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  1. I think US Music labels stood to lose so much money if oasis blew up in the US that they lobbied heavily to push their shitty grunge bands to the forefront. Oasis didn’t get the exposure they deserved to the American people and I believe that was intentionally done. Creation were an independent British label, imagine how much money those record execs would have lost if oasis took off and britpop overtook grunge. If there’s one thing I understand now that I’m older it’s that folks don’t sit around and watch their cashcow die, they’ll go through any means, nefarious or not, to prevent that from happening. So yeah I think US music execs saw them as a threat and did everything they could to stifle their growth. Oasis were an international phenomenon, every other country except USA. No way that wasn’t anything but human intervention that prevented it, just my own conspiracy theory on the whole thing.

  2. I'm gonna guess you're American and missed the sarcasm. If you're one of these sad sacks that believe Noel wrote a full album around a groupie he knew for a few weeks then you're really beyond any kind of saving and can be hoodwinked to believe anything.

  3. What’s your proof the theory is wrong? There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to wonderwall being written about Melissa lim, or at the very least inspired by her.

  4. I'm inclined to believe y'know the songwriter over some fanatical religious nut off YouTube who sees connections in everything.

  5. Noel has been shown to be untrustworthy with his recollection of events in the past many times over though. He’s also a song thief, and you’re gonna take his word at face value? I think it’s gullible to believe anything he says 100%

  6. If I owned a digital platform and I could insert fake participants that look very real I would. That is platform economics 101: network effects, winner takes all. Now look at language models such as GPT-3, Bloom, PaLM and more.

  7. No doubt in my mind majority of what we read on this site, particularly the front page, is chatbots hard at work.

  8. Noel has said in interviews it was originally written without lyrics, they just wanted something to play when Liam walks out on stage. Later they added lyrics and it became a song, if you listen to it in that context it’s awesome in my opinion.

  9. I choose Hello purely for the shivers I’d get hearing them both go “it’s good to be back”

  10. imagine that level of honest, and relatively calm, discourse about a controversial subject today

  11. It saddens me but also confirms my feeling that reddit has completely changed. Think it’s time to give it up for good, been a good run but I can’t remember when I last opened reddit and had a positive experience. Much like this sub it’s all doomsaying, division and outrage no matter where you look.

  12. Nah homie tell me. I mean if you weren’t insinuating that it’s been hidden tell me what’s up. I’d really like to hear.

  13. Are you saying that the Tiananmen Square massacre isn’t suppressed by the ccp to this day? Woah.

  14. No way, dude. OP says you are hungry for power.

  15. I’m no psychologist but there is an aggressive level of projection in op’s post.

  16. I'm actually just a huge fan who has no one to talk Oasis with so I come here for my oasis fix. When you've been a fan for 27 years you will see.

  17. You’re an obnoxious little slimeball in every thread I’ve seen you in and there’s no way you’re above the age of 21 or god help us all.

  18. Hitler was also very much against the right wing party. He saw the nazis as a new movement that would transcend the traditional left/right groups. That’s why I find it so funny how people try attribute everything they did to being right wing. The nazi party was an amalgamation of right and left wing ideals alongside their Eugenic beliefs. I’d be very cautious of putting all my eggs in one basket with political parties. As history shows, both sides can be corrupt because humans themselves are intrinsically flawed when it comes to power.

  19. No elder scrolls games? But you have Diablo games 4 times.. also D3 case sitting on the pc while they play wow? They’d be playing D3 and when that died everybody moved on from wow so yeah doesn’t make sense. How can you have StarCraft twice and no morrowind or oblivion case.

  20. There is no D3 case. There is Original Diablo CD resting against the PC, and a Diablo II box on the shelf.

  21. My main point was about elder scrolls. You just wanted to correct one small error and completely ignored the purpose of my comment. Classic redditor, worst people on this planet lol.

  22. I was at an LG gig once back in his Beady Eye days. He came onstage looking really pissed off but we all cheered at him just thinking he was doing his usual swagger thing. Anyway as the night rolled on it was clear that something wasn't right because after each song he'd pick the mic stand up above the ground about 20 cms and give it two audible slams into the ground after that then he'd suck his cheeks in to make a duck shape with his mouth and then speak through it saying something that sounded like "nyp nyp nyp". We kinda ignored it for the first few tracks but it was clear the crowd was starting to become a bit agitated after he blurted it out even louder than before after a sublime rendition of Little James. For the first hour of the gig you started to forget about it as he got into the next track but then it became a thing where you were just anticipating the next "nyp nyp nyp" and it just started to get really awkward, especially after Wonderwall. Anyway, the gig wrapped up with a few boos but most people appreciated the performance, I mean, come on - it's Liam Gallagher. Anyway, I decided to hang around after the gig to get an autograph. The buzz of the show had glossed over any feelings of annoyance at this point, and then just like that, there he swaggers out of the stage door. I was in the front of the queue so I felt a bit of pressure from the crowd around me because I'd be setting the precedent of what was acceptable from those around me in terms of asking for selfies, autographs and the like. I plucked up the courage to shout "Liam, can you sign this?" and I held out a pen and notepad for him. He said "stick the pen in me beak mate" and he made that duck face with the sucked in cheeks again. I was a bit confused but went along with it because it's Liam, so I popped the end of the pen into the tiny hole he was making with his mouth. Then he started going nuts and going up really close to my face with his face with the pen in it, leaning back and forth going "HNNNN!" really loud about 10 times. Then he turned and swaggered back off to his tourbus with my pen and all.

  23. It’s such a bizarre story with so much detail I don’t know what to believe anymore

  24. Except that’s not how the majority of people use them and you know that. “I have no idea what I’m talking about” bit of hyperbole there aye mate. It’s steroids, not quantum physics. Not much to understand mr meatbrain, oh yeah and I have med science degree too 🙃. Why are they banned in sports again? Answer that for me cheers buddy.

  25. How come they’re banned in sports? Can’t you answer that? It’s an easy question..

  26. E minor, but the studio recording is pitched up

  27. Some legend on YouTube uploaded it at 440hz for those who are curious or want to play along

  28. Everyone says Knebworth was Liam’s voice at its peak but I think he sounds awful and I find the album really hard to listen to because it just grates on me.

  29. Damon Albarn is a better songwriter overall than Noel Gallagher. The general public opinion though sides with Noel as he's more mainstream/was more popular at the time where the spotlight was on them both.

  30. If it were up to me Blur shouldn’t even have been allowed to stand in the same room as oasis, that’s how much better oasis were.

  31. Definitely Maybe is good, but way overrated. Calling it on of the best British albums of all time is ridiculous. WTSMG >>> Definitely Maybe

  32. The way I see it both albums are equally brilliant (even be here now but you guys will hate me for saying it). Just depends what sound you prefer, definitely maybe is more raw, wtsmg is more refined and well produced. I love both for different reasons

  33. I’d say Slide Away was the best all rounder, but it’s all subjective really isn’t it.

  34. It’s subjective and objective at the same time that’s the beauty of music aye. We can argue for our group or song to the end of time lol. Slide away is fkn amazing

  35. If you’re truly offended by that small a joke then your life is way too easy anyway soft cock

  36. Yeah I was really hoping that was gonna be a big truth bomb!

  37. Anyone who entertained that deadman switch thing for longer than a minute is part of the problem. Stop being so gullible and we might actually get somewhere against the sea of propaganda and misdirection.

  38. "I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs."

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