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  1. What you don't think The Third Floor is a good studio?

  2. I don't mean to be difficult but is there an official site that I can get that from? I hope you understand.

  3. It’s been a while.. fancy seeing you here! You come here often? 😂😂

  4. I used to be a regular but I found some place else I like more lol 😉

  5. The developers really need to be on Reddit on this thread so they build support from the investment community... its the smartest thing they could do. If you can relay the message it would help. Tell them to look at what WSB and Superstork did for BBBY, GME, and AMC and they will understand what Reddit can do for them... They have the real story and good news, updates on roadmap is what will create momentum

  6. Thank you, well aware. This sub is not run by the SHIB team or Devs. Let's see what happens as time goes on.

  7. I believe these treats are from hokk. They dont really much value so i forgot about them

  8. NOT Shiba ecosystem TREATS. Just incase anyone is wondering, TREAT hasn't been launched yet. TREAT will be released together with SHI.

  9. I'm not salty I just cannot believe you can sit there with a straight face and claim that SHI will be the global store of value token one day.

  10. This is a claim made by the creator of SHIB. I didn't write what is in the screenshot. But yeah it would be cool if SHI was some day. I don't think about that much. Just here for the ride. Peace ✌️

  11. This was a trigger test and you passed. Thank you for leaving your feelings at home. You may now continue to use the internet.

  12. So tell us more about the other two shitcoins you're blatantly brigading

  13. The ones in this subreddits description? Yeah BONE and LEASH (not shit coins) are in fact tokens. BONE will be used as gas for the Shibarium L2 blockchain. L2 is a way of decongesting an L1. In this case the L1 would be ETH. One benefit is a significant reduction in transactional fee's, similar to poly/matic. There's alot more but you don't really care. I swear the most vocal people are the most negative in this sub.

  14. Do some more research and also read the subreddit description. I think I know what I'm talking about. Sorry if I'm being mean but this gets old.

  15. Ur wasting ur time bro... the shib only guys are like fanatics who want to nail everybody to the cross that has bone leash land or shiboshis... save urself the hassle

  16. Yeah it would be easier to not bother, but I'm going to try. It seems many people in the sub don't get it. Twitter and discord users generally understand. But yeah grow the shib and help others understand. This is the way, albeit a difficult way.

  17. I'd give u an award if i had one

  18. You do understand the whole concept of SHIB involves all 5 tokens right? It has from the beginning.

  19. Alot of info within the Official Mediums

  20. Hm. Still says link is invalid or has expired.. thank you tho. Maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Well intentioned community projects are important for the SHIB ecosystem.

  22. False. It literally says SHIB, LEASH and BONE in this subreddit description.

  23. P2E version most definitely! But information about that is to come!


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