc powered shanks start floating toward you

  5. Yall downvoting but this is actually true. Just gotta hop into ptb target practice and learn the recoil

  6. Even learning the recoil there would be SOME movement of the reticle, you can definitely get close to this good, but this specific clip it doesn't move at all. I rarely agree that people are cheating but this definitely seems to be one case.

  7. Now that I look at it from your pov I notice that I overlooked it. The crosshair didn’t move whatsoever

  8. Yeah, I have about 2k hours in the game and know people with 4k+. You can 100% have some VERY good sprays with enough practice, but there should always be at least some movement. Wish more people looked at these clips critically, because a lot of good players get accused of cheating, and we become the community that cried wolf.

  9. Even if its used it still isnt viable or better than its alternative unless you're going for a one phase with star eater goldie or just a one phase in general. You CAN do it, but it isn't viable in general. I dunno why we're splitting hairs.

  10. You're saying Lament isn't viable? I've gotta disagree with you there dude, having titans on thundercrash to hit the boss, as well as HoIL storm nade builds puts out some nasty damage to warpriest, not to mention its relatively easy to get to the buff for transfers, and you can easily jump to any pillar post damage phase. I'd recommend giving it a chance before you write it off, because it 100% is a viable strategy for normal and master mode.

  11. It's not as simple as "be precise". Both on day 1 and master mode the timing is impressively buggy. The community consensus is that it's 5 seconds, but we recorded a 3 second run that failed. It's hilariously RNG.

  12. Where is community consensus that its 5 seconds? I've been looking at a bunch of sources and im seeing either 3 or 4 everywhere, and people saying ping can make it a bit iffy.

  13. What makes you think that? Shit way crazier than this happens all the time on Rust lol. I've been on the receiving end of situations like this when I'd been awake for nearly 30 hours and I was half zoned out and not paying attention. Maybe these guys were like that, or maybe they just had shit headsets, or were talking to someone.

  14. I'd be screwed if I ever had to lfg it though. We still use the stupid names we chose on day 1.

  15. We usually pick up one or two people from LFG for our runs, so we basically had everyone look it over and try to remember what they were, then there were a few runs that went like

  16. Staff dude.. cuphead, pink Floyd, stabby circle, upside down ice cream, Doritos.

  17. Yeah im pretty sure we had stabbed circle as well, we had triangles, psychedelic spiral/flower, dude that got shot, that green triangle, Jesus, red square, waterfall, and a few others im forgetting atm.

  18. Try re-reading my comments. This has nothing to do with the difficulty level of completing it, the sudden jump from trivial content to “50 champions” will look intimidating to casual players and turn them off from completing the quest step

  19. Yeah, Bungie definitely fucked the UI on this one by making it read like "Defeat 50 champioms" when you didn't have to defeat 50 at all. Even just running expeditions which gave no bonus progress, each champion counted for 3 points.

  20. You switched to Raiju’s Harness to pop your super you 109% deserved it

  21. If its possible within the constraints of the game and offers an advantage, people should be able to do it. If Bungie doesn't like people being able to do it, they have to restrict the ability to do. Just because you don't want to put in that level of effort doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to.

  22. I may be wrong but you have to swap away from your loadout doesn't that put your already in a disadvantage since that's not your preferred setup (if it was you would be using it)

  23. While you aren't wrong, some people are good with multiple playstyles, and if one is getting hard countered, they're likely to be at either an advantage or less of a disadvantage by switching to something that isn't hard countered.

  24. Mobility makes Titan and warlock jumps just worse, so I don't think anyone is sacrificing DR for AE or a handling boost on either of those classes

  25. Which is fair, but if Hunters are getting fucked out of either 40% DR or high recov, it would be nice to see some other benefits on Mobility.

  26. Because those numbers were never objective until just recently on any other stat in the game, they were only able to be accurately compared with other weapons within their own archetype.

  27. those changes happened to stats with visible bars in game. aim assist only recently got its stat shown. there’s no reason to believe aim assist was affected by those changes and operates any differently than zoom or recoil direction.

  28. I've just learned over time that until things are verified by the Community through extensive testing, its quite possible Bungie has fucked the stats or the way things are represented.

  29. inflict a penalty or sanction on someone. treat (someone) in an unfairly harsh way. 13-1 sounds pretty punishing for someone who just doesn't wanna do master ketchcrash

  30. Did you confirm it was actually only 1 progress from outside sources? Because expeditions gave 3 progress per champion and there was no mention of bonus progress from expeditions. I feel like it wasn't actually 50 champions and Bungie just fucked up how they represented the progress bar.

  31. i think 50 was to many but there was no reason for them to auto complete it

  32. Did anyone confirm that champions in free roam and nightfalls actually only gave 1 progress, because it didn't say anything about extra progress in expedition, but each expedition champion was worth 3/50.

  33. 50 champ kills should be one of the weekly challenges, not the weekly story quest that's meant to be done by even the most casual players

  34. Honestly its hardly even 50 champ kills. Each champ in master ketchcrash counts as 13, so thats like 4 champions, and even if you can't do that, each one in Expedition counts as 3 so thats like 17? No idea if they could for multiple in nightfalls, but if so that should be relatively quick as well.

  35. If you bind the individual melees to the same button instead of "auto melee", it reverses the priority and tosses the charged melee if it's up. I just use this as my default melee setup these days (it's a life changer for both snap builds and for titan hammer).

  36. Fair, I've been running an Athrys build for PvP, so I definitely don't wanna always lock myself into that long windup animation, but good to know regardless.

  37. Yeah, sometimes I have to change my bindings short term for a particular build. I would use a finisher/uncharged melee combo button to do uncharged for pvp, and I did for a while, but in pve the button priority is bugged for warlocks (only on warlock you can't execute a finisher unless you are just barely outside of melee range, on titan and hunter it prioritizes finishers) and unfortunately Bungie has never acknowledged or fixed that.

  38. I havent checked it out yet, but a buddy of mine said he left charged melee the same, changed uncharged melee to clicking the right stick, and bound finishers to clicking both sticks at the same time, becuase that action wasn't bound to anything.

  39. This affects every other pvp game. (Valorant apex, etc.)

  40. That may be true for other games, but I've never found Overwatch to be remotely as competitive as those other games. I had many situations where I took multiple months off from overwatch, and was still able to play comp at a diamond level when I came back, which definitely isn't insanely high, but its high enough where countering picks is definitely in play. That could cause issues if coming back to the game months later means multiple characters I dont have access to for an unknown amount of time.

  41. I think it has been confirmed but I'm not 100% sure. but grinding heroes after the season ends shouldn't be hard, just a few challenges

  42. I was looking around and couldn't find anything about it being confirmed, only that it showed up in leaks that have already proven to be only partially true.

  43. But the people in the lower skill bracket have no reason to play until sunday reset. All this does is the people that get stomped before sunday reset will now wait next week until sunday reset to play. So as a good player you will hardly face the bad players.

  44. Honestly quite often, looking at my DestinyTracker matches from Friday alone within the first 10 games I played, 5 of them had at least 1 player with below a 0.8 KD, with some players having KDs below 0.5, with one player in particular as low as a 0.35, and that player is currently still playing Trials right now.

  45. That is fair. But rather than bashing me because I say I am fine with resetting for the sake of helping people, do you have an idea to make it so helping is possible, while making the gamemode less gatekeepy?

  46. I dont think anything I said could be interpreted as "bashing you" but I apologize if it came off that way. I've seen a few ideas such as not allowing players to reset unless they lose, or forcing people to go to the tower when they want to reset their card without losing, so that it forces the stat farmers to either drop their win rates by throwing games, or force people doing paid carries to waste more time between cards.

  47. You're pretty far off on how the exotic works just FYI. The class ability regen and overshield are exclusively for doing a finisher while invis, which can be hard to do in lower level content with randoms, but it useful with a dedicated team. That part of the exotic can not be used in PvP at all.

  48. I didn't miss the near constant uptime of invis, or how it breaks Rat King, I actually intentionally left those out because I agreed with you, I was only correcting the things you got wrong. However, just to quickly add in since you did get something new wrong, Rat King hasn't benefitted from multiple people running it specifically in PvP for quite a long time, that part of the exotic only buffs PvE damage because it was too strong in PvP.

  49. I feel like it actually supports the utilization of Div for better melting strats. Them beefy bars need the extra chipping.

  50. I think his point is that if Div wasn't so strong, the bosses wouldn't need that much health. Bungie has admitted that they started designing raid encounters with Div in mind a while back.

  51. I didn’t ask for a grammar lesson I asked for a reason to need a radiant buff when standing in a well gives basically the exact same benefits

  52. Standing in a well doesn't activate any fragments that require you to be radiant, so there's a loss of synergy

  53. As a hunter with golden gun, we have to get radiant from somewhere, Well of Radiance doesn't count toward buffing our super tested against riven

  54. Yup, when I was rocking goldy last season I just always kept a melee up to make myself radiant right before I popped super.

  55. Yeah, cross counter doesn't activate properly if you have Gathering Storm or Lethal Current equipped.

  56. Strange, its been fine for me. Sure it doesn't work when I get hit in melee but after a punch I get the healing punch. Don't seem that bad tbh

  57. When you have the Lethal Current punch that applies jolt, that first punch won't activate Cross counter most of the time, so your third punch heals instead of the second.

  58. I understand lol but I was just recommending if you had enough money to save for it. :)

  59. Makes sense, ill be stuck on console for a while longer though lol, finishing up my Bachelors then 80k in student loan debt is gonna take precedent lmao

  60. Its cheaper than most pc's for something that runs good

  61. You're not wrong, but a think if a lot of us could afford to drop 1-2k on a PC we wouldn't be playing Rust on console lol

  62. It links to a YouTube video with proof now if you haven't seen it yet

  63. a wift shark? a rift shark? what are you even calling that thing. it's bruce. that is his name. :D

  64. Anything Eva says is more annoying for sheer proximity and the extra amount of times I hear it. Wish they'd remove her voice lines unless you talk to her.

  65. What did space grandma ever do to you?!? Im pretty sure you meant Tess lol

  66. She will not stop talking about Maria and Carlos

  67. Forgive her, pretty sure the dementia is kicking in and she just forgot she told you.

  68. I don’t understand why people detonate separately. Yes you have more time but you also deal half the damage. Ammo wise alone its better to detonate both at once.

  69. Do you mean detonating bombs 1 at a time being bad? Im not sure i understand.

  70. Its always funny when an Mp5 clip gets posted and all the people who never get a chance to use Tier 3 guns start throwing out cheating accusations, because they don't realize that's just how the Mp5 is.

  71. You may have misunderstood my comment, I 1000% agree that guy should be dead, and there are many hitreg issues in the game. My comment was aimed at the other people in this comment section who think OP is cheating because he has barely any recoil on a gun that barely has any recoil to begin with.

  72. But they fixed the treasure dup glith, right? I'm sure that was only so that we'd have extra time to get the ruffian -_-

  73. Its almost impossible to get them to spawn even without duping if the randoms are playing objective, they just expect this to take way too long.

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