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  1. Becoming a wartime president is Biden’s last reach for 2024.

  2. People, i.e., the majority of this subreddit, who doubt Magnus' intuition on this are complete morons. The reason Magnus is a GOAT is because of his genius-level chess IQ. Magnus sensing something was off, as well as Hans' history, is enough for me.

  3. I'm a US citizen who graduated from both UK and US universities and work at a company based in California. I have 2 years professional experience.

  4. This is basically the current market rate for Principal Scientist / Associate Director. I will say you are experiencing title inflation because you work at a start up biotech and not big pharma. PS/AD is usually held by people with 5-10 years of industry experience. My company, top 5 big pharma by revenue, routinely rejects people from startups because of title inflation and unrealistic title expectations. EG, we rejected someone very recently with the title of "Director" (who managed 2 FTE's) 3 years out of a post-doc from a Flagship startup who wanted the title of Sr Director at our company (generally held by people with >15-20 years of industry experience). They were rejected due to their unrealistic expectations and hopefully that brought them down to earth.

  5. Experience-wise you could definitely make 100k. Its hard to negotiate at a current employer. On some level you need to communicate that you arent happy. And you need to communicate your value. Dont bring up inflation.

  6. I think this is fairly common in remote setups. I've had a similar experience. I've found that its basically all on me to reach out on things. I like to keep light work conversations going with people from time to time. It makes it much easier to dive into a deeper problem as needed.

  7. A general rule of thumb is to do it as close to the db as possible. Not only is the db (definitely) or server (very likely) faster but it gets rid of extra data right away.

  8. It was supposed to be tethered to the ground the whole time, but this one accidently wasn't. And apparently the police were able to tell the guy via cell phone to slowly release the hydrogen, so maybe it does have a valve? But the guy was scared to open it at first?

  9. That won't stop the tabloids from speculating that Meghan killed the queen in one or two days.

  10. Not a waste if this is his hobby is it? Going through graphs, studying economy shifts, collating feedback in a nice doc.. That's fun for some people. Myself included.

  11. Jordan can afford quality meat. It sounds like (information I’ve gathered from interviews he’s done) that he buys air fryers when he’s on tour, and cooks steaks in his hotel room. He’s not bringing the air fryers with him, he made a comment that he leaves a trail of them behind. Given that information, I imagine he’s buying good cuts of meat that fit in an air fryer – something like a reasonable ribeye or prime steak would fit in there no problem. He also has mentioned that he doesn’t eat as much on this diet, and the amount of weight loss he demonstrates certainly seems to bear that out. I’m thinking at most one or two steaks a day.

  12. He doesnt necessarily use an air fryer at home. It's probably just the best solution when hes on the road.

  13. I'm 24 and conservative as hell so I guess I'm an asshole.

  14. Man this twitter stunt is really turning into his most expensive pump and dump scheme

  15. “She wasn’t positive that an intercultural, interracial relationship would be the right fit for her,”

  16. it’s not woke, nobody other than some shitpickers care about black elve and black dwarf, it has 2 decent first episodes, hard to do rating based on that

  17. Amazon cares about black elves and black dwarves. Seems pretty woke to me. What do you consider woke?

  18. Ah yes, the race of dwarfs and elves lel

  19. Dwarves and elves are the races. Talking about the races of dwarves is projecting the real world into LOTR.

  20. Shhhh, this isn't a place for logic and reason anymore.

  21. If diversity initiates dont favor women and minorities then we can just get rid of them and no one is adversely affected.

  22. Possibly, what I would want to know is why would he even want these documents? Was it some sort of human error, a trap setup for Trump, or is he actually guilty of some sort of malicious intent here? What in the world would be the motivation to consciously take this type of document?

  23. From what he's said, he declassifird stuff that he took home for work. They arent necessarily specific plans for every document.

  24. Someone prove to me that all these "nuclear" documents aren't part of the letters Trump wrote to Lil Kim of NK.

  25. A teacher should be able to meet median rent everywhere they're teaching. Even if they live alone, even at the start of their career.

  26. But that's an opinion. It makes sense to compare 25% percentile income to 25% rent because that's the situation teachers are actually in. You could also be of the opinion that teachers should be able to afford 75% percentile rent because they're really important but it doesn't really matter.

  27. The Denver Public Schools Superintendent makes $260K while DPS teachers start at $45k in a city where that literally won't even pay for a 1br apartment. But he understands their struggle.

  28. While 45k isnt great, it doesnt seem crazy that the head of one of the biggest and fastest growing school districts in the US makes 260k.

  29. He needs a positive male role model to provide an alternative to Andrew Tate's message.

  30. Kids listen to guys like Andrew Tate because guys like Jordan Peterson are vilified. A feminist man cant solve this problem.

  31. Dont just scold him. That will do nothing to undermine the messages he's hearing. Of course he needs to speak to you with respect. But ask him questions. He wont be able to justify a lot of his positions and he'll realize it.

  32. Similarly I wonder if there is a different corrupt cellular state after cancer, or a different issue that cancer death shields us from experiencing

  33. That's a very interesting thought. Is there one before cancer though? I'd guess it would be a different issue.

  34. Also, people dying far less of preventable causes results in more people getting cancer because dead people can’t get cancer

  35. But were talking about under 50. Overall though, yeah definitely. I could see that even being the biggest factor.

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