1. Well, I hope you're all satisfied. You bankrupted a bunch of naive movie folks: folks from a Hollywood where values are... different. They weren't thinking about the money. They just wanted to tell a story: a story about a radioactive man, and you slick small-towners took 'em for all they were worth.

  2. Should i take a point for no reason and just stay home from work

  3. How fucking hard is it to not do something?

  4. Bob Holly i always felt delivered a great drop kick

  5. I engaged in intercourse with your spouse or significant other.

  6. You flush one down, it swirls around, nine hundred and ninety-nine springs to flush down.

  7. Omg i heard this over 20 years ago and could never recall what it was. Thank you!

  8. i’d like it better if it was the Demon

  9. I honestly don’t mind them. I don’t like though when my wife says i’ve bought burgers and sausage and it’s the veggie burgers and sausage. Just say you bought the veggie. While the veggie burgers are good there is no greater disappointment when you want an actual burgerZ

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