1. Disney and Netflix are kidnapping gingers to pit them in ginger ale, the character swap is their attempt at trying to convince people gingers were never really real people because eventually they'll go extinct.

  2. lol the far left doomsday conspiracy theorists are mad again and linking to far left garbage sites 😂

  3. This makes my brain hurt. Both parts.

  4. Republicans and Democrats are both wrong. I want our country to be ruled by cybernetic turtles. They'll do a better job than whoever else could be running things.

  5. but we already have a turtle as Republican leader of the Senate

  6. Tbh I'd rather the US government spy on me than the Chinese one.

  7. oh yeah because you stand with the corrupt government AGAINST the American people. that's pretty much a requirement of leftism

  8. Trump lost. Lol! And I'm not paid. Biden is better than trump.

  9. you have no evidence for biden's false claims that he legitimately won the election

  10. if you can then plz do. we need to level the playing field

  11. EV haters grasping at straws

  12. easy buyers are like Biden supporters.. they made a tremendous mistake based on fake news and now instead of admitting their mistake they're too invested and have to double dob

  13. Corporations rights allow the existence of shareholders, which invest in a company without needing to be experts on the matter.

  14. a poor person will never partially own a large corporation. they will own some shares in it but they will never own it to enough that you can say that they actually have control over it

  15. oh yeah sorry I forgot libertarians are stupid and worship rich people the way they pretend left-wingers "worship"* the government

  16. Short answer no school districts shouldn't ban books just because the subject matter makes people like you uncomfortable.

  17. Literally no one banned Dr. Seuss, his heirs, who owned the copyright, decided to pull some books from publication. That is clearly within their rights as owners of the work.

  18. I love how Democrats will ban books and then deny that they're banning them and then have the audacity to accuse Republicans of banning books even though there's no evidence that there's any books that are banned

  19. Well that's an odd thing to crowbar in here.

  20. Reported for racism. You thought that sheeeiiit was going to go under the radar did you, Mr, we wuz kangs?

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