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  1. They made some average reboot recently but worth a one time watch.

  2. Yes today I’ll send it to everyone who requested it. i just need to find a website that hosts such file to give you the link as the old one is dead.

  3. Hi please may you send it to me too , it is urgent and this would help a lot ... thank you so much

  4. Also when is Iran going to give us the completely free fuel to get 24/7 electricity? Last I remember Najib Mikati and Geagea both gave the ok if it even matters. Where’s the fuel?

  5. I’d also like to have some stats on how far we’ve reached with the agricultural Jihad that was also announced by them.

  6. No need. Hezbollah gave up our Karish field to Israeilis and gave them additionally 20% of any profits from Qana field if there was anything there.

  7. When do you think the sanctions on basil will be removed? My bet is before the year end.

  8. Aoun says that Biden called him and assured the good relations between the US and Lebanon. My bet is the sanctions will be dropped soon under mysterious circumstances and they’ll claim it’s another victory for the mountain of Baabda.

  9. Ana bass bade a3rif shou elo 3aze HA min ba3ed hal ittife2… eno domn el meswade akid fi no2ta eno fi “ salem “ motaffa2 3le eno ma hada menon yodrob. Ka2an salem shafahe.

  10. Hezbollah is still a good israeili card to keep their northern borders safe from a strong state in Lebanon.

  11. There was no israel back then. They faked a genocide in europe then came over and made an actual genocide against the Palestinians living in Palestine and founded a new state with the coming settlers.

  12. Not gonna read all that but hopefully you’ll get paid few shekels so won’t be a waste of your time.

  13. If you want a passport in Canada you’re going to find yourself in a similar line for hours and hours as well

  14. Does Canada make you wait 2 years to get your passport appointment?

  15. 1- Idfc about your religion (or any religion for that matter)

  16. Hadi Matar will be gang raped in prison. By the time he gets out, you could fit a basketball in his ass.

  17. If true then the only explanation is that Bassil shagged her and threw her a passport.

  18. When your title is more extreme than the daily mail's 🤔

  19. A quick summary of the article as barely anyone reads these days.

  20. And then you got some dumb politicians who want to negotiate with them…

  21. Only difference between Isis and hezbollah is that isis openly acknowledge and celebrate what they do, while hezbos claim that it’s always not them or they are misunderstood or they’re “marginalized” while in their small circles they celebrate such attacks and follow isis doctrine by every word.

  22. We know he finds problems finding fitting pants for his gigantic balls of steel.

  23. what if he got his money? kif bado yfel? wein bado yrou7 fioun?

  24. He said he want the money sent to his family and he’ll let himself get arrested…

  25. Happened to a friend around Sassine as well. He had google location tracking on though, we checked it later and it actually showed that the phone went "motorcycling" to somewhere in

  26. قائد فيلق القدس الإيراني "اسماعيل قاني": حزب الله في ⁧‫#لبنان‬⁩ يُخطط لتوجيه الضربة القاضية لـ ⁧‫#إسرائيل‬⁩ وإزالتها من الوجود نهائياً في الوقت المناسب.

  27. Where in the tweet does it say people linked to the Assad regime?

  28. Yeah, which country is dumb enough to grant citizenships for people that affiliated with sanctioned entities, of course besides Lebanon.

  29. نصرالله: أنا لم أتحدث مع أي مسؤول إيراني بالنسبة للفيول والكهرباء رغم أنني متأكد من تقديمهم للمساعدة لنا لأني أعرف من هي إيران

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