1. And he's straight up bought already. Not up for bids.

  2. Yeah, with a somewhat stronger screenplay and a better lead (no offense to Kathy Ireland, who seems like a lovely woman, but a good actress she is not), I could see it being a decent film.

  3. You are completely correct. I always assumed it was Williams. I know he did patchcord

  4. I'd be so happy to see the SoL in the background of some space scene, or Servo and Crow in a bar.

  5. She-hulk was fantastic for this

  6. Yes, I loved the friendship between Jen and Nikki. Great chemistry between them.

  7. James Marsden has always felt like a guy on the verge of becoming a movie star, but it just hasn't happened.

  8. I mean, there's something to be said for being a character actor. A decent amount of small to mid-sized roles, mixed with some larger parts here and there, will keep you busy and keep a roof over your head and dinner on the table. I'd say he's neither a character actor nor a major star, but he occupies a spot that works really well for him.

  9. Vertigo has a few dream scenes, and I always felt it had a somewhat dreamlike atmosphere. It's a classic, regardless, and well worth watching.

  10. A Series of Unfortunate Events updated the theme song with each new book. One of my favorites.

  11. “Face the woods! Turn your back to Ivan!”

  12. That scene was one of the first in MST3K to make me truly break down laughing. Absolutely ridiculous.

  13. I once interviewed at a place that had a ton of small MST3K posters on one of the walls. Sadly, I didn’t get the job.

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